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Chakra Imbalance

Our chakra system exists not just in our third-dimensional physical body, but also in our fourth-dimensional aspect, in our emotional and mental energy bodies. Imbalances can be found at any of these levels.

A chakra imbalance includes both under- or over-activity.  Each chakra can have either too little or too much energy running through it at the various levels of the system.  For the sake of our frame of reference, we will measure chakra activity levels in percentages.  Chakra less than 100% active are underactive.  Chakras more than 100% active is overactive.  Anywhere from 90% - 110% is balanced.

Chakra imbalances are caused by lifestyle imbalances. We direct energy in our lives through our choices. If we neglect any of the energies that we are here to integrate as human Beings, our chakras will become off-balance.

The amount of energy flowing through any given chakra at any level tells us a lot about where our client is focused in their lives.  You can turn a detailed analysis of the chakra system into a stand-alone session, if you find yourself enjoying this type of reading. A full reading of the chakra system would mean measuring the percentage activity levels for each chakra at all levels - physical, emotional and mental.  This is a very revealing exercise you may wish to do on your own behalf.

The basic Soul Essence Akashic Records Clearing and the Soul Realignment clearing requests will realign the chakra system as much as is possible, energetically speaking. However, actual rebalancing needs to happen at the level of action.  Here are some guidelines as to how over- and under-activity in each chakra may manifest itself:

The First Chakra

Location: Root of the spine

Underactivity: Lack of physical security, no connection to society, no sense of belonging, feeling ungrounded and disinterested in the joy and pleasure of physical and material life.

Overactivity: An overemphasis on security - huge savings account, alarm systems, gun collection. May insist on maintaining toxic family relationships, excessive social activity, charity work or volunteering (going into martyrdom!), hoarding of physical possessions.

The Second Chakra

Location: Two inches below navel.

Underactivity: Financial issues, neglect of finances, trouble manifesting at the physical level, inactive or dissatisfying sex life, impotence, fertility issues, disinterest in creating anything at the physical level.

Overactivity: Excessive emphasis on creating physical abundance or building - a legacy, a home, etc. May work obsessively. Sexual overactivity or addiction.

The Third Chakra

Location: Solar Plexus

Underactivity: No goals, no dreams, no desire to create through effort. Low self- esteem, stuckness, no motivation to take action. Lots of planning but no doing.

Overactivity: Driven obsessively towards goals, constant striving, struggling to create outcomes. Unrealistic perception of own abilities and talents, inflated ego, big plans that lack realism.

The Fourth Chakra

Location: Sternum, at heart level

Underactivity: Not loving towards self, critical of self and others. Absence of loving relationships, depression.

Overactivity: Over giving, overly focused on others and relationships with others, self- indulgent, irresponsible.

The Fifth Chakra

Location: Throat

Underactivity: Quiet, unexpressed, unable or unwilling to speak their mind, does what is expected and follows societal roles instead of authentic self-expression. Bad listener, communication issues, words and actions may be misinterpreted by others.

Overactivity: Relentless need to speak, refuses to listen to others’ opinions, must express themselves constantly, insistent that THEIR way is the only way.

The Sixth Chakra

Location: Third Eye

Underactivity: Lack of insight, vision, and imagination, no sense of purpose or individual path, unable to access intuition, mental confusion, lack of clarity and focus.

Overactivity: Chronic overthinking, planning, strategizing, all vision but no action, intense psychic activity that may not be productive or appropriate.

The Seventh Chakra

Location: Crown

Underactivity: A sense of not having choices, lives reactively and just goes with the flow, victimization, placing blame on others, does the same things over and over, or does what is expected, numbed energetic sensitivity.

Overactivity: Delusions of power, manipulative, controlling, frantic pace, constantly changing their mind without having time to ground the change into physical reality through new action, excessive energetic sensitivity.

The Eighth Chakra

Location: A foot above the crown, above our heads

Underactivity: No “common sense,” illogical decisions, lack of realism, attempts to run a spiritual bypass on Universal Law.

Overactivity: Rigid in their thinking, insists on being right, critical of others’ decision- making and rationality, excessive realism that only sees life as a chain of physical cause and consequence

Chakra Analysis Reading

 For a detailed analysis of your chakra system, I will answer the questions below with percentages for each chakra at all levels. We want to know what percentage the specific chakra is active at each level - physical, emotional, or mental. This gives you an incredibly detailed overview of what you are focused on and may be neglecting, and any imbalances you are creating in your life.  

Chakra Imbalance 

  • How many chakras are out of balance and contributing to this particular issue?

  • Which chakras are out of balance?

  • At what energy body level(s) is the imbalance held? Physical?

Mental? Emotional?

  • To what percentage is this chakra active at the physical / mental / emotional level?

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