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Guide to Vocabulary

Terms I use in an Akashic Records Reading and Clearing

What is the Soul Blueprint? 

Divine Soul Blueprint:

I use the term Divine Soul Blueprint as I believe our Soul Blueprint is our Connection to the Divine and that we are all Divine Beings.   Imagine the Soul Blueprint as Divine Codes. Codes that that instruct the Soul's multidimensional aspects how to energetically organize themselves. 

All Souls are energy, frequency, vibration.  Conscience Energy that is Eternal.  Your Blueprint is the energy that your soul is made of when it originated at Divine Source. 

Your energy centers are the energetic frequencies of WHAT energy the Soul is made of and how we receive energy from Divine Source. 

The Soul Group of Origination is a perfect Vibrational match to your Soul when it was originated. 

Your Soul Matrix will have 3 basic operating principles and describe HOW these energetic frequencies are organized:  Linear, Systemic or Organic.  Some Souls fall in between and will be linear/systemic, systemic/organic.  You will probably not know which one you fall into as when we come to Earth, we are eventually programmed to be linear.  

The Soul Blueprint is the energy that your soul is made of when it originated at Divine Source. When you receive an Akashic Records Reading, this information comes through by comparing the Original Soul Blueprint to the current Soul Blueprint. Soul Realignment makes corrections to the the different dimensional levels of the Soul Blueprint to help a person realign to their blueprint of their origination.


There are 8 Energy Centers

These energy centers combine to make up your Soul's Matrix.  All Soul's have one Primary Energy Center and some Souls have a secondary energy center.  They are as follows:

1 Compassion, 2 Manifestation, 3 Order, 4 Love, 5 Communication, 6 Truth, 7 Power, and 8 Wisdom.

It is important when you have a reading to remember your energy center(s).  

Your Energy Centers are your Divine Gifts and how you align yourself to your creative energy. It's what you love to do, what you value and how you create abundance in your life.  When you are out of alignment with this, you create blocks in your energy flow. 

Positive Soul:  A positive Soul receives energy through it’s God spark from Diving Source, as well as other people, animals and the environment. You must make at least 1% of choices that are in congruent and in alignment with your Divine Soul Blueprint. A negative soul has broken it’s God Spark from making choices that are not congruent to it’s Divine Soul Blueprint. It has to get it's energy from people, animals and the environment.  It doesn't mean this is a bad person, it is just a person who does not want to make choices in alignment with their Divine Soul Blueprint.

Negative Choice:  A negative choice is any choice NOT congruent to your Divine Soul Blueprint or a choice that interferes with the freewill of another person. A negative choice is not dependent on societal or cultural rules.

Soul Vibration: The more we align to our Divine self-expression, the more of our own higher vibrational aspects we can access, and that's what makes our vibration rate go up. Generally, once it's reached a certain level it doesn't really go back down it’s hard to undo consciousness.

Spheres of Protection: Your Spheres of Protection lie right outside of your Aura and Golden Web. The maximum number of spheres available is six. We can born with or without these protective shields. Protective Spheres are vibrations that surround us and keep our physical & subtle bodies protected in sacred space. They also keep out vibrations that resonate lower than us, including thoughts negativity projected by others. Vibrating in the D sharp, they share the sacred tone of sea salt, the 3rd eye chakra, & the sound of “om, and the vibration created when burning sage. Each sphere is 13 inches thick & can be earned or lost one inch at a time, or spontaneously at once. They are often lost through psychic attack, a personal belief in victimization, negative forces around you, or through an allegiance with negative forces. They are often lost during traumatic experiences, either personal or witnessed. They can also be given away with the highest of intentions to heal or save another. They are highly charged and contain Life Force Energy. They are maintained by our physical/subtle body system electro-magnetically and by cosmic forces outside of our understanding. Our awareness of their presence, a strong physical body and loving, positive Intention strengthens them. Once all blocks & restrictive energy is cleared away in a Akashic Records Clearing and Alignment to your Soul Blueprint, all 6 full spheres are replaced and replenished outside of your Aura and Golden Web.  

