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The Divine Soul Blueprint

& Energy Centers

Abundance - Empowerment - Happiness


A Soul's Energy Centers are the Soul's Divine Gifts of Creation

Energy Centers are the energetic qualities of vital force energy that exist within every Soul. The soul energy centers are the most important part of our Divine Soul Blueprint.

 Every Soul is made of Energy.  We can discover what this energy is through something called Energy Centers.  Energy Center's are made from Vital Force Energy. There are eight different Energy Centers also known as the energetic qualities of vital force energy that exist within every Soul. Each Soul is created with a mixture of different types of vital force energies. 

Think of this energy as the energetic building blocks from which a Soul is created. Vital Force Energy is Creative Energy from Source.  We need Vital Force energy to create and manifest. This vital force energy flows though the Divine Soul Blueprint through the various Energy Centers.  

This energy can be measured in the Soul Blueprint and is a mixture of all eight of these energies. This is called the Energy Center Matrix.  The Energy Center Matrix is how a Soul is designed to receive Vital Force Energy from Source.  These measurements can tell you what energies the Soul is MADE OUT OF, which gives you huge clues as to a persons gifts and talents - as well as what the gifts and talents are NOT.

Our  Energy Centers are our Divine Gifts. They are the energetic qualities our Soul is made of and therefore, the expression of vital force energy that we are built to receive from Source.

"Our “Soul Purpose” is simply to be who we truly are, and to experience our Divinity within our humanity. This is why our Souls incarnated. Making choices based on our Energy Centers is the same as living our Divine Gifts and our Soul’s Purpose. It is the key to creating an abundant, fulfilling human experience. " (Divine Gifts were developed by Andrrea Hess)

 The Key To Manifesting an Abundant Life

The Energy Center Matrix is how the Souls is designed to receive Vital Force Energy.  Remember: Vital force energy is creative energy. When we express the aspects of vital force energy from which we are created, then we access more of our inherent creative abilities and create a highly abundant experience!  The Human Soul Blueprint always contains eight of Energy Centers.  70% of Souls have a Primary Energy Center and 30% of Souls will have a Primary and a Secondary Energy Center.   

The aspect of vital force energy in which we are most abundant is the Soul’s Primary Energy Center.  Most Soul's have a primary energy center that makes up 40% to 50% of the energy of the Divine Soul Blueprint.

Expressing this single Energy Center in what we do and how we do it will create the most abundant human experience for us.  Souls with a Primary and a Secondary Energy Center have  Blueprints with main two energetic qualities that are evenly present.  together, comprise between 50 - 60% of the Soul’s vibrational spectrum.  When a secondary Energy Center is present, expressing these two vibrational qualities in what we do and how we do it will create abundance. They must both be expressed, in combination. Having a primary and secondary Energy Center is not better than having just a primary Energy Center! In fact, it is far more complicated for people to make choices that express both these energies. The Energy Centers are different expressions of vital force energy, and therefore also each have a negative and positive polarity. The negative polarity of our energy centers always shows us what we need to eliminate from our lives.  Most of us do not relate to our Energy Centers as actual “gifts.” The characteristics of our Energy Centers are just our “normal.” It is common for us to assume that everyone has those same characteristics. We unconsciously draw on our Energy Centers to do just about everything and anything, even if our Energy Centers aren’t really suited to what we are trying to create. We take our Divine Gifts for granted! To us, they are simply not that special. That’s why it’s so helpful for us to know the Divine Soul Blueprint of the people around us. This truly helps us tune in to what makes our gifts unique and special, through contrast. Most people tend to resonate more with who they want to be, rather than who they are.

Energy Centers are not always what we inherently “love” to do. We may love to write, but writing isn’t one of our Divine Gifts. We may enjoy creating art, but art isn’t one of our Divine Gifts. While we can engage in these activities and become competent through hard work, we will not create true abundance outside of our Divine Gifts. If we insist on pursuing career paths and professions in a way that don’t allow our Divine Gifts to shine, we may be able to make a decent living. However, we will always have to work very hard, and we will always have to tolerate some level of lack. When you align to your Soul Gifts it will become easier to create the life you want.   


Most people are only 1% to 5% in alignment to their Soul Blueprint. 
Ideally, we want our actions and thoughts to be a mirror of our Soul’s energetic makeup. But religion, family, friends, culture, etc tell us who to be, how to be and what we should and should not be doing. This takes us out of alignment to our Divinity, living our divine self expression of our Divine Soul Blueprint. Measuring how aligned a person is to their energy centers at the level of action and thought is a way to gain a awareness of what we are doing that is out of alignment to our Soul Blueprint. Misalignments at the fourth-dimensional aspect is thought and mind while misalignments at the third- dimensional level are actions and  circumstances. 


