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Soul Alignment

What is Soul Alignment?

Soul Alignment is getting to know who you are as a Soul, and then learning how to make choices from who you authentically are.  Soul Alignment is realizing who you are as a Soul and then realigning to that energy. You are a Divine Spiritual Being living in a physical experience. However, before you agreed to come to this Earth, you agreed to go into a place of forgetting so you could truly experience life on this physical plane. You wanted to learn, grow, and expand your awareness.  You agreed to expand consciousness You agreed to set up “lessons” for yourself and agreed to help other people with their lessons. In doing so, most Souls end up getting stuck in negative karmic patterns.  

Think about the statement, “I agreed to expand consciousness.”  Without asking “How” just sit with that thought. You agreed to create expansion.  You wanted to be a creator, a designer, a builder, an architect of life itself.  Soul alignment means aligning: your human self and your soul self. When you begin to embody your Soul, you will have more access to higher wisdom and personal power to shape your reality.


However, these two parts, the Self and the Soul don’t always work well together. The mind or Self, and the Soul can have two different agenda’s creating a misalignment.  When we are aligned to our Soul, we are able to access more vital force energy, Vital force energy is needed to create experiences. The more vital force energy we are able to access, the greater our capacity to create our human experience. 


Everything you need is inside you.  It’s about looking inside for the answers, working on healing your inside world and reclaiming your power.  This is done by reconnecting to your inner guidance, your higher self, your team in Spirit-Spirit Guides, Spirit Mentors, Creator Beings. At soul level we are all loving and compassionate. We are all powerful creators. Our Soul is made from Divine Energy, we are a reflection of the Divine and we all carry the spark of the Divine inside of us. This is the energy of your Soul. This is NOT the same as who you are told to be Family, culture, religion tells us to who to be, what to do, how to act, and react.  This has nothing to do with who you really are. 

One way to discover what divine energy the Soul carries is through the Soul Blueprint.

What is the Soul Blueprint: The Soul Blueprint is multidimensional energetic building blocks or multidimensional energetic codes. Think of these codes as little pieces of software that represent how each Soul likes to express itself.

Vital Force energy flows through these codes in the Soul Blueprint into your body.  The energetic building blocks or codes of the Soul Blueprint are unchangeable; however, they can get “energetically blocked” when we are not congruent, or we make choices incongruent to the Soul Blueprint.  We energetically block the flow of vital force energy through the Soul Blueprint into our physical and energetic etheric body. 

Vital Force Energy:  Why is Vital Force Energy important? Vital force energy is what drives Creation. It is the force that created us, that animates us and makes us “alive.” Our access to vital force energy gives us creative power. (It flows through us and into our creations, and from there into the lives of others, where our creations influence their vibrational states and become part of their creative process ... and so it circulates). The more we experience and express our Souls Energy, the more access we have to the flow of vital force energy, which flows from Divine Source through our Divine Soul Blueprint. When our third-dimensional life is out of alignment with our Souls self-expression, our access to vital force energy is limited. Vital Force Energy moves through you, with you, for you and is the energy in the building blocks of your daily life. 

Soul Blueprint Energy Changeable vs Unchangeable

The energy of who we are at Soul level is unchangeable.  It is literally the creative energy your Soul is made of. These are the codes that vital force energy flow through.

Changeable: We are always adding new energy to the Soul Blueprint. When the changeable energy is congruent to the Soul Blueprint, energy flows through it. It is not blocked energy.  For example, there are the skills learned such as “Specialties” and how the Soul likes to create its experience when it is physically incarnated. This creates more flow of energy into your individual creation of your life.

Codes:  When we are incongruent to our authentic Soul Self, we add code, delete code, disconnect code, and the energy can become tangled.  When we try to be more like someone else, and/or less ourselves, we add code, delete code and disconnect it. Trauma causes the codes to become tangled and clustered. When are code changes, we forget who we are at Soul Level and start thinking we are someone we are not. 

Example:  When we say, I need to be more like that person to be loved or liked, we add code to change who we are and become more like someone else.  When we say, “I need to change myself to be liked or loved, I need to stop being _____,  we delete codes and disconnect codes.  This blocks and or restricts the vital force energy from flowing.

The Soul Blueprint can be recoded in the Soul Essence Akashic Records Reading and Clearing. 

Soul Loss: There are times we drop of a part of our Soul to not carry forward Soul memories.  This can be from trauma or from negative karmic choices. Soul loss causes us to forget parts of who we are. 

