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Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides are a group of Souls who have agreed to assist us in creating our experiences here on the Earth. We have different groups of Souls that assist us that we can call Guides, Helpers, Angels, Teachers, and Masters. The Spirit Guides we are going to focus on in this booklet, are not relatives and are not people we knew in previous incarnations. We can at times receive guidance from relatives and ancestors, our Soul Tribe and Soul Group. It is easier at times to just refer to all assisting us in the unseen realms as our team in Spirit,

Spirit Guides are Souls that have incarnated on planet Earth and are familiar with the human experience. They provide us with an endless flow of guidance and inspiration. Each of us has Spirit Guides that can be considered “ours” for the duration of this incarnation. These are the Guides that we have chosen to assist us on a daily basis. You can think of Spirit Guides as loving nonjudgmental Souls we can go to for advice. They add their unique perspective and expertise from spending many lifetimes on Earth.

Spirit Guides have the ability to interact with the Spiritual plane and assist us with making our intentions reality. They assist us in manifesting our vision into our physical reality. When it comes to manifesting, it is important to state your intentions out loud, and then realize your guides are assisting you with vibrational alignment to bring your intentions to you.

Why would a Soul decide to become a Spirit Guide?

Spirit Guides are studying karma through the choices we make. A Spirit Guide can study choice and consequence without accumulating any karmic consequences. These Souls choose to experience themselves as Guides because it gives them the opportunity to study creation and Divine Self-expression on the physical plane without incarnating into a physical body and therefore not incurring karma. Our Spirit Guides are always trying to help us to align to who we are at Soul Level through the choices we make. Who we are at Soul level is the definition of Divine Self-expression. Alignment to our Divine Self-expression is also alignment to our Divine Soul Blueprint. When we make choices in our daily life, these choices either align to our Divine Soul Blueprint, and are positive choices, or they do not align to who we are at Soul level, and we put blocks into our ability to access Vital Force Energy. Blocks in our flow of energy from Divine Source are always caused by a negative choice. Negative choices are any choices that are not in alignment to who we at Soul level.

Inner Circle Spirit Guides

The Spirit Guides that are assigned to you currently for this lifetime are divided into two groups: The Inner Circle and the Outer Circle of Guides. Your Inner Circle of Guides are your very own personal assistant Spirit Guide team, exclusively assigned to assist you in this lifetime. They are guiding only you and are with you 24 hours a day. Your Inner Circle of Guides are around you all the time and have a history of living life on Earth. Usually, there are four to six guides present in your Inner Circle. These Spirit Guides assist us in the small day to day details throughout this lifetime. Our Spirit Guides are Souls with specific Energy Centers/Divine Soul Gifts and come from different Soul Groups. We hire them based on these gifts and traits.

Inner Circle Spirit Guides work on your behalf by sending out the energy of your intentions into the Universe. They will call upon other Guides for additional temporary assistance when needed. Spirit Guide teams are well organized and manage our interactions with the spiritual realm to vibrationally align us with our intentions.

Our Higher Self sends out a vibration of energy that aligns us to a guide. The Higher Self then agrees to work with this Spirit Guide as part of a team. This is how our Spirit Guide team is formulated. We are born with at least one Spirit Guide, a Main Guide, who is assigned to us for all of our incarnations. This is a birth to death guide and helps us to transition in and out of incarnations. The remainder of our Spirit Guide team is acquired throughout our childhood and young adulthood. The second Spirit Guide comes in to work with us around age 4-6, a third Guide around 8-10, a fourth Guide around 12-14, and a fifth Guide around age 16-20. After the last permanent Spirit Guide is acquired, we can hire temporary guides that come and go as needed. Our Inner Circle Spirit Guides are guiding us from a 5th dimensional perspective. As our Soul Vibration raises, so does the vibration of our Spirit Guide team.

Your Higher Self is the decision-maker when it comes to hiring your Spirit Guide team. As you grow and spiritually progress, your Spirit Guide team also advances with you. Our Spirit Guide teams are usually complete between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five. From time to time, we might add an additional permanent Spirit Guide later in life when we have dedicated ourselves to a specific path.

After our Inner Circle team is completed, and we decide to create something new, our Higher Self will recruit a temporary guide to help us. If we stop making new choices and stop creating new experiences, we will lose all of our Spirit Guides except the “Main” Spirit Guide because we don’t need guidance if we are not creating new experiences. We can also lose guides if we keep making the same choices repeatedly. If there are no new choices, there is no need for guidance. Your “Main” guide will always be with you until your death.

Inner Circle Special Assignment Guides

From time to time, you may find a “special assignment” guide on a team. These are temporary members of the Inner Circle, assigned for a specific purpose. For example, if you decided to write a book, you may need a special assignment guide with a Soul gift of Communication on your team. If you are going through a physical illness, you may have a special assignment guide to help you with healing. We don’t need to request an assignment Guide. Our Higher Self simply hires them as needed.

Inner Circle Negative Disruptive Spirit Guides

When we are going through life, we may have to deal with a negative or traumatic situation, and to get through this situation, we hire a Spirit Guide. This Guide then uses a “mechanism” to help us get through the situation. These situations don’t have to be traumatic, such as physical or sexual abuse, it may be a situation such as being bullied, parents fighting or divorcing, or losing someone we love. The Guide is not actually a negative Being, but is a Spirit Guide we hired to help us to get through a negative situation, and then never left the team. Unfortunately, the guide continues to tell us to use the same mechanism over and over again. This mechanism the Guide is telling us to use is actually negative and not in alignment to who we are at Soul Level.

It is actually common to have one negative Spirit Guide, but you can have two or more negative Guides on your team, and in very rare circumstances, the entire Spirit Guide team can be negative!