Eight Soul Energy Centers: Your Divine Gifts

Alignment to Your Energy Center is Alignment to Your Soul Blueprint


The First Energy Center: Divine Compassion

This is the energy center of compassion, community, nurture, and nature. Clients whose Souls are centered in this energy are highly compassionate, tolerant, and unconditional. They are very concerned with family, social and planetary causes, the tribal energy through which we are all One at the physical level. This Energy Center is grounded in doing, in helping at the most basic level, tending to our basic human needs, raising and teaching children, social work, nursing, hospice care, growing food, gardening, and environmental issues. Community is very important to them. They excel at creating, structuring and organizing communities, whether that community is a family, neighborhood, school, or charitable organization. Their gift is empathy. They can utilize this gift to ensure that each individual is served within their community, in a way that also allows the community to thrive. They may thrive by incorporating their gift for community into their careers, by creating successful non-profit organizations or engaging in social entrepreneurship. This does not mean they are always raging extroverts who are the life of the party. However, they must feel a sense of belonging to some sort of group, cause, or community in order to experience their Divinity. The negative polarity of this Energy Center is isolation. Without a sense of community, first Energy Center people quickly lose their sense of Self. They do best to address or eliminate situations that make them feel alone, isolated, or left out. Because they do have such a strong sense of community, it can be hard for them to walk away from relationships and groups that make them feel isolated. Their tendency can be to work harder for acceptance and inclusion. However, letting go of groups and relationships in which they are not understood or valued is often the counter-intuitive key to finding an environment in which their gifts shine. Allowing isolating experiences and relationships will lead first Energy Center folks into the dysfunctional aspect of their Energy Center: Sacrifice. They will become highly “other-focused” in an effort to be valued and accepted. They will try to serve and help others inappropriately in order to shift out of isolation. In an effort to connect with others, they may also “take on” everyone’s “stuff” and participate in their emotional lives to an unhealthy degree. They may seek to help others to the point of sacrificing their own health and financial situation. They then try to help from a place of lack and end up in ever-growing states of depletion. They may become so over-identified with the people they are trying to serve that they lose track of the only experience we are truly here to create … which is our own. First Energy Center Souls often come to us in a state of depletion, having spent years and years in the energy of sacrifice. Coming back into balance may feel quite selfish to them. They may also come to us, seeking a stronger sense of personal and spiritual identity, because they have tried so hard to bring value and fit into a group or community. It is important for them to serve a community while the community returns that value to them, rather than sacrificing.

Financial Abundance and Success in Business:

To be honest, I’ve never met an entrepreneur who was primary in the first energy center!  I think they’re too busy helping everyone else to take the time to increase their own income! With their focus on compassion, they run businesses - and lots of non-profits and charities - that serve real needs in our society.  They will be foster parents, run daycare centers and assisted living facilities.  They will own the business that delivers meals to elderly people who can no longer cook for themselves, or create an organization of home healthcare workers.  This also nurtures their instinct to protect those that cannot help themselves.  They will be drawn towards the non-profit and charitable sector of business. Because what they offer fulfills a very specific and real need, they don’t sell or market themselves much because they truly don’t have to.  They are usually in business to help others, and will often be content as long as they themselves can “get by.”  They CAN run themselves ragged in their business endeavors.  They may also become overly dependent on fund-raising if they are running a charity or non-profit.  They may have a hard time understanding that there is marketing involved in fundraising endeavors - simply because the need they fill is so real, it seems to them that people  “should” absolutely give to the cause. Because they are so focused on “need,” the whole idea of turning profit may be a bit foreign to them as they are simply not very profit-driven people.  However, they do need to learn concepts of sustainability so that their projects are not dependent on donations.  When put into the context of helping others to become independent and self-sustaining, they will warm to the idea of profit centers very quickly.  At higher levels of consciousness, they are usually inspired to change the world and have a very big vision for how they can help others.  This may become a bit overwhelming to them, especially if they haven’t even started yet.  They may have to learn how to take their charitable projects one step at a time, and grow from there.

The Second Energy Center: Divine Manifestation

This Energy Center is all about the joy of the physical plane. It is centered on building and manifesting what is real, tangible and lasting. This energy teaches us about the value of the physical experience. The positive, functional side of this Energy Center embraces money, sexuality, and the physical body. People primary or secondary in this Energy Center are builders and will enjoy creating something that withstands the test of time - actual buildings, physical objects, brands, and wealth. They also show us how to be embodied and may be drawn to helping us embrace our physicality, through athletics, yoga, dance, tantra or even adventure travel. When they embrace money as physically creative energy, they attract it easily. They may be drawn to study money, finance, investing, and everything to do with building wealth. They may love new experiences, engaging with the physical world or even their body in a new way, meeting new people (preferably in person!) and experiencing themselves in new environments. Whether it’s body-building or leading people in adventure travel, architecture or financial planning … these people create success and abundance by shaping and enjoying the physical experience. When functionally self-expressed, they will love creating new physical experiences, whether that means manifesting wealth, creating a business, or a whole building. From the outside, they may be perceived as “chasing” success or wealth endlessly, but this is a misperception. They simply love creating new experiences so much that they don’t want to stop. The negative polarity of this Energy Center is becoming ungrounded and disconnecting from the experience of the physical realm. They are often highly kinesthetic people that may not do well in traditional school systems that are focused on sitting behind a desk and book learning. They may also, because of past negative choices, incarnate into situations that are unpleasant at the physical level. A lack of physical safety will create disconnection from the physical realm. If second Energy Center clients get into their own heads objects, brands, and wealth. They also show us how to be embodied and may be drawn to helping us embrace our physicality, through athletics, yoga, dance, tantra or even adventure travel. When they embrace money as physically creative energy, they attract it easily. They may be drawn to study money, finance, investing, and everything to do with building wealth. They may love new experiences, engaging with the physical world or even their body in a new way, meeting new people (preferably in person!) and experiencing themselves in new environments. Whether it’s body-building or leading people in adventure travel, architecture or financial planning … these people create success and abundance by shaping and enjoying the physical experience. When functionally self-expressed, they will love creating new physical experiences, whether that means manifesting wealth, creating a business, or a whole building. From the outside, they may be perceived as “chasing” success or wealth endlessly, but this is a misperception. They simply love creating new experiences so much that they don’t want to stop. The negative polarity of this Energy Center is becoming ungrounded and disconnecting from the experience of the physical realm. They are often highly kinesthetic people that may not do well in traditional school systems that are focused on sitting behind a desk and book learning. They may also, because of past negative choices, incarnate into situations that are unpleasant at the physical level. A lack of physical safety will create disconnection from the physical realm. 

