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Spiritual Gifts and Emotional Regulation

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

by Angela Zaffer

This is an excerpt from my Class on Spirituality

Spiritual gifts, also known as “Clair-gifts”, can cause you to think and feel thoughts and emotions that are not your own, but those of others.

· Clairvoyance Clear Seeing

· Clairaudience, Clear Hearing

· Clairsentience, Clear Feeling

· Claircognizance, Clear Knowing

The senses give us information about the tangible world that surrounds us. Our intuitive senses give us information about the intangible, or ethereal world. It is common for a person with these gifts to not know they have these gifts. They experience physical pain with no medical cause and emotional pain and suffering that they try to make sense out of.

Our mind does not know how to process this information and therefore the brain sends the signal “This physical or emotional pain belongs to me” and now I feel sad, angry, anxious, etc. The human brain now looks for the why, what, where, and or who. It tries to make logical sense of nothing actually logical.

The brain is not meant to understand what is real and what is not real. It is meant to keep us alive. This is why a thought or emotion can seem real and we can develop anxiety as a result.

For this exercise, just start to realize most of what you think, and feel is an energy that may not belong to you or may not have originated from inside of your mind and body.

Always ask “Does this feeling of ___________ belong to me or someone else?” Use muscle testing or a pendulum to discover the yes or no answer.

Use Muscle testing. and a Chart of Emotions to find the energy to remove. it.

Read through the chart three times. Use muscle testing or pendulum dowsing to discover what the energy is to be removed. Ask, Is the emotion in column 1, 2, or 3.

Is it in Row 1, 2,3,4,5,6, When you find the column and row, go thr9ug the emotions in that box to narrow it down.

Use Emotion Code to remove emotional energy:

Grab a magnet: Move a magnet from the top of your head, down the length of your body, to your legs saying, "I remove and clear this energy of __________. "

Do this three times for each emotion.

When using my psychic gifts, how do I know if the information I receive is from the Light, Divine Source?

Love vs Hate

Empowerment vs Disempowerment

Hope vs Fear

Happiness vs Suffering

If it is Us vs Them mentality, it is not from or of the Light. Information from Light Source is always empowering and will never tell you to do or not to do something. Spirit Guides and Angels cannot interfere with our freewill. They can only offer guidance from their perspective. This realm of Spirit has no Ego and is always loving and empowering.

Always ask where the information is coming from: Is it your Ego, Your Higher Self, A spirit guide, an Angel, Being of Light? A soul that didn’t move on when the person died? A negative energy, shadow, entity? A relative that passed away.?

Earthbound Souls can shift your emotions, your thoughts and physical body. You can feel their emotions and thoughts so strongly they can feel like they are your thoughts, your emotions. They must be moved on.

Shadow energy: Shadow is the opposite of light. It was designed to be a reflection so we can learn more about who we are as a soul. Do you make a choice aligned to who you are at Soul level? Or do you make a negative choice. What choices are you making, a negative choice for personal gain or money. These shadow energies can show up as an entity that tries to take up residence in your aura, your chakras, your organs. They can influence your thoughts and emotions.

Negative thoughts: When you start getting a thought “I am worthless.” Or “I should kill myself.” It is usually an entity or earthbound soul that just got into your energy field.

These energies feed on your negative thoughts and emotions. Get rid of the thought and emotion as soon as you can, or these energies will embed themselves deeper into your chakras and or organs. If you cannot get rid of them, hire an energy healer or take an energy clearing class to learn to do this for yourself.

If you need to, I offer energy clearing. There is a list of energy healers on the resources page on my website as well that are amazing at clearing the densest of dark energy.

Never take ownership of a “negative” thought or emotion. See it as outside of yourself. Try to see emotions as a gauge for what you want or don’t want. Your inner compass.


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