Soul Group

The Importance of Alignment to Your Soul Group of Origination

It's not just for curiosity that you should know your Soul Group of Origination.  Your Soul Group gives you more information on your soul's unique energy, the essence of your Soul, and another clue to your Soul Blueprint.  It is within this knowledge that we can unlock Abundance, Joy, Happiness.  When we alignment to our Soul Blueprint, we are able to access our vital force energy. When we do not align to our Soul Blueprint, we can create blocks to our Vital Force Energy.  

Your Soul Group of Origination is the second most important part of the Soul Blueprint. 

Our Soul’s are Created from Divine Source.  The first time we incarnate, our Soul goes to a star system that the Soul is most vibrationally aligned to.  This is why Soul Groups share Soul-level qualities. By knowing your Soul Group, you will have more information about how your Soul likes to express itself within this physical human experience here on Earth. Knowledge of your Soul group helps you further align to your Soul's Blueprint. Soul Groups display a set of characteristics that can be expressed in a functional or dysfunctional way within this human experience.  When we go against the Truth of who we are at Soul Level, we will express dysfunctional traits. Therefore all Soul Groups have functional and dysfunctional traits that are expressed.

Most people agree that Soul Groups can be divided into two groups.  Souls that originated here in the Milky Way Galaxy and Starseed's.  Soul Groups from the Milky Way are named after planets ( Earth, Maldec, and Mars) and Soul Groups that are located outside of the Milky way are named after star systems, with a few exceptions. Most Souls on here on Earth are Earther Souls.

Soul Group vs Soul Tribe

Your Soul Group is the group your Soul is most like vibrationally.  It is the group you are most like, the group you have incarnated with, and will eventually return to between lifetimes.  Your Soul Tribe is a group of various Starseed Souls you like incarnating with, and spending time with during your incarnations and in-between lifetimes. 

Starseed:  A Starseed is a “Star Traveler” Soul who originated in another Star System, Universe, or Parallel Dimension. If you are reading this, then you are a Starseed as you are aligned to reading this website.  

Starseed Soul Groups:  Souls from Mintaka, Polaris, Pleiades, Procyan, Sirius, Arcturus, Spica, Vega, Alpha Centauri, Hadar, and Draco.  Soul's may also belong to the “Blueprinter” group. This group is not defined by a physical location of origin but are travelers and energetic “engineers” of sorts. A few Souls also come here from a different galaxy Andromeda (Mission Realmers) and a parallel dimension (Parallels). 

Overtones and Underlays:  Every once in a while, Souls will present not only with their Soul group of origination, but also with an overtone or underlay of a second Soul group. Soul's can have one of these as they cannot have both!

An overtone means that a Soul has spent a great many incarnations in a star system that is NOT its origination ... to the point that it has begun identifying its Divine Soul Blueprint with that group as well. An underlay means that a Soul spent very little time in the star system of its origination, then moved on and now identifies with the Soul group it moved on to. When an overtone or underlay presents, chances are that the Soul works somewhat with the energetic characteristics of the overtone or underlay. 

Information provided from Andrrea Hess- Soul Realignment

Earther Souls


Earther Souls are grounded, practical individuals that are very comfortable in their physical experience. In fact, they are driven by comfort, safety and security as their primary goal! They have a strong relationship with this planet and may be interested in Earth healing energies and have a concern for our environment. They will also have a strong relationship with nature - being outside is balancing and important to them. 

The dysfunctional aspect of this Soul Group is complacency. 

They may become overly focused on physical comfort and safety to the point of stagnation. Earth Soul's will get attached to doing things the way they were always done, even when old systems, organizations and methods are not working anymore. The old saying, I, did it, my father did it and his father did it....and so you will do it that way too.  

Earther entrepreneurs will usually own and operate a business with a very tangible, practical focus. They will own carpet cleaning businesses, glass repair shops, restore cars (for the third energy center folks!) or be found in manufacturing. They may also be found in businesses related to preserving the planet, nature, working outdoors or with plants and animals, or as shamanic healers.  The drive behind building a business for an Earther Soul is definitely to make physical ife more pleasant. They can become somewhat materialistic. Earthers are extremely practical Souls, which helps them tremendously in business! They will take matters one step at a time. Occasionally, they may need help creating a bigger vision for themselves and their business. They may also be a bit short-sighted in terms of managing the growth of their business. They may take on more work than they can realistically handle.  Earthers are likely to run family businesses, or treat their employees like a family. This could be very positive or not, depending on whether it’s a very dysfunctional family! Earthers love preservation! Hence, they may also be very slow to respond to changes in the economy or the marketplace, they will get attached to doing things the way they were always done, even when old systems and methods are not working anymore. 

Maldecians are fabulous inventors and scientists and can be incredible innovators. However, they don’t have much of an interest in the “business” side of business and are happier as employees so that they can focus on their actual work, NOT the details of
running a business.


Mars is uninhabitable and Earth is tje most convenient place for Souls from Mars to express themselves. Souls from Mars are not very comfortable on this planet. They have a feeling of being misplaced and not belonging here. They often choose to shape their bodies based on this sense, and  choose to be slightly odd-looking.  Souls from Mars like a lot of structure and can be quite aggressive. Their soul group is one made of warriors and  is very male-dominant (there’s a reason we think of Mars as the God of War!) They may be drawn to military service. The dysfunctional aspect of this Soul Group is hiding from society. They may be the quiet bookkeeper in the back office, or the scientist working in the laboratory eighty hours a week.  As you already know, Martian Souls keep a low profile! They are usually too busy behind the scenes of a business to venture out much! Martians can be behind-the-scenes strategists and analysts, accountants, software developers, and other business-to-business support as long as they can stay in their office! Martians are uncomfortable managing others, and so as entrepreneurs usually are a one-person organization. Because of their lack of comfort with people, their businesses will usually thrive on referrals, or not thrive at all. Martians will do excellent work, even though they may be perceived as a bit odd.