If second Energy Center clients get into their own heads too much and focus solely on intellectual pursuits or never get out from behind their desks, they will lose touch with themselves and create lack. Because lack makes the physical experience much less enjoyable, it may lead to withdrawing further into the intellectual and mental realm, often to “figure out” the problem! Of course, this creates more disconnection and more lack, leading to more withdrawal, and so on. The dysfunctional expression of this is energy center is a disconnection from the physical and lack of being grounded can lead to the dysfunctional expression of this Energy Center, which is an excessive or even destructive focus on physical or emotional sensation. This may look like constantly chasing the next “high.” They may get stuck in the intensity of their emotional life and get so focused on the experience of their inner world that they stop creating outwardly. They end up wallowing in emotion, rather than releasing their emotions constructively through action. They may also become addicted to extreme physical sensation, whether that is through thrill-seeking such as skydiving, or indulging in over-eating, alcohol, substance abuse, or sexual addiction.

Financial Abundance and Success in Business:

People who are primary or secondary in the second energy center are first and foremost builders.  Whether they are building a whole company as a CEO, or building an actual building, or establishing a community or network, their business is less about them as it is about what they are building.  They may build a brand, or a company, or a physical structure, but they must feel comfortable building something that will last.  If they feel unsettled in their location or their “place” in life, they will shy away from entrepreneurship or simply sabotage themselves.  They will only want to build something that can last.  They are excellent builders of financial wealth and do well in any kind of financial industry.  They are fantastic CEO’s, as well as CFO’s, venture capitalists and investors.  At the same time, their grounded appreciation of the physical realm may also carry over into establishing bricks-and-mortar businesses, especially those that nurture people physically, such as restaurants, bakeries, or retreat centers.  They may also be very successful contractors and landscapers, or work with the physical body as yoga teachers, fitness instructors and so on.  They will also be inventors who bring new products to market.  They will usually make awful information marketers! They are excellent team leaders that will keep a sharp eye of performance and the results their team members deliver.  They will delegate tasks very well, set clear deadlines and boundaries, and will give everyone the sense of their specific assignment. They are always going to be far more comfortable selling tangible goods than information products (money is tangible enough).  They will prefer to sit down with people or travel to be present with others for meetings, rather than holding a virtual conference.  They will be more drawn to direct mail than email marketing.  It’s all about staying grounded in the physical for second energy center clients!  As such, actually “doing” something or “making” something has to be part of how they work.  They live to see tangible results, or at least DO something with their physical bodies, even if it is just to travel to a meeting.  If they are teachers, they will want to see or know that they helped their students “do” something new ... “doing” is the theme here!  They value information only as far as it helps them “do” something. They will prefer to market themselves by showing pictures of previous work, or statistics of previous results created, or demonstrating what they can do - it’s more about showing than telling!  They will also be drawn to providing a service for free or discounted as a marketing tool, to illustrate how well they can “do” a job.  Their perceived value is in “doing” something, and they have no trouble charging for a “job well done.”   If they create an online business, it’s really important to incorporate a video tool such as Skype into the mix. One issue they will have is to try and market themselves competitively on price alone.  Because they love what is tangible, doing the job for the least amount of money is their go-to marketing strategy!  From a marketing perspective, this is of course detrimental.  They must instead focus on how they do a better job, or what they do differently when they market themselves.  Again, marketing “soft” or “invisible” products and services will not be their strength - they prefer what is tangible and solid.

The Third Energy Center: Divine Order

This Energy Center is all about balance, harmony, beauty, art, law, order, perfection, and peace. These Souls are experts in being in balance and harmony within themselves, with each other, and with their environment. Their gift is to blend the beauty of form and functionality. Not only do things have to be beautiful, they also have to function beautifully and efficiently They may be highly creative and artistic. Beauty often nurtures them. They are frequently very “put together” and thrive on orderly, organized, and beautiful spaces. They may have a great artistic eye and sense of aesthetics, or are excellent planners and project managers. They love organized systems that are harmonious, whether those systems are a business, a home, or a canvas! They have an innate sense of fairness, law, karma, the balance of choice and consequences. They like to create deliberately, in an organized and structured way that doesn’t upset the balance of things too much! They make excellent trainers, because they have a way of breaking complexity down into step by step systems and methodologies. They are also sometimes drawn to the world of public speaking. They enjoy being the center of attention (when they are organized, well-dressed, and well-prepared!) and are excellent leaders because of their flair for organization and efficiency. They are excellent planners and organizers, because these are ways of establishing order. The negative polarity of this Energy Center is drama! The energy of drama simply isn’t a fit for these peace-loving, balanced, orderly Souls and they are well-served to address or eliminate any dramatic situations and relationships. Unfortunately, third Energy Center people may find themselves doing whatever it takes to keep the people around them happy, all in avoidance of drama such as arguments or intense emotional situations. They may also try to excessively manage and organize the lives of everyone around them, so that drama can’t enter their experience. They often accommodate others at cost to themselves, because they hate it when people are upset at them. If they avoid drama rather than addressing or eliminating those situations and relationships, they can become quite controlling of others and end up not having much focus left over to create their own experience. They will end up in the dysfunctional aspect of this Energy Center, which is perfectionism and stagnation. In order to prevent the drama of failure, they will find themselves excessively organizing and planning to “make sure” everything is “right” in lieu of actually doing much. They want everything to be “perfect” and end up investing a ton of energy in merely maintaining status quo. When reality doesn’t match their perfect plan, they become disappointed and are very hard on themselves, give up, and come up with their next perfect plan. Their love of beauty may also translate into excessive focus on outward appearance, a fear of being embarrassed or seen as less than perfect, and a preoccupation with people’s perception of them, all of which paralyzes them into inaction.

