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Akashic Records

Unlock the Mysteries of Your Soul,
Transform Your Life

Angela Zaffer
Medium & 
Energy Healer

You have heard the call of your Soul to begin the journey of Healing, Awakening &Transformation

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and healing? 


Then it is time to unlock the secrets of your soul and create the life you've always desired. 

What Are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are the ethereal library of your soul, holding the collective wisdom of all your experiences across lifetimes. These records are like the universe's archives, a divine source of knowledge that provides profound insights into your soul's journey, purpose, and potential. Imagine having access to a boundless source of guidance, clarity, and healing—a place where you can find answers to life's most profound questions, understand your soul's path, and unlock the power to create your best life. That's the magic of the Akashic Records.

Transformation Through the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are more than just a cosmic encyclopedia. They are a gateway to personal transformation and spiritual evolution. Here's how they can be used to help you on your journey:

1. Gain Profound Insights

Delve deep into your soul's history and discover the patterns and lessons that have shaped your life. The Akashic Records offer profound insights into your past, present, and future, helping you make informed decisions and understand the underlying causes of challenges you may be facing.

2. Clear Energetic Blockages

Identify and release energetic blockages, fears, and limitations that may be holding you back. The Akashic Records provide a sacred space for healing and growth, allowing you to release what no longer serves you and open the door to transformation.

3. Empower Your Spiritual Journey

Connect with your higher self and spiritual guides to receive guidance, support, and wisdom. The Akashic Records are a direct line to the spiritual realm, empowering you to navigate life's challenges with confidence and purpose.

4. Create Your Desired Reality

Rewrite the script of your life. With the guidance of the Akashic Records, you have the power to rewrite your soul's contract, aligning it with your true desires and goals. This transformational process empowers you to manifest the life you've always dreamed of.

Your soul's wisdom and transformation await. Let's embark on this magical journey together.  Book Your Akashic Records Session Today

Are you seeking profound transformation, healing, and spiritual insight? Look no further than Angela Zaffer, your trusted guide into the world of energy healing and Akashic Records.

 Angela Zaffer:

Angela Zaffer is a gifted energy healer, and trained psychotherapist, with a passion for helping individuals tap into their full potential. With years of experience and a deep connection to the spiritual realm, Angela specializes in reading, clearing, and rewriting the Akashic Records. Her mission is to empower you to heal, evolve, and live a life aligned with your true purpose.

What is done in an Akashic Records Reading?  

🌟 Akashic Records Readings: Gain access to the ancient library of your soul. Angela will provide you with profound insights, answers, and clarity from your Akashic Records, helping you understand your life's purpose, past lives, and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. We can explore your relationships to other people as well as why you feel blocked in certain areas of your life.  

🌟 Akashic Records Clearing: Release the energetic blockages that may be holding you back. Angela's gentle and powerful energy-clearing techniques will help you understand and move past negative patterns, fears, and limitations, allowing you to embrace your true potential.

🌟 Akashic Records Rewriting: Rewrite your life story. Angela will guide you through a transformative process of rewriting your Akashic Records, empowering you to create a future filled with abundance, love, and joy.

What is a Soul Essence Reading and Clearing?

Unlock the Essence of Your Soul with a Soul Essence Reading and Clearing 

Are you ready to embark on a profound journey of self-discovery and spiritual transformation? A Soul Essence Reading and Clearing is your key to unlocking the deepest layers of your soul, revealing your true essence, and aligning with your highest potential.

A Soul Essence Reading is a deep extraordinary exploration into the very fabric of your being. It's a journey into the depths of your soul, where the secrets of your past, present, and future are unveiled. This personalized reading delves into your Akashic Records—the energetic records of your soul's journey through lifetimes.

Through this process, you will gain profound insights into:

🌟 Your Soul's Origin: Discover where your soul originates from and the unique gifts and qualities it carries.

🔒 Energetic Blocks: Identify and understand the energetic blocks and restrictions that may be hindering your growth and fulfillment.

🌌 Karmic Patterns: Uncover karmic patterns and lessons from past lifetimes that are influencing your current life experiences.

🌟 Soul Purpose: Clarify your soul's purpose and how it relates to your current life path.

The Power of Clearing

Once the reading reveals the intricacies of your soul's journey, the clearing process begins. Energetic blockages and negative patterns that have accumulated over lifetimes are identified and released. This clearing process is a profound healing experience, liberating you from the limitations that have held you back.

