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Steve Nobel

Soul Matrix

Steve Nobel is a leader supporting the global community in this grand process of awakening, and expansion of consciousness. When you join his list you get access to a prolific body of work including energy healing techniques, meditations, interviews and ebooks covering the topics of ascension, global change, consciousness, energy hygiene and healing, psychic protection, starseeds and SO much more.

Jennifer Mizel

Return of the Sacred

Teacher, writer, and founder of Return of the Sacred, guides others through the process of soul awakening by helping them to connect to their creative potential and Soul Essence.

She dedicates herself to being a conduit of Truth, Wisdom, and Remembering, believing that we become a force for global change, when we awaken to, and embody our, own, True Nature. Throughout her work she demonstrates how the forces of nature can be our greatest allies and teachers, and when we attune to the flow of the earth and larger cosmic rhythms, we connect to the greater, Universal whole. Currently she’s working on her upcoming book Aether: Excursions into the Akashic Field to be released Winter of 2019. To inquire about setting up a private session or classes, click here:

  Return of the Sacred

Kara Goss

Multidimensional Soul Light

We are multidimensional in nature, and many are now awakening to the truth of this. We are blessed to experience this time of great awakening upon the planet, a time where many are directly connecting and experiencing higher levels of conscious awareness within. Now is the time to return back to our divinity, our oneness with all things. To heal the wounds within to reveal all the love and beauty that has always been within, discovering our authentic self, facing our pain and shadows in the light of unconditional love and knowing the power we all hold within. NOW is the time to unite as we step into the reality of Unity, Sovereignty, and Unconditional Love that is HERE and NOW.


 Palm Reading, Rune Divination, Energy Healing through Reiki

Aris Zaffer


Local Energy Healing

Albuquerque / Rio Rancho, New Mexico

Ann Landis

Shamanic Services

  • Chakra Clearing and Balancing, Energy Clearing and Energy Disconnect, Home and Space Clearing.

  • Call 505-459-7430

Jean Dominguez

Shamanism and Classes in Shamanism

Higher Self 

Your Healing Journey  is a Sacred Journey

Core Synchronism, Unwinding, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Polarity, licensed massage therapist.

Jackie is an intuitive and creative therapist using a variety of gentle modalities. She uses healing modalities that work with the Divine Self to Heal and Relax your Soul

Jackie is a graduate of the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics.  

Jackie Johnson TEXT 505.263.7882 BY APPOINTMENT ONLY  

425 University Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM. Located inside St. Thomas of Canterbury Episcopal Church                                           



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