In some instances, we can be born with a negative disruptive Spirit Guide. If you die with a negative disruptive guide, then the last guide you hired before your death, was hired due to a negative situation in your life. This is not the same as the “Main” Guide that is with you in all of your incarnations. If we die in our last life with a negative Spirit Guide, then it will follow us into this life as negative Spirit Guide. We start in this life where we left off in our last life. Whatever the karmic pattern is when we die, we continue with that karmic pattern when we are born.

A negative guide can be in any position on your team. In an Akashic Records Clearing, I look for a Negative Spirit Guide and ask your Spirit Guide team and beings of light, truth, harmony and love to have them transitioned off the team.

The Outer Circle

The Outer Circle of Guides are very busy as they are working with more than one person at a time. There are seven guides present in your Outer Circle, each in charge of a specific general area of your life. The Outer Circle is made up of much older souls with many lifetimes of spiritual life experience on the Earth to draw upon. They are not involved in the small details of our everyday lives. Your Inner Circle assists in your day-to-day life and interacts with your Outer Circle on your behalf as needed. When we get to know the Guides in the Outer Circle, and what their gifts are, it helps us to know what we may want to focus on in specific life areas. The Outer Circle sees the bigger picture and gives the small steps to achieve this vision to our inner guide team to relay to us. They do not give the small steps to us. They give us the bigger picture of our life.

Here is the outline of your Outer Circle of Spirit Guides:

Chief Guide – coordinates your Inner and Outer Circles, as well as our spiritual masters, teachers and “special assignment” guides. He’s the manager in charge, in working with our Higher Self.

Gatekeeper – oversees opening your Soul-level memory files at the appropriate times. He oversees the collection of your experiences and knowledge over lifetimes, and on presenting you with the path appropriate with your purpose for this current lifetime.

Timing Guide – works closely with the gatekeeper and oversees creating the timing of the most appropriate experiences for you.

Karmic Technician – is responsible for helping you shift negative karmic patterns into congruence to your Divine Self-expression.

Creative Guide – facilitates talents and connects you to beauty and aesthetics. The area of specialty of this guide can give us clues as to your creative talent.

Your Astral Guide – accompanies and guides you during your astral (sleep) time and helps you transition appropriately

Guardian Angel- is your bodyguard and is best left alone! We really don’t want to distract him!

What Your Guides Don’t Do

Your Spirit Guides don’t know about anyone else’s life. Our own personal team of Spirit Guides knows all about our lives – and has no guidance for other people. Your Spirit Guides are not the boss of you. They will never tell you what to do, ever. Guidance is what they offer. Your Spirit Guides operate solely based on your intentions for your life. Whether your intentions are conscious or unconscious, authentic, on purpose, or not ... your Guide team’s job is to guide you based on your intentions. This is called Free Will. We are solely responsible for and sovereign within our experience! We cannot receive guidance based on what we do not want. Guides can only offer guidance based on your intentions. This, again, makes it incredibly important to consciously set intentions by saying them out loud or writing them down every day. If you don’t want to say something out loud, ask yourself why?

How Spirit Guides Communicate

Our Spirit Guides do not operate from a place of Ego. They are patient, kind, loving and will bring information to you in as many ways as you need. You can question them, disagree with them, not believe them and they will still be there to assist you. They are here for you and have unconditional love and always understanding. If at any time the message becomes “you have to” stop the communication and ask your team of guides and Angels to remove the energy speaking to you as it is Not Your Spirit Guide. Our Spirit Guides communicate with us through signs and synchronicities. Ask your guides to bring you information from multiple sources. They will use numbers on a clock, advertisements on television, social media, videos on You tube. Spirit Guides will use music to get your attention. They will change songs on the radio, etc. Whatever sources you are currently using; guides will bring information to you in these ways. I have had an urge to go to a store, just to see an advertisement posted on the wall, that will then lead me to a class. When you begin to trust your inner guidance, without question, the guidance will come to you more often. Most of the time, we do not understand the “why” until after we have made a choice to physically act on this inner guidance. Ask for signs and your Guides will bring them to you: butterflies, a certain type of bird, a feather on the ground when you are taking a walk.

· Synchronicities: Spirit Guides will send you signs through meaningful coincidences · Numbers: Seeing the same number pattern over and over can be a sign. · Dreams: Spirit guides will send messages through your dreams. · Symbols They can send you a sign through meaningful symbols. · Messengers: Spirit guides communicate through people, animals, written word, pictures, etc. · Intuition: Spirit guides give you a sense about things and guide you through your personal instincts.

Working with your Team in Spirit

When you can learn to work with your teams in Spirit, they can guide you towards your highest path and purpose for this incarnation. We all need a meaningful and purpose filled life to create a life of happiness and abundance. That does not in any way mean that we have to be in service to others. But when we are creating a meaningful life, full of purpose, we actually are in service. By following our bliss, by living those experiences we came here to create for ourselves, we raise our vibration, and therefore the vibration of the planet.

Think for a moment the difference between being in a room next to a happy person vs a mad, sad, or unhappy person. Now, which person’s energy feels better to be in a room with? This is an example of how your energetic shift into happiness can change the vibration of a room and change the vibration of others. Just by shifting into alignment with your authentic soul level self, which is your Divine Self-expression, you create happiness, joy, and love for your life. This is the unconscious shift that is needed to change the world. So essentially, your highest path and purpose is a life of happiness and abundance. This is what your team in Spirit is here to guide you toward.

This is a sample from my booklet on Spirit Guides that was included in the monthly subscription box. Watch for a download of the entire booklet coming soon.

Love and Blessings


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