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More About Me

Intuitive Counselor

A lot of people ask what I do. Until recently I would answer,"I am a Psychotherapist." Now when people ask it is hard to explain what I do. 

 I walk in two worlds at the same time;  the physical and the non-physical.  I am a Medium, Empath and Intuitive. 

Most people are not familiar with the Akasha or the Akashic Records. I have the ability to interact with the Akasha and access a persons record.  I have taken classes from Andrrea Hess and I am Certified in Soul Realignment.  I have taken many of her advanced classes as well.  I also work with Steve Nobel of The Soul Matrix.  I take Akashic Aether Classes with Jennifer Mizel of Return to the Scared. For more about these teachers, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Am I psychic? Sometimes. Can I read peoples minds? No, I read people's energy.  Can I predict the future?  No, but I can use the Akasha to predict a persons future based on all the choices they are making and what they are aligning themselves to.