Financial Abundance and Success in Business:

Those with a primary or secondary third energy center, with their sense of balance, order, and creativity, make excellent entrepreneurs.  They are highly organized, love structure, and love things that WORK beautifully.  As such, they design beautiful, functional business systems, they have no trouble charging what they perceive as their value (because they understand balance) and also use their businesses as a creative outlet. They are often found in fields that incorporate beauty AND functionality, from Feng Shui consultants to business coaching to graphic designers and software developers. The biggest business issue for them as entrepreneurs is their perfectionism.  They can work for a long, long time on a project, perfecting it before launching it - which can delay income significantly.  Especially if the launch never happens because they deem their project “not good enough” and abandon it.  They can also get stuck on planning, rather than implementation (but this can depend on the Soul group.)  They can devise perfect systems and plans on paper, but find that the actual execution falls so far short of their vision that, again, they abandon their project in favor of something “more perfect.” The other business issue that they can encounter is conflict.  They don’t like drama. Thus, they will avoid upsetting clients, employees, team members, and partners at all costs.  This may eventually create a lot of resentment for them, and require a massive restructuring of boundaries. They love leveraging existing systems.  They are not rebels at heart, and they do not push boundaries or revolutionize their industry ... all of that would create far too much dissonance!  They can, however, be innovative by dramatically improving existing business structures and systems.  They love order and structure in their day.  They need a sense of organization and preparedness to feel balanced.  They will work hard, and need to be encouraged to take time off.  They also need to have FUN with their work! They more than most will do unpleasant business tasks in business without question and without ever considering that what they are doing may simply not align to their purpose.  This is because they don’t question existing systems much - their perfectionism leads them to believe that “this is just how things are done.”  This sometimes takes their business models, systems, structures and offers far afield from their authentic selves!  They love doing things “right” - when they have stumbled upon a business or model that aligns to them, doing it “right” will create a lot of abundance for them.

However, if they attach to a business model or system that is out of alignment to their Energy Center(s) and Soul Group, they may become entrenched in making it work because they are doing all the “right” things.  It will seem unreasonable to them that money isn’t showing up, and they will invest heavily in education to figure out what they are doing “wrong.”  Again, this is their perfectionism making an appearance. They may also, oddly enough, shy away from doing what they are really, really passionate about.  The emotional rollercoaster of being passionately invested in their business creates more upheaval than many of them are willing to handle.  At the same time, it is their passion that will liberate them from the ideal of doing things the “right” way.  They need to learn how to let their authentic passion (which may at times be tricky to unearth) guide them into their purposeful work.

The Fourth Energy Center: Divine Love

 This is the energy center of Divine Love and Healing. Clients with this energy as primary are innate experts at being in relationship. They are also natural healers - it’s not something they do, it’s just who they are. Their healing gift is loving acceptance and non-judgment. They hold a sacred space for others in which they can reclaim the pieces of themselves that they have made wrong, that they have disowned. The greatest value they offer is simply their presence - generally, we want to spend time with them without knowing why. They love being with people and we innately trust them and are willing to share just about anything with them because they are so non-judgmental. They are frequently excellent listeners because they create such a natural sacred space of non-judgment. They are incredibly giving people (who can easily turn into doormats!!!) and they can become depleted because of this trait. People may take advantage of their generous and giving nature. They are natural healers - whether they do this formally or informally. They bring us back into our wholeness through loving self-acceptance and non-judgment. They tend to need close relationships, and love taking care of others and being taken care of, nurturing and being nurtured. It’s all about inter-dependency and relationship for them. They need people to relate to and be in relationship with. They find their greatest success when they are both supporting others and being supported, and when they uphold healthy boundaries in their relationships. They make excellent managers in the business world because they truly make their teams feel cared for. They evoke incredible loyalty in the people that work for them. They excel in any environment where people must feel nurtured, from hospitality to healthcare, and are gifted at creating great customer service experiences. The negative polarity of this Energy Center is a lack of support. They must address or eliminate situations in which they feel they are going it alone, with nobody to help, nurture, or support them. Because these people are so relationship-centric, they must at times learn to be more conditional with the people around them. They have to be discerning as to how much they give without receiving in return. They also frequently have to learn how to say “no.” It is appropriate to receive as much as we give in relationships. However, when they feel unsupported, fourth Energy Center people tend to model by giving what they want to receive, which can backfire. They give and expect others to give back in return … which often never happens. Instead of renegotiating or eliminating the relationship, fourth Energy Center people then tend to double down on modeling what they wish to receive, giving even more. In this way, they may end up resentful and depleted, and end up in the dysfunctional aspect of this Energy Center: the martyr who gives without ever receiving anything back. When they are in depletion from lack of support, they have a tendency to go into helplessness. Instead of seeking to be truly supported and nurtured, they want someone to just handle aspects of life FOR them. They will abdicate responsibility for their finances, aspects of their business, etc., all in the name of “being supported,” but actually end up disempowered and even more helpless in this process. They may slip into victimization as well as depletion, feeling that the world is a very unfair place in which they always give but never receive back.