As a result of a Soul Essence Reading and Clearing, you can expect:

✨ Greater Clarity: Gain a clearer understanding of your life's purpose and direction.

💖 Emotional Healing: Experience emotional healing as old wounds and traumas are released.

🌟 Empowerment: Feel empowered to make choices that align with your soul's essence.

🌌 Manifestation: Improve your ability to manifest your desires and create the life you want.

🌟 Spiritual Growth: Deepen your connection to your spiritual path and inner wisdom.

Ready to Transform Your Life?

Contact us today to schedule your Soul Essnce Reading and Clearing session. Your soul's journey to alignment, healing, and transformation awaits.

Why Choose Angela Zaffer:

🔮 Experience: Angela has helped hundreds of individuals unlock their inner potential and achieve profound healing through her energy healing and Akashic Records expertise. She has taught classes at the local and national level on Spirituality, Soul Alignment, and Manifesting an Abundant Life.

🌿 Holistic Approach: Angela believes in treating the whole person – mind, body, and soul. Her holistic approach ensures that you receive comprehensive healing and guidance.

🌌 Spiritual Connection: Angela has a deep connection to the spiritual realm and a profound understanding of the Akashic Records, allowing her to provide you with accurate and transformative insights.

Transform Your Life Today:

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and spiritual growth? Angela Zaffer is here to guide you. Take the first step towards a brighter future by booking a session with Angela today.


FREE:  In the programs section of this website, there are free do-it-yourself energetic clearing techniques.


STORE:  I create items to assist you on your Spiritual Journey.  Crystals are great for clearing and protecting energy, as well as aligning you to your intentions.  Check out the NEW Pendulums and Pendulum Necklaces.  Check for my new line of 100% pure essential oils. 



Reviews and Testimonials


Soul Essence offers Energy Healing, Energy Clearing, and Spiritual Coaching.  By utilizing the information in your personal Divine Soul Blueprint, I can help you to reconnect to your highest self and bring clarity to your life. Discover a new level of inner awareness and become your most empowered self. 

Angela uses a multidimensional energetic clearing modality that clears your Akashic Records and removes agreements and contracts causing repeating patters.  

Old open book with magic light and falling stars on wooden table.jpg

Soul Essence Akashic Records Reading, Clearing, and Energetic Alignment

In this session I access your Akashic records to discover your Divine Soul Blueprint to discover the difference between your Soul when it first originated and where it is now.   In this reading, I look at your soul profile and your divine gifts, soul specialties and will discover your primary life lesson.  In the clearing work I look for very specific information in both past life and current life to discover what is currently keeping you stuck, blocked or restricted from living your best possible life.  These blocks are then cleared:  Blocks to the flow of Vital Force Energy include Vows (sacrifice, poverty, silence, slavery, suffering, martyrdom, to give up all possessions and relationships). Negative Agreements, Contracts, Negative Unjustified Karma, Negative Spirit Guides, Earthbound Souls in your energy field, Tears in the Golden Web, and programs such as depression and or anxiety (as well as many of other programs).  I will then realign and reweave your Godspark to give you a boost in Manifesting abilities.   I repair and clear the Soul Memory System,  and upgrade the energy to create positive patterns in alignment with the Souls Blueprint

Sessions are through Zoom unless you request otherwise.  

What is Spiritual Coaching?


Spiritual coaching is a unique service that helps you to uncover your true purpose in life, and to create a life that is in alignment with your Soul.  Through one-on-one sessions with a Angela Zaffer, you can gain clarity, insight, and direction on your journey to discovering your true self. Spiritual coaching can help you gain a deeper understanding of your spiritual nature and provide the guidance and support you need to create a life of meaning, purpose and fulfillment.

All coaching sessions involve the use of the Akashic records.  They also include a reading of your Soul Group, Soul Strengths and Soul Challenges.

Spiritual Coaching

If you are feeling overwhelmed, confused to your path, or experiencing a Spiritual Awakening,, then Spiritual Coaching is the perfect service for you. Through Spiritual Coaching I help highly sensitive people to learn energy clearing techniques and remove negative energy from their body.  I then assist you in creating a life of love, joy and abundance, so you can live your life to the fullest.


Highly Sensitive Empath Coaching

As a highly sensitive Empath, I understand how difficult this path can become.  I can work with you to move through the emotional and/or physical pain you are experiencing.  if you are an empath and need assistance, book a session today.  