White/ blue lights are beings of light who amplify our intentions. We are not born with these beings assisting us.   We accumulate their assistance when we set intentions and move towards manifesting our desired reality.

Soul Group

After a Soul originates, it travels to the group of Souls it is most vibrationally similar to.  Most Soul Groups are named after Star Systems.  

Overtone and Underlay:  An overtone or underlay is the Soul Group the Soul is identifying with.  When this occurs, a Soul has spent many incarnations in a star system that is NOT its origination to point it is identifying it's Soul Blueprint with that group as well, 

Blocks, Restrictions and Negative Karmic Agreements

Blocks and restrictions are created through negative choices (in present and past life times) that are in the Divine Soul Blueprint and are subconsciously blocking and restricting you from living the life you are trying to create. Unfortunately your higher self is not aware of these blocks and restrictions and can cause you to also make negative choices. The Guide we hire helps us uphold a program or coping mechanism  that does not align with our Divine Soul Blueprint but is there to help us with a life situation. These Guides are not a negative Being. They are simply doing the job you hired them to do.  This is what now designates a Guide as negative. 

The Guide is upholding an energy that was helpful at one time, but is now interfering with our Divine self-expression.

Godspark All Souls have a connection back to Divine Source via their God. Spark, which looks like a golden umbilical cord and arises from the center of our sternum and connects us to Divine Source. This connection is how we receive vital force energy from Source. God spark Damage: disconnecting from Source energy through making negative choices that are not congruent to your personal Divine Soul Blueprint. It is very common to have damage some God spark damage. God spark damage is always a symptom of current negative choices in. this current lifetime.

2cd God Sparks

Some people are a candidate for a 2cd God spark.  You only need a 2cd God spark if you are going to do something that affects the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. which will attach at the 4th thru 7th Chakra.  You make this agreement before coming into this lifetime.  Because we have freewill, we can choose a path will not align for us to need the 2cd Godspark.  There are also a few people who have chosen a path that will lead them to needing a 3rd God spark. 

2cd God sparks

4th:  Healing abilities and relationship to money

5th: additional communication abilities authenticity and self- expression

6th: Heightened Intuitive abilities.

7th Heightened manifesting ability, willpower and independence.

Spirit Guide: Most people have six Spirit Guides (position #1) had at Birth from last life (Position #2) around age 4 6, a third Guide (Position #3) around 8 10, a fourth Guide around 12 14, and a fifth Guide around age 16

20. We can be born with a Negative Guide that follows from a past life. This guide would have been negative in your last life time as well.  We also have an Outer Circle of Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels as well as temporary guides that come and go as needed. 

Your Relatives are Not your Spirit Guides.  However, they can be of guidance when you ask them for help. 

Negative or Disruptive Spirit Guide:  Much of how we make our choices is determined by our experiences and interactions during childhood. We attract new Guides that can give us the most assistance in aligning to our Divine self-expression, based on these experiences. It is our own Higher Self that hires our Spirit Guide team. From time to time, however, we encounter very negative situations in childhood and must figure out how to simply cope or survive these situations. These situations aren't always traumatic but they can also be situations such as being bullied, moving suddenly into a new school. Negative/Disruptive spirit guides run a program at a specific chakra either at the mental body or emotional body.  The Guide we hire helps us uphold a program or coping mechanism  that does not align with our Divine Soul Blueprint but is there to help us with a life situation. These Guides are not a negative Being. They are simply doing the job you hired them to do.  This is what now designates a Guide as negative. The Guide is upholding an energy that was helpful at one time, but is now interfering with our Divine self-expression.

Negative Guides need  to be asked to move  on as they are informing you from an outdated perspective.  I have seen an entire team of Guides be Negative, but this is rare.  The Akashic Reader simply asks them to be dismissed and asks for a new set of positive guides to take their place. 

