More About Me

Intuitive Counselor

Holding the light for others to walk into a sacred space of awakening to the power of love, light, abundance in the truth of who we are at our core of this human experience. 

I am a trained, licensed and certified counselor.  I combine Psychology, Shamanism and Spirituality.  I walk in two worlds at the same time;  the physical and the non-physical.  I am a Medium, Empath and Intuitive.  

Classes and Techniques I am trained in for the purposes of Spiritual Healing and Transformation:

Carolyn Myss

Sacred Contracts Certificate Program

Sandra Ingerman: 

Shamanic Journeying

Anderrea Hess: 

Soul Realignment Advanced Practitioner, Level I, II, III,

Vital Force Mastery,

Reading the Future in the Akashic Records,

Reading the Manifesting Blueprint,

 Reading Akashic Records for Business,

Akashic Records for Financial Abundance

Steve Nobel Star Shaman

Shamanism, Advanced Journeying for Healing.

Clearing and Releasing Negative Karmic agreements form the body =

Akashic Records Reading and Clearing

Jennifer Mizel

Ambassador of the Akasha: 

Akashic Aether Readings level 1 and 2

Sandra Taylor

Reading and Rewriting the Akashic Records

Radleigh Valentine:

Certified Angel Oracle

Certified Angel Tarot Reader

Angels and Aura’s