Positive Choices vs Negative Choices: A positive choice is any choice you make that is congruent to your Soul blueprint.  A negative choice is any choice you make that is incongruent to the Soul Blueprint. Right or Wrong choices have nothing to do with religion, cultural, or family values. That is where we become confused.  We look to religion, culture, and society to tell us what a positive choice or negative choice is. This is one of the quickest ways to create negative choices and energetic blocks. 

How to Realign to the Soul Blueprint

How can we discover ways to reconnect and discover who we are at Soul Level?

Akashic Records: This is all contained in the Akashic Records.  What are the Akashic Records?

As the Soul makes its way through the time and space of the universe, it creates an energetic record.

This record is your Akashic Record. The Akashic Records are an energetic archive of past, present and future, an infinite flow of eternal knowing, an eternal source of healing balance, and a spiritual practice available to everyone. Opening your Akashic Record is stepping into the energetic origin of your soul and looking at your life from your soul’s point of view. 


What are simple things we can discover about the truth of who we are from the Akashic Records:

Soul Talents and Abilities of how your soul relates in this physical plane of existence. This is held in your Soul Energy Center(s), Soul Group of Origination, Archetypes and the how the Soul is energetically organized:   Organic, Systems, Linear. 


Learned Abilities and Energy: This is the energy of how the Soul loves to create its experience, which gives you more information on the Soul’s abilities, you can also develop a deeper understanding of all the lessons the soul has learned.  These would be the strengths and lessons your Soul has learned and developed over many lifetimes.

Ways to discover what your soul gifts, strengths, talents and your Souls Highest Expression of Itself:

Muscle Testing (kinesiology) or Pendulum Dowsing and asking your Higher Self and team in Spirit Questions. Use charts to dowse for information.


Call in your higher self, your Soul, Your Master Spirit guide, and start asking questions about your gifts. 


Soul Gifts:  There are many soul gifts and talents.  But when we are talking about the soul Blueprint, we can find these by calling in your higher self and pendulum dowsing or muscle testing through the gifts to see what our gifts are. 

I work with people to find these in the Soul Blueprint by looking for the Souls Energy Centers and Soul Group of Origination.

Primary Soul Energy can be found in the Soul Blueprint.  Even though we contain all of the energies in the list on this webpage, we will all have a majority of one energy.  A few people will have two primary energies that are almost equal in energy, but that is not as common.  

Soul Group of Origination and the gifts and challenges of the Soul Group are also very important to alignment of the Soul Blueprint.  We can also spend other lifetimes in other systems, and this can make it a little tricky to discover.


Journaling:  Get a pen and piece of paper.  Sit down and quietly center yourself.  Call in your Soul/ Your higher aspects and start asking questions.


Types of methods to give you some clues to your Souls Highest Expression of Itself:

Akashic Records Reading: Soul Essence Akashic Records Reading (, Soul Realignment Reading, The Gene Keys (, Human Design Reading.


These are the modalities I have found most helpful. 

Find the method that helps you discover who you are and helps you navigate in this life as your authentic self. You are the master of your life so follow your inner guidance to the right modality for you.

Archetypes:  We all have at least 12 Archetypes Dowse through list of Archetypes:  Download Carolyn Myss Archetypes. These are contained within our Soul Blueprint and I look for them in the advanced Akashic Records Reading and Clearing Sessions.  Sometimes we download an Archetype that takes us out of alignment or blocks the flow of vital force energy and it needs to be repatterned. 

Strengths:  Dowse through a List of Strengths to see what your Soul Strengths are. 

Why is alignment to our Soul’s highest expression of itself important? 

Transformation.  When you become congruent to who you are at a Soul level, you begin to subtly transform your life.

Alignment to your blueprint is your soul’s highest path, highest purpose, and highest expression of the Soul.  It is your personal truth, your power, your Soul Essence. Discovering your fundamental nature, your true soul essence, is how you heal, find your truth, and discover your power. Making choices based your soul’s energy is the same as living your Soul’s Purpose. Remember, vital force energy is creative energy.  Alignment to our Soul’s expression of itself and the Soul Blueprint is how we receive vital force energy.  Vital Force energy is how we create, literally create our life.  It is how we make a living, make our money, and create a life of purpose and meaning.  It is what helps us to be happy and create a joy filled life.  When we express the aspects of vital force energy from which we are created, we access more of our innate creative abilities. When we make choices that are expressions of the Soul’s Energy in what we do and how we do it, we will create abundance in our life. It is the key to creating an abundant, fulfilling human experience.

“Being in alignment with the Soul Self keeps us stay grounded and stable even through the hard moments.” Becoming congruent with your Soul will always help you to make the choices and decisions in your day-to-day life, not just the larger, overall arching choices that change our life.

Manifesting: How to create the life I want?

“If you don't know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else.”

