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We are light and we came here to shine.  But most of us have forgotten our true nature as well as why we came here.  We were created from love and light and we are love and light.  It is our birthright to shine as fully in the world as we can.

Many of us have been taught at an early age not to shine too bright.  If we shine too bright no one will love us.  There can only be a few “stars” and it is not you.  Does this sound familiar?

Why can there only be a few stars here on earth?  I have never heard anyone say when looking up at the stars in the sky, “I wish that star wouldn’t shine so brightly it is outshining other stars”.  Why do we have that belief here?

It is time for all us to shine our light, which will reflect back the beauty of the night sky above us.  We need to find our shine again so that we can light up the dark places of the world.

Sandra Ingerman


Discover who you are through your Soul Profile.  Learn about your Soul Group and your Divine Soul Gifts.  Discover the Past Life Vows, Contracts and Agreements in your Akashic Record that may be holding you back.

Think of the Akashic Records as an energetic database that contains the entire history of your Soul.  During these sessions, I access information about your Soul from the Akashic Records.  I look for very specific information to uncover the Karmic energetic patterns, blocks and restrictions that need to be removed to achieve your soul desired inspiration's.

Sessions can be in person or be done remotely by either Zoom or Skype and all sessions can be recorded. 

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Soul Group of Origination and Soul Gifts

Soul Group of Origination-When the Soul comes into being, it comes forth with other souls and this becomes your Soul Family. Your Soul Family is a group of Soul's you incarnate with from life time to life time. Since a Soul is created with the same energy that creates Stars, the Soul Family is named after the Star System their Soul's were created in.  Star Seed Soul's come from outside the Milky Way while Earth Seed Soul's were created here in this Solar System.

Soul Gift(s) - Soul's are energy.  It doesn't matter what your belief is about the Soul.  There is an energy that is animating your body and this reading will tell you what that energy is and how when you are congruent with this energy, it is the key to manifesting results in your life.

Who you are at the core of your being, the Essence of your Soul from the moment it was originated at Divine Source.

This is an Akashic Reading of your Soul Profile.  This reading includes your information from your Soul Group of Origination.  You will discover the Energy of your Soul and your Divine Soul Gift(s) and how this impacts your ability to create the life you want.  You will also discover your Soul Vibration and how to raise this vibration. This reading does not include clearing work.

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Akshic Record Clearing of Agreements that are Creating Challenges in Your Life

Sometimes called The Book Of Life, the Akashic Records contain all the information there is to know about your Soul and it's journey since it's creation by source. In the first session we will begin the clearing work.  This work takes two to three sessions. Together we will clear the normal vows and contacts that most people have in their Akashic Record such as Vows of Poverty and Vows of Silence.

 Soul Realignment is an Akashic Records Clearing Modality that also offers insight into the root causes of negative patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior through accessing your Akashic Record.  

In this session I access your Akashic records to discover your Divine Soul Blueprint at the moment it was originated by Divine Source.  In this reading, I look at your soul profile and your Divine Gifts.  I look for very specific details to discover what is holding you back,  We all have negative karmic patterns through which we have created limitations for ourselves.
This is a highly energetic healing session that works on clearing the Divine Soul Blueprint.  In these sessions we clear the Divine Soul Blueprint of contracts and vows as well as other blocks and restrictions.  We then reweave, restore and realign the Godspark(s) for Vital Force Energy.  I will explain to you what is causing your Godspark(s) to break and how to keep your Vital Force Energy Flowing.  Please follow the link to the Soul Realignment page for more information on this amazing modality and all it offers.

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Unlock Abundance with Your Souls

Unique Design to Manifesting

Unlock abundance by learning more about how your soul has it's very own way it likes to  manifest.  This session discovers how your soul's essence has evolved and individuated itself from the moment of the soul's origination.  This is a map or blueprint of how your soul likes to create and express itself. How your soul creates a new result.

Removing and Clearing Earthbound Souls, Attaching Souls, Negative Energies and Entities

This is a clearing of your personal energy field removing Earthbound Soul's, Clearing Negative Thought Forms, and well as other energies that are in your Etheric field. This is usually all done remotely.  However there are sometimes exceptions to this rule.  With the help of the Archangels, Spirit Guides and my Guides in the Akasha, this work is usually done from the comfort of your space.  I will call you before and after this session as you do not need to be present.

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This session uses the Akashic Record of the Property to remove Earth Bound Souls, Negative Energies, etc.  This clearing also realigns the property to the vibration of it's property owner(s).  This is usually added on after a Soul Realignment Clearing.  A Soul Realignment raises a persons vibrational state and it helps if the property is aligned to the vibrational state of the owner.

Intuitive Counseling

  Lead a life that is worth celebrating

If you live within the State of New Mexico and you have insurance, this service can be provided and covered by most insurance plans,  If you live outside of the state of New Mexico, then this service is private pay only and will be considered  Intuitive Healing and Life Coaching.    

For more information go to: 

Angela Zaffer Counseling Solutions LLC

Wandering Traveler

Angela Zaffer

Intuitive Counseling

I am a psychotherapist in private practice for over 18 years. In my counseling practice I specialize in Anxiety, Depression and Trauma. I am a Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Practioner, I studied Shamanism through Sandra Ingerman,  Soul Realignment with Andrea Hess and Aether Akashic Reading with Jennifer Mizel.  Currently I am working with Steve Nobel through Soul Matrix.  


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