Financial Abundance and Success in Business

Those primary or secondary in the fourth energy center are far more interested in people than in business!  This can both be a strength and a weakness. They are wonderful nurturers and will want to really “be” with their clients for longer periods of time.  A life coach who is primary or secondary in the fourth energy center, for example, may want to run year-long programs or even work longer with individual clients.  They excel at nurturing relationships, and when they leverage this in their service delivery, they will do very well. They do well with employing assistants and teams, because the feeling of being supported and nurtured is something they thrive on, and in turn, they will have more resources to offer their clients when they come from a supported place. They also make excellent supporting entrepreneurs - their love and caring makes them excellent customer service managers, affiliate managers, anyone who holds a team together. Just don’t ask them to get technical!  These clients are “people” people.  Technology only interests them as far as it allows them to communicate with their people.  They are best served by outsourcing technical aspects such as website maintenance and so forth to a team of assistants.  This frees them up to be the nurturers to their clients that they want to be.  To be honest, the internet is not going to be a huge source of abundance for them (they don’t like to hear it, but I have yet to meet a fourth energy center Internet Marketer who’s had any success!)  Because they have such a great love for people, they make for excellent, genuine networkers who maintain business relationships with great ease.  Because they authentically care, they will do very well with joint venture partnerships and strategic alliances. However, they DO have to watch their boundaries!  They will often over-give to their clients (and business associates!) and may have issues receiving in return.  Their willingness to give and difficulty receiving can lead to overwork and underpayment.  These clients give away a lot.  They may have trouble charging what their work is worth because they want to help “everybody” and may also have trouble settling into a profitable niche for the same reason.  They may like to be physically present with their clients, but if they have trouble maintaining energetic boundaries, working on the phone or online may actually serve them because it establishes a natural boundary.  As they become more centered and take ownership of their value, they may eventually shift towards working with clients in person. They are going to be fairly passive sales people - they are far better at marketing and nurturing relationships than “closing” a deal.  They love to do “for” others, and in a sale, it’s all about allowing the prospect the space to take action.  They often inspire people to be okay with where they are - they are, after all, healers - rather than taking new action.

This doesn’t have to be detrimental - they just need to be aware that this is the tendency. 

The Fifth Energy Center: Divine Communication

This is the Energy Center of communication, self-expression and authenticity. This is the realm of the teacher, and the written and spoken word. They have a very special relationship with language - words will have taste and substance for them. They are natural experts at communication. They can become exceptional writers, speakers, or both. They innately know how to inspire and move people into action through words. They excel at helping others change at the level of thought and mind, by introducing new ways of looking at life through the written or spoken word.  This often translates into the realm of business within the areas of marketing and sales, where excellent communication skills are key. It is imperative that fifth Energy Center people use their words in how they make a living! This is often what unlocks abundance for them. It is always important for them to have an “audience” of sorts to communicate with, whether that’s one person or a group of listeners or readers. They are highly verbal people, often constantly talking, teaching and having whole conversations in their own minds. They always need to “talk things through” and one of the greatest gifts anyone can give them is to simply listen and let them work their thoughts through verbally. They are teachers but are frequently even more comfortable in the realm of the student! They can be avid life-long learners and voracious readers. They can be prolific content creators and may be full of ideas of what to write and teach. However, because this is the realm of authenticity, it is vital that they express their own unique opinion and expertise, gathered through personal experience and the results they themselves have created. They have strong opinions and perspectives, and their abundance will actually come by upholding their unique point of view publicly. They get on little soapboxes and are highly outspoken. Their inner wisdom frequently unfolds spontaneously when they communicate. Most especially, they will find themselves giving excellent advice that surprises even them when they are in conversation. They are a natural channel, and channeling happens in the moment.  The negative polarity of this Energy Center is when their communication falls on deaf ears! Communication, after all, is a two-way street. If nobody is listening and engaging with their communications, fifth Energy Center people must either find an audience that actually values what they have to say, or relay their message differently. If they don’t address that nobody is listening, they may fall into inauthenticity, and just start communicating what they think people want to hear. Unfortunately, they may also start simply rehashing what they have heard from other teachers or mentors, leading to plagiarism rather than authentic self-expression. Some fifth Energy Center people have become so conditioned to not speak their Truth that they hide in the student role. They will endlessly read, learn, and study but not actually DO anything … because then they might actually have something original to express! It is important that they learn, DO, and then teach from their personal experience if they are to unlock the abundance of their Divine Gifts. If this Energy Center continues to remain unheard, they will end up in the dysfunctional aspect of their Gifts and communicate to no-one. Their Gifts may come out through unwanted and often inappropriate advice. They may also talk, talk, and talk some more, without any regard for who is listening or whether anyone wants to hear it. Their communication style may descend into “verbal masturbation” - they just talk for the sake of talking! If human Beings aren’t listening, they might find solace in the spiritual realm. They may journal and channel endlessly, without ever publishing and serving the world through their gifts.

Financial Abundance and Success in Business:

Those with a primary or secondary fifth energy center shine in the realm of communication.  In business, this means they are born marketers and salespeople! They make excellent  motivational speakers. teachers, copywriters, bloggers, , affiliate managers, authors, and information marketers.  They love nothing more than to have their words inspire others to DO something - whether that is to transform their life, take new action, or buy something.  Heaven for them is when their words can inspire people to do all three!  Once they get over any insecurities and hang-ups about their value, they may love to market and sell, and can do so extremely well.