Think of the life you want. You can create the life you want if you don’t know what you want.

If you had power to create the life you want, what would it look like? 

If you had more power in your life, what would you do differently? 

See your self living this life in detail. Dream big.  Now, come up with one word that expresses what your heart desires (Only one word.)  Abundance? Freedom? Joy? Love? Empowerment? Now, start making all of your choices based on this one word.  If you choose Freedom, does this choice feel like Freedom?

Do a meditation to your Akashic Records temple.  Put this life on a big movie screen, this life up that you just imagined in great detail.  Get as close up this movie screen as you can.  When you are finished viewing this life, ask your guides to put this life into your Akashic Records. 


You also need to reorganize your life accordingly. If you want more empowerment, you may have to address situations and relationships that are disempowering, restrictive, and limiting.

What creates incongruence or unalignment to who we are at soul level?


Getting out of alignment to our blueprint is always normal, it's always natural because we're always exploring outside of the bounds of who we are at soul level. We explore outside the bounds of who we are at soul level as a way to experience ourselves. We came here to this planet to have multiple experiences and it's a way to tell if you haven't done something before you don't know if you're aligned to it.  We choose an experience, we make a choice, and our higher self very quickly figures out is it an alignment to who we are or not in alignment to our blueprint.”


Energetic blocks: Blocks happen when we start making choices against the energetic systems of the Soul Blueprint or the Souls Expression of itself. Creative energy must create.  When we don’t express our Soul energy in a productive and constructive way, then our natural creative resources often express themselves as drama and dysfunction. Energetic blocks can be past life, present life, or ancestral.


Beliefs: Cultural, Family, Religion, Media, Etc. Brainwashing, Illusions or Hypnotism to believe things that are not true, such as the harder you work, the more money you will make. To understand beliefs we buy into, think of idioms such as: “What doesn’t kill you make you stronger. “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy wealthy and wise.”


Other people: We tend to allow other people to take us out of alignment. However, we are the creators of our life and need to take responsibility for our choices. We always have a choice, even though we may not like the choice.  We being to make choices from a place of caring what other people think or feel, fear they will take their love away from us, fear of punishment, fear of setting boundaries and saying No to others.  Doing this to others will also take us out of alignment: judging others, taking love and attention away from someone because they did something you don’t like, having an expectation of others.


“Expectations are disappointments in waiting.” Do not blame or demonize others. 

Emotions:  When we make a choice from fear we take ourselves out of alignment. When we make a choice from a place of allowing, we allow ourselves and others to be who they are.  Emotions can keep us from using our gifts and strengths and keep us out of alignment to who we really are.

Emotion Code is an easy technique to remove unwanted, unhealthy emotions. Use a chart that contains a list of emotions to remove, do the muscle testing, and magnet to remove unwanted emotions. Charts are available online for the emotion code.  


Ungrounded, uncentered, and emotional spirals: Get back into alignment:  Ground yourself, recenter yourself, change your emotional state. Go for a walk, listen to music, draw, go for a walk, talk to a friend. Write, journal.  Have your go to list ready


Empathic Energy: this is not the same as empathy.  This is someone who feels the emotions and thoughts of other people as well as the realms of negative energy.  We can get easily confused that a thought or emotion is coming from inside of us when it is really coming from outside of us.  Most people are empathic and just don’t recognize it.  Ask yourself, “Is it my emotion?”  Do muscle testing to get the answer.  Then learn to remove these energetic connections to others and remove their emotional energy from your energy field. 

Negative Energy, Shadow Energy (not psychological shadow). Earthbound Souls:  These are energies that are in the etheric realms that most people do not see but can become influenced by.  These energies can influence your thoughts and your emotions.  You must become stable in who you are in thought, mind and body to start noticing when it is not you.  Everyone experiences this even if they don’t recognize it.  Ask yourself, “Is there an energy in my energy field that needs to be removed?” Is there an Earth-bound Soul present? Is there a negative energy in my energy field? Is there a negative energy interacting with me?  Do muscle testing to get the answer.  Then learn to remove these energetic connections and remove their emotional energy from your energy field.  You can call on the Spirit Warrior Guides to scan your energy field and remove these energies.  You can also call on Angels or Archangels, whatever your belief system is.  However, we all need an energetic clearing from another person from time to time, as we don’t always catch these things when they are in our own energy field. 

Brain Wiring: It is really hard for us to think differently.  Our brains are hard wired.  We subconsciously make the same choices every day.  We have a limited awareness. This is why you can take a class, go to retreat, or experience a to a profound healing session, but then go back into your day-to-day life, and go back into the old pattern. You go back to being stuck. Awareness is the key.  Make new choices. 

