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Soul Specializations

Soul Specializations constitute a certain skill set which Souls develop by transitioning in and out of the human experience. These are traits that are learned and developed. Soul Specializations focus on the “in between” areas and intersections between various dimensional states, such as how we can use energy work to affect the physical body. Understanding our Soul Specializations can help us become more conscious of our multi-dimensionality and our spiritual nature, even while we are incarnated.  Our Soul Specializations essentially further our sense of connection to our Higher Self and upper-dimensional aspects.

Our Soul Specializations are an expression of how our Soul relates to and controls and influences its multi-dimensional nature, and how it approaches transitions from one dimensional state to another.  These traits become an essential part of our Souls nature and how the Soul likes to express itself.

Souls usually have one to three Soul Specializations that are inherent to their Divine nature. The number of Soul Specializations present do not in any way indicate how often a Soul has incarnated, or any kind of spiritual “advancement” or “level” of development.  Some Souls relate to multi-dimensionality in one specific way, others have a broader approach.

We don’t need to consciously make a choice to align to our Soul Specializations since they are just a part of how the Soul experiences multi-dimensionality. 


These Souls relate to multi-dimensionality via intention and prayer, which is really another form of intention-setting. These Souls are often drawn to energy work in which energy flows from one dimension to another and is directed through

intention.  We’ve all heard the saying “energy flows where the attention goes.” Occasionally these Souls are so determined to use intentionality and move energy to create changes in their experience that they forget to take physical action.


This specialization is all about how the Soul transitions in and out of the body at birth and death.  These Souls have a special relationship and perhaps a fascination with birth, death, and life transitions. This can include a particular relationship with major life and spiritual transitions in which there is a distinct sense of “ego-death” and rebirth. These Souls may be drawn to modalities such as mediumship. They may also be sought out by Earthbound Spirits for assistance in moving onward, since they did not appropriately transition. If you have this specialization, you will frequently encounter Earthbound Spirits. You will want to use a clearing request that allows that these Souls be moved on.


These Souls relate to multi-dimensionality via existing karmic patterns and how these translate into our human experience.  They are forever looking for (and finding!) themes, connections, and patterns within their experience, as well as in the lives of others. They have an inherent understanding of life patterns and can very naturally help us see our own patterns of choice and consequence.  Souls with this Specialization tend to attract a lot of people that want to talk to them ... everywhere!  If you have this specialization, you will be frequently found in random conversations in lines at a restaurant, at the grocery store, at the bank, etc …It’s important to understand that you can simply listen, and perhaps ask a few questions if you like.  People are just working their own patterns in your energetic space. Occasionally you may be tempted to give advice, or even take responsibility for the many people that share their experiences with you. There is no need as the person is working out a pattern in your energy field. Just allowing another person to be in your energy field and holding that space for another’s experience is an amazing gift for another person and is a great service in and of itself. No need to offer advice. You don’t have to constantly engage with strangers, unless you want to. It can take up a lot of your time.  However, listening to other people exploring their patterns can be a powerful tool to see your own pattern. At times, people may get mad at you, without reason. This is because the person is seeing a pattern they don’t like about themselves and directing what they don’t like about themselves back to you.  Try not to take this personally.


This Specialization is rare.  These Souls have a very neutral stance towards the ego, and all the inherent survival instincts and conditioning that are part of our physical nature, but not necessarily part of our Divine nature.  They inherently recognize the difference between the two.  Neutrality understands that we are not our ego. As such, they hold an amazing space of non-judgment when it comes to the messiness of the ego!  The human race is still working on developing the consciousness to overcome our survival instincts and our tribal nature.  Neutrality helps us examine this aspect of our own human nature, without judgment. They are often natural peacekeepers, because their feathers don’t get ruffled and they don’t take anything personally.  They can be talented mediators.  This can serve them tremendously but can also become tedious if they always find themselves in the middle of interpersonal drama. People tend to tell them EVERYTHING, because of their non-reactive nature. They are the people we “confess” to readily because we will not be met with judgment.  Sometimes, however, even Specialists in Neutrality are uncomfortable with the level of over-sharing they occasionally experience. If you have this specialization, It’s okay to set boundaries with others about what constitutes over-sharing!


Specialists in Restoration have an innate understanding of the “original” Divine Soul Blueprint and the sense of restoring the Divine Soul Blueprint back to it’s original state. When these Soul’s transition in and out of the human experience, they contrast and compare the current state of their Divine Soul Blueprint to their Origination.This is their reference point. As such, they often have a sense of wanting to “get back” to something!   Obviously, we are all working on re-aligning to our original Divine nature.  However, this sense of “getting back” or restoring something that is lost is often misinterpreted by these Souls as getting back to traditions, or old-fashioned values, or social standards that are no longer current.

