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Akashic Clearing: Past Life Traumatic Death

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This is a unique way to clear the body of past life issues that have been brought forward into this lifetime. This is based a variation of the Emotional Freedom Technique, Spiritual Freedom Technique and Tapping on Chakras to release energy. Past life agreements are stored in different places, Akashic Records, the physical body, and subtle body energy system. By tapping on the 7th, chakra, the 4th chakra and the 3rd chakra, the agreements can begin to release from body. We have all suffered in past lifetimes. The pain and suffering do not go away when we incarnate again. The memories of the trauma are stored in our Soul Blueprint and Soul Memory System. After the Soul integrates into the physical body, these become imprinted into the systems of the Physical and Subtle Energy Body. This technique clears agreements from the energy system of the body, not from the upper levels of the Soul Blueprint. Think of clearing agreements as clearing layers of an onion. Trauma, disease and death that occurs in a past life are imprinted into the Soul Blueprint at different dimensional levels. They lay dormant in the body until something triggers the issue and brings it to the surface. Triggers can be a person, a place or a similar situation to the original experience. A trigger can be anything that feels similar to the past life in which the trauma occurred. We also have what I call an energetic magnet that draws patterns into our experience over and over again.

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