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Soul Essence offers Energy Healing, Energy Clearing, and Spiritual Coaching.  By utilizing the information in your personal Divine Soul Blueprint, I can help you to reconnect to your highest self and bring clarity to your life. Discover a new level of inner awareness and become your most empowered self. 

I use a multidimensional energetic clearing modality that clears your Akashic Records and removes agreements and contracts causing repeating patters.  

All Sessions can be done remotely.  

 Services offered

Soul Essence Akashic Records Reading, Clearing, and Energetic Alignment

In this session I access your Akashic records to discover your Divine Soul Blueprint to discover the difference between your Soul when it first originated and where it is now.   In this reading, I look at your soul profile and your divine gifts, soul specialties and will discover your primary life lesson.  In the clearing work I look for very specific information in both past life and current life to discover what is currently keeping you stuck, blocked or restricted from living your best possible life.  These blocks are then cleared:  Blocks to the flow of Vital Force Energy include Vows (sacrifice, poverty, silence, slavery, suffering, martyrdom, to give up all possessions and relationships). Negative Agreements, Contracts, Negative Unjustified Karma, Negative Spirit Guides, Earthbound Souls in your energy field, Tears in the Golden Web, and programs such as depression and or anxiety (as well as a many of other programs).  I will then realign and reweave your Godspark to give you a boost in Manifesting abilities.   I repair and clear the Soul Memory System,  and upgrade the energy to create positive patterns in alignment with the Souls Blueprint

Sessions are through Zoom unless you wish to come in person here in the Albuquerque Area.

Soul Essence Akashic Records Relationship Reading and Clearing

Akashic Records Relationship Reading can help to uncover hidden truths about a relationship and provide clarity on the energetic patterns between you and other person.  By connecting to the Akashic Records, a person can gain insight into a person's intentions, feelings, and past life agreements, allowing them to better understand their relationships and create a more meaningful connection. Discovering the lessons, patterns, and karma that are affecting a relationship can help both parties to move forward with a deeper understanding of the agreements we make in past life times. These agreements are then removed, rebalanced and harmonized.

As a trained trauma informed therapist, I use a combination of scientifically backed techniques such as, EMDR, Internal Family Systems, and Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT). Additionally, I incorporate the Akashic Records with Energy Healing Techniques in order to provide a holistic approach to healing emotional wounds and assist in resolving the Trauma and PTSD. By using the higher dimensional spirit guides, you can heal core Soul Wounds that keep you from living an amazing life.

While we cannot forget traumatic memories, we can heal them, so these memories no longer inform your thoughts, emotions, and choices.  This can take more than a one-hour session. It depends on the issue and the culmination of trauma from your present life.

Book One Spiritual Coaching Session or 5 discounted sessions.

Sessions through Zoom unless you live in the area.

Spiritual Coaching 
Resolve Trauma, Grief,
Anxiety, and Stress


Akashic Records Soul Profile Reading,

An insightful Soul Blueprint Reading that will reveal your unique Soul Energy, Soul Group, Soul Gifts, and Strengths. Our reading will provide you with invaluable information about yourself and how you can best use your gifts to live a meaningful and fulfilling life. 

Dark Night of the Soul and Spiritual Awakening

I have been through and understand the Dark Night of the Soul and offer spiritual coaching to help you through it. My sessions are designed to provide support, guidance, and resources to help you navigate the physical, mental, and spiritual pain associated with this difficult period. i strive to empower you on your journey towards self-discovery and healing.

All Session through Zoom, unless you are in the area and want to come in person.

 Energetic Property Clearing


Angela Zaffer's Energetic Property Clearing  Service provides an invaluable service to individuals looking to improve the energy in their home or office.  She specializes in energetic property clearing, removing earth bound souls, entity removal, and re-aligning the vibration of the property to bring a sense of harmony and balance. Her expertise has made her a favorite in the field of energy healing and property clearing.

Properties are cleared remotely.  There is rarely a need for me to visit the property in person.

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