Fifth-energy center clients create content with great ease.  Whether they sell their written and spoken word or use it to market themselves, they need never worry that they are going to “run out” of content (although many of them often do have this concern!) What is of ultimate importance, however, is they allow their content to come from their own experience and inner wisdom.  Clients in the fifth energy center that are stuck in student-mode will have trouble coming up with anything original to say.  If they are stuck rehashing or regurgitating what they have heard elsewhere, it will not create abundance for them!  They must often be put on an “information fast” in order for their creativity to flow.  In other words, they must create ORIGINAL content if it is to create abundance for them (this is actually true overall, but most especially for the fifth energy center).  When they give themselves permission to create articles, books, and classes from their own inner wisdom, they will create abundance from their communication.

They also excel at marketing their own communication skills - therefore, they make excellent copywriters who know how to sell their services, or ghostwriters who also know how to market books, and so forth. They are often drawn into the coaching field, because they love to talk on the phone - or simply talk in general.  However, they are teachers, not coaches.  Traditional coaching methods involve asking powerful questions (which they excel at) and letting the client come to their own answers (which is what they are NOT good at).  Clients in the fifth energy center like to TEACH their opinions and give information, and they excel at both.  If they have studied coaching, they often need permission to simply be themselves and let their inner wisdom shine.  They do need to learn and study the difference between marketing and teaching - but they will catch on very fast.  One of their issues is that they may constantly give away far too much - simply because they give such excellent and succinct advice, even in passing conversation.  They also transmit a great deal of energy through the spoken and written word, so often prospective clients may come away feeling very nurtured and satisfied through their marketing, without ever having the need to buy.  They  must learn how to draw clear boundaries around what information and advice they will give away freely in their marketing, and what they will sell (again, this is good general advice, but once you get a Gabrielite talking about their area of expertise, chances are they will give away thousands of dollars of great information for free.)

They also do what they do so easily that they may not recognize the value of their words.  This is something they must learn to recognize over time.

The Sixth Energy Center: Divine Truth

This is the Energy Center of Divine Truth. Divine Truth is the Truth of our Divinity, a deeply personal, highly subjective Truth that differs from one individual to the next. This is a highly visual realm - they are “seers” and may be highly intuitive and clairvoyant. They may also be drawn to the visual arts and photography as a way to express Truth. They are spiritual warriors at heart that take a strong strand for Truth and bring it to Light where it’s needed. They have a gift for seeing people and situations very clearly, as they truly are. They have incredible powers of observation. When congruent, they are “tell-itlike-it-is,” outspoken individual that speak up when something is amiss and tell the Truth that everyone needs to hear. They find success when they help others uncover and take a stand for their personal, unique Truth, and help others see themselves for who they truly are. They are natural consultants and advisors. We inherently trust them because of their relationship with Truth. Their natural consulting skills serve them well in business in the realm of sales. Ideally, they also manage by coaching and consulting their employees into their own best way of accomplishing results. Within a corporate hierarchy, they are often the trusted advisor to their peers and beyond, the person who will speak the uncomfortable Truth as needed. They often have a “bullshit radar” that is turned up very high and they may also be natural human lie detectors. Their blunt communication style sometimes gets them into trouble. Sixth Energy Center Souls must learn to speak Truth in a way that others can actually hear it. The negative polarity of this Energy Center arises when the Truth is unwelcome. They must address or eliminate situations and relationships in which the Truth isn’t present or wanted. Truth can be highly inconvenient. If they do not address these situations, they may observe, but not say much or share their observations. They may become the “strong, silent type” which is certainly safer, but does not allow their Gift to shine. Children who incarnate into situations where Truth is unwelcome may be told “we don’t say that!” because Truth is not always polite or convenient. They may quickly learn to keep their observations to themselves. They may assume that other people don’t want to hear what they have to say, or can’t handle their perspective. They may withdraw completely into a visual medium that “speaks for itself” (photography or other visual arts, or graphs and charts!) to the exclusion of constructive verbal communication. They may also fall into the dysfunctional aspect of this Energy Center, shifting from Truth into judgment. They can have a very black-and-white way of looking at the world that does not allow for any “Truths” but their own and they become entrenched and rigid in their thinking. They can become aggressive and belligerent in expressing these rigid opinions, no longer insisting on Truth, but on being right.

Soul Realignment For Business and Financial Success: 

People predominant in the sixth energy center are exceptional visionaries in business.  They often have a great ability to “see” the big picture - whether that big picture has to do with what they are offering, or whether it’s the big picture of their business.  When they trust their intuition, they can move forward towards their vision with ease and have no trouble taking action.

When they stand passionately in their Truth, they are highly charismatic!

Unfortunately, this same visionary quality can also trip them up, the more mentally oriented they are, because they may want to “see” every detail of how their business will work before they ever get started!  This, of course, is impossible - but it may lead to very detailed planning on a grand scale that precludes them from taking action.

When they are comfortable within their expertise, they make for incredible coaches, consultants and strategists and business advisors.  They must, however, be in a position where they get paid to speak their Truth. Remember, diplomacy is not a strong point for the sixth energy center!  But their straight-talking ways are often appreciated in the business world, where so many half-truths exist.  They inspire trust in their business partners, team members, and clients.

When they are uncomfortable in their expertise, they may have great concerns about giving others the “wrong” information, or about giving “bad” advice.  In this case, they will not be outspoken enough to do anyone any good - not as a team member OR in a leadership or even a service role!  They must give themselves permission to speak their unique Truth, which is always insightful and valuable.  If, however, they do not see themselves as an authority or expert, they may simply observe without ever contributing their value to the world. People that are primary in the sixth energy center are also excellent at assessing other people’s strengths and weaknesses.  This makes them excellent team leaders - they hold the bigger vision, and can direct a team well within that vision.  They also intuitively know when people are lying, and can often avoid messy situations when they trust their intuition about others.  All of this makes them excellent at creating business alliances and relationships that serve all involved!  They are also excellent negotiators in business.  Their love for clear boundaries and their inner spiritual warrior thrives in negotiations.

