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Why Money is a Part of a Meaningful and Purpusefilled Life

If you were 85 yrs old looking back on life, what would you see? What would you be sad you didn't do?

What would be those things you feared doing and wish you had? How much money would you heed to create the life you want? No one ever adds the money part to the "Deathbed" Question!

Most people tell me

"I don't have enough money."

"I need more money" and

" I wish I could win the lottery."

But rarely do people have an exact description of the life they are wanting to have. It's just a very generalized vision......Nice house, safe neighborhood.

People never like to say "I want more money." Say the following statement outloud....I Love Money! Did you feel uncomfortable? Where did you feel the discomfort? Who in life would be judging you for saying this?

Why is this important?

We live in a world where we need money to create our vision. We need money to create the life we want. We need money to flow to create a meaningful life full of purpose.

1. Money flows where there is vision and purpose

You always need to have a vision of what you want,. Know where you are going or you will feel stuck with no momentum.....

Next focus on the emotional state this vision will create for you.

Then begin focusing on the WHY this vision is purposeful or how this will vision will enhance your life, enhance the life of your family or other people or how will this create meaningful change.

2. We create and manifest life with emotions, not with thoughts. Have clarity on your vision and then be able to emotionally connect with it to nurture your vision.

3. Creating isn't about having or doing. It's about giving yourself permission to be ALL that you can be.

4. Give yourself permission to have what your Soul truly desires.

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