They have a sense that something is mis-aligned, and some of our societal paradigms will feel deeply “wrong” to them.  However, they may misinterpret this sense and think that there is an “old” way to “get back” to that would be beneficial.  They can get stuck on being old-fashioned, refusing to adopt new technologies because their sense is that something needs to be restored. They are often driven to correct social “wrongs” and are deeply invested in helping people and humanity in general.  If you have this specialization, be conscious of what we are actually trying to restore as spiritual Beings.  You serve people just by getting back into alignment with your Divine self-expression.  Don’t try to “fix” society by insisting on old, outdated ways of being, as this will result in a lot of frustration.


These Souls relate to their multi-dimensionality in terms of what aligns and does not align to their vibrational state when they transition into this experience.   It’s all about what “fits” or is congruent, and what is incongruent.  This translates itself into a very strong sense of “right” and “wrong.”

Unfortunately, they can end up connecting their inherent sense of “right” and “wrong” to social, rather than Soul-level morality.  When too mired in social values, they can become self-righteous and judgmental.  On the other hand, they can also help us make the choices that are right for us, right now.  They are also incredible human lie detectors, which can help them point out where and how we are lying to ourselves.  

They are usually completely incapable of lying or taking shortcuts. If there’s a “right” way to do things, they will feel compelled to do things the “right” way.  If you have this specialization, this can become an issue if your perspective is one of social morality which will lead to frustration.


These Souls relate to the “in between” states that are available to us as multi-dimensional Beings.  They are very active on the astral planes.   All of us visit the astral plane when we sleep, in order to integrate our day’s experiences, and to rest and rejuvenate.   However, these Souls may have very vivid dreams which they quite enjoy.  They may also find themselves interested in topics such as astral projection and lucid dreaming. At times, they can drive themselves quite crazy trying to interpret their dreams.  Their dreams aren’t necessarily all that meaningful.   These Souls simply relate to themselves as spiritual Beings via their time spent in “in between” astral states.  They may also have a vivid imagination.  They are literally the dreamers and visionaries among us that can be highly innovative if they learn to ground their dreams and visions!

Design: Biology

These Souls have an innate understanding of how our non-physical and physical aspects intersect and interact.  They may be gifted hands-on healers, energy workers, counselors, yoga teachers, students of herbalism … anything that balances the body or emphasizes the mind/body connection. They may also have a special interest in the endocrine system, the fight, flight, freeze response, or the emotional body, which is of course the intersection between our physical and non-physical aspects.

Design: Systems

These Souls relate to their multi-dimensionality as an entire “system” of Being.  We are, after all, whole Beings that combine multiple energy systems (i.e. our chakra system, endocrine system, Golden Web, Akashic Record) at various aspects of our Being. They have an inherent understanding of systems, and how imbalance and change will impact the whole.  As such, they are excellent diagnosticians, whether that’s in business, as medical professionals, or spiritual counselors.  They help us understand what’s actually wrong at root cause, so we can bring our entire “system” back into balance.


These Souls relate to incarnating into the physical as an opportunity for exploration of their multi-dimensionality and Divine Soul Blueprint. They are the Indiana Jones’ and Captain Kirks of the Soul world!  They boldly go where no Soul has gone before... they want to experience themselves in a broad variety of circumstances and push what constitutes alignment to the limit and beyond, depending on how conscious they are! These Souls are adventurous and love to travel off the beaten path.  If you have a Specialization of Exploration, remember that you may occasionally push discomfort past the point of productive growth and into misalignment. You may begin to choose experiences that take you out of alignment to your highest path and develop negative timelines.  Always remember to realign your self to your Souls highest path and highest timeline, dissolving all negative timelines.


These Souls have assigned themselves a specific purpose for their incarnation!  Sometimes this purpose spans multiple incarnations. Keep in mind that their purpose is SELF-assigned … these Souls just relate to their physical incarnation best when they have something specific to do or be while they are here. They are usually goal-oriented individuals. If you have a Specialization, you will feel you have a specific mission to accomplish.  This can translate into an overblown sense of spiritual self-importance at times.  It is important t understand that you are not on a spiritual job assignment from God, and that you are fully invested with free will to create the experience of your own choosing.

If you are able, you need to channel what this “assignment” is or have someone channel this for you.  Keep in mind this assignment will be larger themes that can be interpreted in many ways and will not in any way interfere with

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