Part 2 of What creates incongruence or unalignment to who we are at soul level?


Karmic Agreements: Blocks and Restrictions of Energy into Your Soul Blueprint

We come into this life where we left off in the last life. Let’s start with the definition of Karma.  Karma is something we give ourselves, like a lesson to learn what it is like to experience the other side of something, and less about punishment. We can use the Akashic Records to discover why we decided on our current experience, and lessons we are living.

Past life Karma:  Repetition, Compensation and Retribution.

*Do no harm and don’t take away another’s freewill.

*Don’t give away your freewill.  This gives others power over you and you will have blocks to the inflow of vital force energy.

Past Life Agreements and Negative Past Life Choices: Negative Karma, Contracts, Vows, Implants, Imprints, Negative Beliefs. Constraints, Negative Intentions, Soul Bargains. Soul Memory, Soul Loss. Tear in the Golden web chakra system. 

Current Life Agreements: Negative Karma, Contracts, Vows, Implants, Negative Beliefs, Illusions, Imprints, Engrams, Negative Energetic Connections and Negative Entities, Discordant Energy Exchanges, Soul Loss.

Ancestral Karma and Agreements: Negative Ancestral Karma, Contracts, Vows, Negative Beliefs, Imprints, Engrams.

Think of these in as an energy blocking the inflow of vital force energy.  All of these energies can be removed from the Akashic Records in the reading and clearing work that I do. This work restores the lower dimensional levels of the Souls Blueprint. With new choices, vital force energy begins to flow through the Soul Blueprint.  However, only about 25% of a person’s choices throughout the day are positive choices, or a choice aligned to the Souls Highest Expression.  We make choices each moment that take us in and out of alignment. However, keep making the same choices, and stay in the same patters, you will put all this energy back into the Soul Blueprint.

You have to stop caring what other people think about you, your choices, your life. This will put blocks into your flow of vital force energy. Do something because you want to, not because you need to have to, should do, etc. Those are negative choices and not aligned to the Souls highest expression of itself.


Personal Lessons (are also Karmic) ca also take out of alignment: Lessons are always around, relationships (personal, romantic, family) money and finances, health and wellbeing, career, Spirituality, community, personal growth.

Discover the unhealthy patters and beliefs

“This work helps you to become aware of yourself.”   You cannot change a pattern if you are not aware of the pattern.

Read the Following Statement: How would you fill in the blanks? 

I need ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_________________ from _______________. 

Let go of unhealthy attachment to what other people do or do not do. Is this a healthy or unhealthy pattern?  Do not get caught in expectation and attachment to an outcome with another person? 

This is how we give away vital force energy, give up our personal power, and set ourselves up for disappointment.

You are here to create your life, not someone else’s life, and they are not here to create your life for you.

What are my expectations or needs from others?    

Do I have judgments about my life or the life of others?

Do I have expectations of others?

Agreements of Disempowerment: We ask other people to help us with life lessons. One of the greatest lessons is to learn to empower ourselves.

What are the lessons around disempowerment have I asked others to teach me before I came into this life?

Always remember, events in life are not happening to you, they are happening for you.

Why is this showing up? 

What is this here to show me?  

What is a new or different choice I can make next time disempowerment shows up?

I am the Creator of My Life andI am empowered in every moment to make a choice that feels Empowered.

Stay Centered and Grounded in the knowledge of who you are.

Practice Gratitude:  Write down or say out loud 5 things you are grateful for every day.  Tell others you appreciate them often and say thank you. Lift others up through love and acceptance.

Mindfulness: practice mindfulness daily


Forgiveness of yourself and others. 

Journaling Prompts /Questions to see how you are blocking the follow of vital force energy, and blocking your soul blueprint:

Go to Your Akashic Records Temple and ask the following?

What is “stopping” me from creating the life I want?  Emotions, Thoughts, Belief. Interactions with other people, Life Situations?

In what life area is feeling disempowered showing up?

In what life area am I feeling blocked?

In what situations am I giving my power away?

Who am I giving my power to? (Individuals, society, groups) 


When you post on social media, do you check to see who responded and how they responded? 

Are you saying yes to yourself and no to others? Are you setting healthy boundaries?


Daily Affirmations

I get synchronous signs, numbers, patterns, and coincidences.

Wisdom and knowledge find me at just the right time.

I am sensing and following my inner guidance.

My Ego is trusting my higher self.

My conscious, subconscious ego and higher self are healthy and fully connected.

I am worthy of what I desire.

I am confident.   

I am open to limitless possibilities.

My growth is infinite, just like the Universe.

My joy and fulfillment are continuously expanding

Thank you

Angela Zaffer

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