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“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
                                            ― Nikola Tesla

What Are the 
Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are the Book of Life, the history of each and every soul.

Everything that exists has an Akashic Record.  Your Book of Life is the history of your Soul.  

The Akashic Records are not just a database of information. The energy of the Akasha can be used to heal and transform energy. I work with Master Spirit Guides of the Akashic Records to access a higher-dimensional space to remove blocking energy. The energy of the Akashic records heals core wounds so the transformational work happens at level of the Soul.

The Akashic Records hold the knowledge of Your Soul's Gifts, Strengths, Qualities and Energetic Patterns.

The Akashic Records is an energetic database that contains the story of each and every Soul. Everything that exists has an Akashic Record.  Your Book of Life is the knowledge of your Soul, and how it creates its experiences.   It can be used to identify negative patterns present in this current life.  The Akashic field can be used to understand who you are authentically, who you are as a Soul Being.  Your Soul has wisdom from many lifetimes that you agreed to forget before being born into this life. Your Soul has innate qualities, gifts, strengths. The Soul has a personality all of its own, which is who we really are.

Your Soul came here to learn, expand and grow.  Sometimes the Soul wants to learn and create knowledge that is beyond what our human brain and body can deal with.  As a Star Seed you heard the call to come to Earth to help humanity, to change the negative karmic patterns in your ancestral blood line, and then got pulled into the negative Earth patterns, beliefs, and cultural norms that are blocking you.  

Healing happens by identifying Negative Life Patterns, When the Soul makes an agreement, it creates a magnetic energy that blocks the inflow of vital force energy.  Because all energy is magnetic in nature, the energy of the agreement keeps showing up lifetime after lifetime.   I have learned how to read the energy of the Akasha to identify life patterns that can be removed. Once the magnetic energy is removed, it is easier to create new choices that create transformation. Choose to change your life by clearing your Akashic Records, Removing Blocks from the Divine Soul Blueprint, and align to the energy of your Souls Highest Expression.  



Negative Energies and Entities in Your Energy Field can also be removed.

Relationships Improve by Clearing the Past Life Agreements between you another person or organization.

 Book a Session today!  

I offer free Programs to start your transformational journey today!  These contain ways of changing your current energetic state.  

Our higher self is always trying to align us to our Soul Blueprint.  But while we go through our life, events happen, people tell us they don't like who we are, so we change at the level of our Soul Blueprint to either please other people, or to keep ourselves safe.  By aligning your Soul to your original Soul Blueprint, it helps you to naturally become who you really are.  As your Soul travels through time, your Soul Blueprint changes along with your Akashic Record. This is an amazing clearing modality that creates real and lasting changes.  

In this session I access your Akashic records to discover your Divine Soul Blueprint to discover the difference between your Soul when it first originated and where it is now.   In this reading, I look at your soul profile and your divine gifts, soul specialties and will discover your primary life lesson.  


In the clearing work, I look for very specific information in both past life and current life to discover what is currently keeping you stuck, blocked or restricted from living your best possible life.  These blocks are then cleared:  Blocks to the flow of Vital Force Energy include Vows (sacrifice, poverty, silence, slavery, suffering, martyrdom, to giving up all possessions and relationships). Negative Agreements, Contracts, Negative Unjustified Karma, Negative Spirit Guides, Earthbound Souls in your energy field, Tears in the Golden Web, and programs such as depression and or anxiety (as well as many other programs.  I will then realign and reweave your Godspark to give you a boost in Manifesting abilities.   I repair and clear the Soul Memory System,  and upgrade the energy to create positive patterns in alignment with the Souls Blueprint. 

Sessions are on Zoom unless requested in person.

multidimensional energetic clearing modality that clears the Akashic Records and removes agreements and contracts causing repeating patters.  

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