Golden Web: Our Golden Web is an energetic membrane that surrounds our energy bodies and keeps us in wholeness  as an energetic Being. It is made of golden creator source substance, that surrounds your outer aura and keeps you in wholeness and integrity as an energetic Being.   Golden Web Tears and Scars: Our negative choices can damage our Golden Web and create energy loss. This damage looks like tears in the Golden Web n chakra's 1-7. These are energy leaks tare created through negative choices. Our Golden Web is recreated with each incarnation based on the Soul's vibrational state and will contain past-life tears and scars as well as present-life tears and scars. Tears in the Golden Web corresponds to a specific chakra and will run a program at the mental or emotional body. You can only have ONE tear at each chakra. Occasionally, a there is a scar in the Golden Web - this means that there was a tear there at one time, but through self-healing work, this has resolved and healed.


Chakra Affects

1st chakra: Connection to "tribe," society, family. Feeling ungrounded, a sense of misplacement, lack of belonging, trouble integrating into family or society.

2nd chakra: Money and sexuality energy, financial issues,

trouble manifesting at the physical level, sexual dysfunction, low sexual desire.

3rd chakra; Self-esteem, personal goals, Unable to move towards their personal goals, feeling stuck. unmotivated, everything seems like too much effort.

4th chakra: Relationship with others and Self. Difficulties with selflove and, by extension, loving relationships with others. May be emotionally shut down, lacking passion, feel disillusioned and jaded.  

5th chakra: Communication and self-expression, Communication issues, eithers peaking too much without saying anything, not getting their point across, or not expressing themselves at all. Trouble listening to others.

6th chakra; intuition, vision and Truth Difficulty accessing their own Truth, not knowing what they want,

confusion, lack of mental clarity, difficulty concentrating or focusing.

7th chakra: Disempowerment, trouble standing up for what they want, giving in, not making decisions, not

setting intentions, victimization, or overly responsible and controlling.

2cd and 3rd God sparks

4th Chakra:  Healing abilities and relationship to money

5th Chakra:  : additional communication abilities authenticity and self- expression

6th Chakra:: Heightened Intuitive abilities.

7th Chakra: Heightened manifesting ability, willpower and independence.

Soul Memory

Etheric Coping Mechanisms are mechanisms we put into place to never repeat something we have done in a past life.

Our Soul has a memory system all of its own. While the Akashic Records impeccably store information about the Soul, our Soul memory is really more the "highlight reel" of our interpretation of our past experiences. Much like the ego, the Soul has a perception of itself which is often grounded in its experiences of itself. When we make negative choices, we may interfere with our own.  Soul's memory system and end up with a false self-perception

Memory loss causes us to forget aspects of our Divine nature and wipes out understanding we've developed through past choices and experiences.

Memory added causes us to think we are someone we're not, or that we've had experiences that are NOT our own.

Memory clouded causes us to be unsure of our own choices, leaves us insecure as to our path, and creates confusion.

Memory programmed means that we have participated in cults, religions or groups that "program their followers or members with specific beliefs.

Memory highlighted will have us constantly make certain choices again and again. This occurs when we make negative choices that result in extreme trauma. Highlighted memory may accompany OCD, phobias, and PTSD.

They are always the result of fairly traumatic negative choices that the Soul would rather forget (as in the case of memory loss, added, or clouded) or feels the need to remember at all cost (memory programmed or highlighted) in order to keep itself safe.

