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Spiritual Awakening and Ascension Symptoms

The Channeled Message for August 2021, “As the energy intensifies, Angels are here to assist us in the integration of the light into our luminous energy bodies. Our light bodies are upgrading at this time to hold more of the flame of eternal source. This will change us at the level of our genetic code and create a crystal light body. The light is here to illuminate the darkness that is going to increase its known presence on the earth plane.” Energy clearing work is going to be essential in the coming months. These energies can trigger the fight or flight response, especially in those with trauma. August is the time of the Lions Gate, which brings an intense clearing light to the planet and our bodies, light codes, and the Sirius Lion Energy.

The awakening process is difficult and can make you feel physically, mentally and emotionally uncomfortable, and possible, miserable. Awakening is a time of great change. The old falls away to bring in the new. You will begin to awaken your true spiritual nature, and your ego is going to fight you all the way there. Your Soul begins to remember, but your mind does not. The path is simply embodiment of Mind, Body, Heart and Soul. Most religions mistake enlightenment as the path, transcending the Ego. The only truth is our Soul is here to expand. Creation is expansion. Just like the Universe is always expanding, this is the only purpose of our Divine nature. We are an extension of the Divine, and the Divine experiences itself through us. Unfortunately, the awakening process does not usually feel Divine. It can be physically and emotionally uncomfortable or painful. However, once you are awake, you cannot go back to sleep. To get through you must move through. There are no short cuts to Spiritual growth. We are bring called to hold a higher light. To do this we must clear out anything holding us back. You must forgive anyone and everyone you have not forgiven and deal with your emotional and physical trauma. The work is to change your inside world. The outside world is a mirror of your inside world. When you change who you are inside, your outside world changes. Remember, we are magnets for emotional energy. If you are feeling disempowered, the universe will align you to disempowerment.

Energetic Symptoms/Ascension Symptoms Energetic symptoms can make you feel like you have the Flu. When you go for an Energy Clearing, you may feel physically sick for a day or two as the negative energy leaves you body. Always Rule Out Physical Causes First.

Aches & Pains Headaches Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) Heightened Physical and Emotional Sensitivity Physical and Emotional Sensitivity around other people Sensitivity to noise Fluctuating Temperature, Hot Feet, Hands, and or Face Heart Palpitations Changes in Appetite Lethargy / Low Energy Changing Sleep Patterns Vertigo or Dizziness Bursts of Energy Running through You Body Tingling Sensations Quickly Shifting from Joy and Love to Depression and Despair Intense Dreams/ Unusual Sleep Patterns Changing Relationships

Energy maintenance: Gentle yoga, energy healing sessions with other practitioners, drinking plenty of water, and eating healthy protein. Try a protein shake with berries, fruit, chocolate or Green Matcha tea powder. Meditation, sleep, relaxing. A lot of time outdoors, lots of sun light and fresh air.

Angel Prescription for

Archangel Michael Archangel Jeremiel Archangel Haniel Archangel Sandalphon

Angels are here to assist in this time of spiritual growth, emotional healing, energetic hygiene, spiritual levels of awakening, tapping into higher levels of consciousness and are the Spiritual support team that’s always in the wings, helping you get there. Surround yourself with them every morning. Place these Angels around you with two in the front of you leading the way, and two behind you. Archangel Michael front right, Archangel Jeremiel to the front left, Archangel Haniel back right, Archangel Sandalphon back left.

Archangel Michael

• Archangel Michael is the angel that removes our fear. People believe he is a warrior protector Angel. Michael reminds us that we are our own Warrior! Michael brings an energy that helps you to develop more strength and courage. Michael is an electric blue or a deep royal blue. He carries a sword of light that can cut through any situation. Ask Michael to help you feel safe and protected, to release you from fear of the unknown, to assist you in letting go of the past, and letting go of situations.

Spirit Guide Assistance

You have to ask daily for spirit guides and angels to assist you and they will assist you in any way they can. They cannot assist you in things you asked them not to assist you with before you came in to this incarnation. You may need to unrestricted any limitations or restrictions you put on them before this life. You also may have decided not to trust the unseen Realms since you had to forget everything before you incarnated into this physical body. Energies can be tricky and not all beings in the unseen Realms are here to assist you. Working with Angels and Spirit Guides is like anything else in life. You need to develop a relationship with them for your Ego to trust. If a total stranger knocked on your door and said “Hi, my name is Michael and I am here to help you.” You would not take them up on their offer. You would want to get to know them better. It is the same with the helpers on your team. They are loving, have nothing but patience, and will never be offended. If they are offended, they are not of the highest light and you need to send them away.

The Luminous Energy Subscription Box for this month of August 2021 has an oil, body mist, as well as other items to help with the ascension symptoms. It contains affirmations, medications, and a candle and crystal to assist in anchoring your energy. You can find this limited item in the Soul Essence Store under the Menu tab.

Love, Light and Blessings

Angela Zaffer

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