Where they will be out of their comfort zone is in marketing and sales!  Their way of selling will be to say: “Here it is.  This is what it does.  Want it or not?”  This is their black-and-white way of viewing this world making itself apparent!  In some industries, this very straightforward way of selling is very much appreciated.  This is especially true when a prospective customer has a very obvious need.  Then, they can jump into the role of a trusted consultant and do very well in sales.

However, when it comes to selling “soft” or “invisible” goods and services or inspiring interest through marketing ... well, this is not their strength.  They are often too blunt to be truly masterful salesmen and women.  However, their honesty does inspire great trust, so if they can build a relationship with a prospect over time, they will do well.    They MUST at all times be honest in their marketing efforts.  This is advisable with highly conscious markets anyway - but this is especially true for sixth energy center person, who must uphold Divine Truth in order to align to their purpose.

The Seventh Energy Center: Divine Power 

This is the Energy Center of Divine Power, which we access through free will and choice. This energy center is about doing and being whatever we want, without limitation. Having freedom of choice is incredibly important to them, and a sense of freedom is one of their most important values. They are highly energetically sensitive, and have an innate understanding of energy. They may be very intuitive or psychic, but can also be introverted because being around people and their noisy energy all day is exhausting. They manifest extremely quickly and powerfully. This means that, when aligned, they create results very quickly. However, when they are in misalignment, they also very powerfully manifest a whole bunch of nothing. They must learn to take the immediate feedback they receive from their results ... “things” will not get better “eventually.” They are highly independent and strong-willed. They hate being stuck in situations where they feel they have no choice. They take action more easily than most, because they understand that only choice creates new experience. They can, however, get stuck in being busy, rather than productive. They embrace change more readily than most people, and can become the driving force behind the change, and create what they want consciously. They love tools and learning how to use them, because each tool represents new possibilities and new choices being available to them! Because they have such a strong desire for self-determination, they do not enjoy being children and not being able to make their own choices. Money is highly important to them, because it allows them freedom of choice. They often find success in leadership positions. They have a lot of energy, and their strong will often makes them charismatic and attractive to others. They are willing to stick their necks out and go first. Seventh Energy Center Souls are not risk-averse … they are often more willing to fail than most, because they realize that they are always empowered to correct their mistakes down the road. This means they often do best as entrepreneurs. This also gives them more opportunity to live as they choose. The negative polarity of this Energy Center is obligation. Whenever these Souls feel like they “have to” or “should” and that they don’t have freedom of choice, they must address or eliminate those situations and relationships. Instead of eliminating obligation, they may actually take on more responsibility so that they can do things their own way. They are high energy people who can take on a lot, including responsibilities that aren’t even their own. If they continue to tolerate obligation, they will become resentful over their lack of freedom and independence. When they are accountable to too many other people, they will find themselves frustrated with the pace of others, who don’t take action fast enough for them. They will be resentful of people taking up their time, which is another form of freedom. Their Gift of energetic sensitivity will feel like a burden and cause them to become reclusive. If they become overloaded enough, they will engage with the dysfunctional aspect of this Energy Center, which is possibility paralysis Rather than making more choices and putting still more responsibilities and obligations on their own plates, they will get stuck in endlessly exploring possibilities. They will endlessly explore new tools, new knowledge, etc. for the sake of creating more and more possibilities in their lives, without actually moving forward into any of them. They will get stuck in indecision - but their form of indecision can look very busy! They can even rationalize why they need yet another piece of software or tool or training before they can finally move forward. Meanwhile, they are actually just spinning their wheels and not creating any new results.

Soul Realignment for Business and Financial Success:  ​

This group is often drawn to becoming entrepreneurs!  Because this is the energy center of Soul Power, they value freedom of choice and self-determination beyond anything else.  They thrive on being able to do whatever they want, when they want. 

Nothing drives them more crazy than feeling as if they have no choice available to them. They are also willing to take on the responsibility that comes with having the power of full self-determination in self-employment.  They often find themselves in positions of reluctant leadership.  This is simply because they tend to “do” more and take action faster than most people.  To be honest, they often get more done before breakfast than other people do all day.  Because success in business is absolutely determined by our willingness to take action, this again makes them more likely to be successful as entrepreneurs.

Seventh energy center Souls have a tendency to be impatient.  This often makes them reluctant in delegation ... simply because delegating a task may actually take longer than doing it themselves.  They have to learn patience in training their employees and team members, and also have to practice giving others responsibility. 

Some do best as “solopreneurs” who run their businesses without teams - simply because they don’t have the patience to train others, or love the freedom that comes with no employees to be responsible for and to which they have to answer.  They also do well with “on demand” freelance support from people who already have the skills set they need, rather than having full-time time members that come to work every day. They will often be drawn to Internet-based  and virtual businesses that allow them to work when and where they want. These entrepreneurs do best with business relationships that are loose alliances and short-term joint ventures rather than full partnerships.  Boundaries and roles should be clearly defined - in writing (although that’s always a good idea in all business dealings, anyway!)  They have to choose their partners very, very carefully.  They are natural  leaders and creators, but not CO-creators.  Because they are so quick and capable, they often end up doing the lion’s share of the work in a business, and can quickly become resentful at doing so much.  At the same time, they will be too impatient to wait for someone else’s work! Seventh energy center people make decisions very quickly and may be quite impatient within their sales and marketing.  They simply can’t imagine why people take so long to make a buying decision!  In marketing and sales, they must learn to be patient.  They will need to have more points of contact, more follow-up, and a longer sales cycle than they themselves think is necessary ... simply because most people make decisions more slowly than they do.  In other words, they must recognize that the rest of the world does not move at the same speed as they do!  They also have a great love for tools - whether these are physical tools, technical tools, or methods and strategies for business.  That’s because they LOVE infinite possibility, and infinite choice.  They also love to rebel against “the norm” and do things differently. 