Contracts and Agreements

Contracts are negative agreements we make with others and are mainly a past-life issue. Contracts can be mutual or one-sided. They can also start out as mutual but, over time, one Soul may release the contract while the other does not, resulting in a one-sided contract. Contracts that start as one-sided do not become mutual. Contracts are not created consciously. They are created in highly intense, often traumatic situations where one person decides to take responsibility for another. In the case of a mutual contract, the other person is willing to abdicate that responsibility to them. Contracts are always negative agreements. It is never appropriate for us to take responsibility that isn’t ours, or abdicate responsibility to another. They are formed through actual choices made,  In a Contract of Protection, one person steps in to protect another. This most often happens between family members. In a Contract of Healing, one person decides they are responsible for healing another. These contracts can start as mutual or one-sided. Contracts are not usually created because of a one-time event, but through ongoing patterns of choice made by one or, in the case of a mutual contract, both people involved, for the duration of their shared incarnation. If a Protection or Healing Contract is one-sided with YOU on the giving end of the contract, the YOU may be getting into other people’s business, looking to protect or heal someone. If a Protection or Healing Contract is one-sided with YOU on the receiving end of the contract, YOU may constantly expect others to take responsibility for You. This may make you feel entitled to be protected by others, or expect others to take responsibility for your physical and emotional well-being. 

Do not look at a Soulmate Contract as romantic in nature. In fact, these can be quite toxic. Soulmate Contracts are formed when two people make choices to be together “forever, no matter what,” and embrace co-dependency and the idea that they “need” each other in a way that can be quite destructive and dysfunctional. Two Souls engaged in a mutual Soulmate contract will incarnate together frequently and engage in partnerships with one another, even though these partnerships can be toxic and lead to negative choices. The two people will feel oddly compelled to be with the other person, almost as if they have no choice but to be in a relationship. The relationship is characterized by struggle. They may even characterize their own relationship as “good” because of the amount of struggle they have overcome. Clearing a Soulmate contract in no way leads to the end of a relationship … in fact, it can help create more love and peace in a relationship because the energy of obligation is no longer present. People with a one-sided Soulmate contract may have a very hard time with relationships, forever looking for “the One” or struggling with commitment issues. They will constantly be searching for the other Soul involved in the contract … even though that Soul may have cleared their side of the contract already. They can end up feeling quite bitter and disillusioned about love and relationships.


Karma is soemthing the Soul gives itself. There are three main ways we decide to experince Karma.  

Karma of Repitition. Karma of Compensation, and Karma of Retribution.

This then falls under the catefory of  Negative Karma and Negative Unjustified Karma.  Which is "Did I actually cause harm to another person or did I actualy cause someones death?"  , or does my Soul have a perception that I harmed or killed someone?"

Negative Choices create Karmic Blocks and Restrictions in the Soul's Blueprint.  Negative Choice:  A negative choice is any choice NOT congruent to your Soul’s Blueprint or a choice that interferes with the freewill of another person. A negative choice is not dependent on societal or cultural rules

Soul Loss/Souls Added

The Soul is made up of our fifth- through tenth-dimensional aspects. Parts of our Soul can be lost when we attract extreme trauma. Sexual abuse, killing another human, rape, witnessing a loved one tortured, raped or killed, are all examples of experiences that traumatize us to the core of our Being and cause us to damage our Souls. The greater the percentage of loss, the more physical health problems - and/or- emotional-and/or­ cognitive problems a person can have.  

With Soul Loss, we can't seem to access inherent and essential aspects of ourselves . We  simply cannot create an abundant experience when we are literally missing  pieces of our  Divine Soul Blueprint  ...  a lot more than our unwanted karmic patterns is lost to us! The client will feel incomplete. Their  self-esteem. May  be severely affected and they may have a strong sense that something is "wrong" with them. They will have trouble accessing the fullness of their Divine Gifts Soul loss is ineffective attempt to separate ourselves  from the karmic  patterns that are responsible for attracting the trauma. We essentially energetically amputate the part of our Divine Soul Blueprint that upholds these karmic  patterns.  However, we  severely limit  our  ability  to  receive vital force energy and thereby our abilities to create our own experience.  

Parts of Another's Soul Held: A person may also present with Soul aspects or "pieces" that are not their own. If a person is holding parts of another's Soul, they will be very confused. They have "extra" pieces of Divine Soul Blueprint that just don't fit They 'Will feel inconsistent within themselves. They are out of integrity , trying to integrate parts of a Soul Blueprint that is not their own.

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