An empath is a person highly attuned to the feelings and emotions of those around them. Their ability to discern what others are feeling goes beyond empathy (defined simply as the ability to understand the feelings of others) and extends to actually taking those feelings on; feeling what another person is feeling at a deep emotional level.

Dark Night of the Soul and Spiritual Awakening

I have been through and understand the Dark Night of the Soul and offer spiritual coaching to help you through it. My sessions are designed to provide support, guidance, and resources to help you navigate the physical, mental, and spiritual pain associated with this difficult period. i strive to empower you on your journey towards self-discovery and healing.

All Session through Zoom, unless you are in the area and want to come in person.

Find Resolution
Technique to Resolve Trauma, Grief,
Anxiety, and Stress

one-on-one session

As a trained trauma informed therapist, I use a combination of scientifically backed techniques such as, EMDR, Internal Family Systems, and Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT). Additionally, I incorporate the Akashic Records with Energy Healing Techniques in order to provide a holistic approach to healing emotional wounds and assist in resolving the Trauma and PTSD. By using the higher dimensional spirit guides, you can heal core Soul Wounds that keep you from living an amazing life.

While we cannot forget traumatic memories, we can heal them, so these memories no longer inform your thoughts, emotions, and choices.  This can take more than a one-hour session. It depends on the issue and the culmination of trauma from your present life.

Book One Spiritual Coaching Session or 5 discounted sessions.

Sessions through Zoom unless you live in the area.

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The Spiritual path can be both difficult and rewarding. My Luminous Essence Store has products to assist you on your Spiritual Journey.  I make handcrafted pendulums to connect to your higher self and team in Spirit, to all natural essential oils.  There is also a FREE video on pendulum dowsing.

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Angela Zaffer, MA, LPCC

Intuitive Counseling & Psychotherapy

"Holding the light for others to walk into a sacred space of healing.  I assist others in awakening to the power of love, light and in the truth of who we are at the core essence of this human experience. I have been on a long journey that has not been very magical.  Like a lot of other Star Seeds, my Soul chose a tough journey to learn, grow and expand consciousness. " 

Angela has been dealing with Dark Shadow Energy since she was a teenager.  Her Soul has chosen to study and engage with the Shadow energy that has been dominating the Earth. Angela Decided to learn how to empower her self and take classes in Spirtuality and Metaphysics to learn how to deal with energy herself, instead of hiring Shamans to do it for her. 

"This path has taught me to find my power, stand in my truth, and disallow the negative shadow energy to pull me away from the truth of who I am at the level of my Soul and with the energy of the highest light. "

Angela is a trained, licensed and certified counselor.   She combines Psychology, Shamanism and Spirituality.    She is a Medium, Empath and Intuitive.  Most people are not familiar with the Akashic Field or the Akashic Records., but Angela has the ability to interact with the Akasha and access a person's Akashic Record.  

Angela is psychotherapist in private practice with over 20 years of experience. In her counseling practice she specializes in treating Anxiety and Trauma. Angela has MA in Counseling from Webster University and is a national board-certified clinical counselor (NBCC), and a licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in the state of New Mexico.

Angela has a Certificate in Spiritual Counseling.  She is an Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki practitioner and has studied Shamanism through Sandra Ingerman, Albert Villoldo of the Four Winds Society, and Steve Nobel of The Soul Matrix.  She is certified in Advanced Soul Realignment Level 3, and is Certified in Aether Akashic ReadingAngela has various training in the Akashic Records with Sandra Taylor and Linda Howe. She is also a Certified Angel Oracle from Radleigh Valentine (Angel Tarot), has a certificate in Archetypes and Sacred Contracts with Carolyn Myss, and a certificate in Divination from Harvad University's Prediction X: Omens, Oracles and Prophecies.   

Angela has had many classes from many different teachers through the years in Spirituality, Healing and Divination.

Sat on the Rocks

Sandra Ingerman

We are light and we came here to shine.  But most of us have forgotten our true nature as well as why we came here.  We were created from love and light and we are love and light.  It is our birthright to shine as fully in the world as we can.

Many of us have been taught at an early age not to shine too bright.  If we shine too bright no one will love us.  There can only be a few “stars” and it is not you.  Does this sound familiar?

Why can there only be a few stars here on earth?  I have never heard anyone say when looking up at the stars in the sky, “I wish that star wouldn’t shine so brightly it is outshining other stars”.  Why do we have that belief here?

It is time for all us to shine our light, which will reflect back the beauty of the night sky above us.  We need to find our shine again so that we can light up the dark places of the world.

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