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What is the Higher Self?

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Your Higher Self is the part of you that remembers who you were before coming into this physical experience. It is outside of space and time and is always trying to align us to our self expression. It is your intuition. Instinct. That gut feeling. Your inner guidance system, your compass.

When we are born onto this Earth we agree to forget. We forget our Divine Soul nature. We forget the gifts and qualities our Soul developed before it was ever in a physical body. We are now in a time of Soul Remembering.

Your Higher Self is outside of time. It sees about 3 months or more into the future and knows where your current choices are leading you. Because we have freewill and we are constantly changing our minds, this changes future outcomes.

Imagine just in the past day how you planned on doing something and changed your mind. Your Higher Self has to replan accordingly.

Because your Higher Self knows your immediate future, you will have this little inner knowing or intuition. You will take a different direction, thereby avoiding a car wreck or traffic jam.

By setting an intention or a goal, your Higher Self knows what you are wanting to align to. Alignment is the same as using a bow and arrow. You line up your arrow to your target and it goes in the direction you are aiming it.

When my clients begin working on connection to their Higher Self, I tell my clients start small. Set the intention of a great parking space. It's always exciting to find a great spot to park. Then use your intuition, not your logic to find the parking spot.

Rule 1: Always listen to your Higher Self or it will stop talking to you.

Rule 2: Connecting to your Higher Self is how you begin Remembering who you were before this physical experience. It is a relationship with yourself. Your Higher Self is YOU.

Rule 3: Set intentions often. Set them daily. You can set the same ones every day. Successful Entrepreneurs write their goals down everyday.

So go give it a try and eveytime you get that great parking spot say "Thank you me for creating this."

In a Soul Profile reading, I measure how connected you are to your Higher Self both consciously and unconsciously.

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