The Eighth Energy Center: Divine Wisdom

This is the Energy Center of Divine Wisdom and the connection to the inherent wisdom of the Universe to the physical world. Do not confuse Wisdom and Truth. Truth is subjective - Wisdom is universal. They are thoughtful, introspective people and are excellent listeners. They give amazingly insightful, succinct advice, rooted in common sense and rational thinking. They are highly intelligent and have uncommon “common sense” and know when people are trying to run a bypass on reason and logic. Wisdom is very concise. Often, these people do not say much, but what they have to say is profound. They are deliberate, thoughtful decision makers and often create success by helping others see through their own illusions, false self-perception, and mistaken thinking. Their insight makes them excellent coaches, whether they use these skills formally, or as a way to sell, to manage a team, or run a family. They are drawn to what “make sense” to them. They are very reasonable and highly principled. They often embrace logic and common sense over emotionality. Simplicity is their gift and they often excel at reducing complexity in a way that increases efficiency. If there’s a more reasonable way to get from A to B, they will find it.  The negative polarity of this Energy Center is irrationality. They must address or eliminate situations and relationships where reason, logic, and “common” sense isn’t present or valued. They do not thrive in environments that simply don’t make sense to them. There is a lot in our world and society that does not run on reason and logic, and “common” sense is not at all common for a lot of people! When eighth Energy Center people don’t put themselves into situations that make sense to them, they can become very impatient and fed up with people in general. When they incarnate to parents who don’t operate reasonably, childhood may be difficult for them. They may also dislike participating in social conventions that just don’t “make sense.” The dysfunctional aspect of this Energy Center is contempt. If they don’t create relationships and situations in which their wisdom is valued, they can become angry and intolerant of a world where no-one seems to want to listen or has any “common sense.” They may withdraw from the world and stay on the outside of social conventions, or even become quite contrary to them. They may decide that “people are stupid” in general, and wisdom may shift into spiritual and intellectual arrogance.

Soul Realignment For Business and Financial Success: 

Because this energy center is all about Divine Wisdom, practicality and uncommon “common sense,” this energy of Power (power to have freedom of choice) will be drawn to entrepreneurship for its “obvious” advantages of self-determination and unlimited income potential.  They will want to improve the lives of others in real, tangible ways and will be drawn to creating a business that offers practical results. The biggest issue in business is dealing with clients who just don’t “get it.”  What’s obvious to the eighth energy center is absolutely NOT obvious to most people ... but the eighth energy center person doesn’t really appreciate this!  They get frustrated with clients who can’t seem to grasp the obvious.  For this reason, they may get easily frustrated with prospects who don’t buy, even though the purchase is the “obviously correct” choice.  Over time, the eighth energy center person can either become aloof, feel alone and misunderstood OR can develop a certain level of intellectual arrogance.

Either way, too much contact with prospects and clients may lead to frustration.  For this reason, they will be drawn to automation and the Internet for its practicality in reaching more people, and because it is the most efficient way to operate.  They will also be drawn to following other people’s systems and models in all areas of business, because this seems like the most practical approach.  They will love to stick with what’s been “proven” to “work” and may become quite befuddled when someone else’s system or model, as sensible as it sounds, doesn’t work for them.  They are highly likely to jump down the rabbit hole of information consumption and endless education in the entrepreneurial realm.  What they really need, however, is a very simple, concise business model that doesn’t contain too many bells and whistles. 

Unfortunately, the eighth energy center is not necessarily great at marketing, because they want to deliver practical, actionable information that is valuable, but does not necessarily lead to a sale!  They also tend to be very concise, which does not lend itself to prolific content creation.  They are best served by using vehicles such as live Q&A calls as a way for people to get a taste of their profound understanding, or by offering case studies as a way to market themselves.  If they can showcase their practical and wise approach to serving others, they will do well.  They are not, however, natural teachers (even though they love to be students!).  They are analysts who know how to cut through confusion and, through wisdom, understand the underlying truth of a problem or situation. Because they are amazing analysts, they may actually thrive in a sales situation where they can dive into the client situation and uncover the problems and inconsistencies that they can address.  However, they MUST learn to appeal to a prospects emotional desire for improving their situation.  Their tendency instead is to outline a sensible approach that is obviously needed by their prospect.  The problem here is that people do not make rational buying decisions - they make emotional decisions backed up by reason and logic.  In sales, the eighth energy center will want to lead with reason and logic, and then be puzzled that their sales fall flat.

This person may also become frustrated by managing a team.  It is best for eighth energy center clients to outsource at a high level (i.e. outsource ALL their marketing to a company or Chief Marketing Officer) to people with a proven track record and an excellent understanding of their subject matter expertise.  They will be happiest if they can be high-level managers of their business and focus on service delivery, rather than operating in the trenches of their own business.  They may wish to hire a CEO, CFO, and CMO sooner rather than later!

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