Maldec was allegedly a planet that was destroyed.  Maldec was a warring civilization that disproportionately advanced themselves technically and mentally until they succeeded in literally blowing up their own planet.

Maldecians are very rare. They are extremely mentally gifted and have trouble with emotions. They are very deliberate decision-makers and tend to over-think their choices for fear of creating devastating consequences. They are gifted strategists and analysts. The dysfunctional aspect of this Soul Group is social awkwardness or anxiety because they do not relate to their emotions well.

Maldecians are the quintessential “mad scientists” of the entrepreneurial world. They are highly mental, which means they can come up with truly brilliant ideas. However, they are usually NOT the ones to implement these ideas.

Starseeds: Traveler Souls

Mintaka Orion The Water Planet

Mintaka is a star in the constellation of Orion's belt and it is known as the Water Planet Artuvia. Most Mintakans are drawn to this constellation and constantly look at it in the night sky. Mintaka has a very high vibration of unconditional love and was like a Paradise until it became uninhabitable.  They have a deep longing for home even though they cannot go back to their planet.  Mintakans have a very hard time with the amount of willful negativity on our planet. They do not understand choices to go to war, to hurt others, to lie or be mean. Their great gift is to see the positive potential in 

others, and this makes us feel extremely good about ourselves!

Mintakans can have rose-colored glasses on.  They focus on the positive side of life. The glass is always half-full and every cloud has a silver lining. They are often completely blind-sided by other peoples’ choices for negativity. They simply don’t understand these choices. Mintakans tend to invest themselves heavily in other people’s potential. They usually are everyone’s cheerleader and the person others turn to when they need to feel good about themselves. Mintakans need to develop greater discernment between someone’s potential, and the Truth of who they actually are, as evidenced by their choices and current consequences. Mintakans have a tendency to take on people as “projects.” This is especially true of Mintakan women in romantic relationships - they tend to pick partners based on who that person wants to become rather than who they are.  Mintakans tend to overestimate others. Most people actually never step into their potential, they just enjoy being in the energy of someone who upholds it for them. Mintakans can end up highly disillusioned and disappointed by others.  They give people four, five, or six chances, even when they are being heavily taken advantage of because they don’t expect negative choices from others. They must focus on embracing their own potential and actually leverage their ability to uplift others and bring out the best of them in a way that serves them, rather than exhausts them. The dysfunctional aspect of this Soul Group is depletion.

Mintakans have a relationship with water - they will love being around it and in it, but some Mintakans don’t like ‘dark water’ such as the dark ocean or a lake. On their home world, sun filtered through  to the bottom of a crystal clear ocean. Water is a very healing element for Mintakans, and being near it often fulfills that purpose. 

Mintakans take leaps of faith very easily and are hugely driven to help others step into their potential. Mintakans are found frequently in the entrepreneurial world. It is important to recognize that Mintakans are people-focused.  It’s not about “building a brand” or “building a business” but about people! Mintakans must allow themselves this focus in order for their business to be satisfying. Mintakans need lots of variety! They have to be able to offer new and different services or launch new and different projects every few months. Long-term projects are only satisfying to a Mintakan if there are a variety of very different phases involved. Again, Mintakans must give themselves permission to create a business that allows for variety and new-ness! A launch-based business is not a bad idea for a  intakan. Mintakans are not inherently “systematic” people. Their “business” may look very random from the outside, because they are always doing something new and different (if they’ve given themselves permission to do so) but strangely enough, it works for them. Mintakans don’t need to spend time developing things like “signature systems” or even business models. This means they must give themselves permission to break a lot of the rules of the entrepreneurial world, which talks a lot about setting up systems. Mintakans expand their business by reaching more people and expanding their centers of influence. They are quite natural marketers, because they are so people-oriented. Their business growth happens through lateral expansion. They may never need to raise their price points, for example, to grow their business. Mintakans must set clear boundaries in business. Because of their somewhat excessively positive focus, they will ignore negativity and be shocked if they are plagiarized, don’t get paid, are cheated in business deals, lied to, and so forth. The positive focus is, however, what draws people to a Mintakan business. Mintakans are people-centric, and so it’s no surprise that lots of Mintakans also do well to run a personality-driven business. They will do so reluctantly at first, because they are not at all self-centered in their work - they have a huge and very authentic desire to help others! Mintakans do better financially, however, when they allow themselves to step to the forefront of their entrepreneurial endeavor.


Polareans are our “true north” and they embody loyalty, constancy, and consistency.  They are the people we always count on to be there for us. Polareans stay in jobs, marriages, friendships, social groups and organization for years and years … sometimes far longer than is good for them. They can be loyal to a fault and need to learn to be loyal to themselves first. Polareans bring in the energies of oneness, wholeness and unity. They have a talent of creating these energies in groups - families, organizations, clubs, etc. They are the “glue” that hold us all together. Polareans love inclusivity. They love making decisions “in committee” with partners and co-workers, and love all aspects of “togetherness.” Polareans are slow to change their lives - they take a long time to consider big life changes. Once their mind is made up, however, they are a force to be reckoned with. Polareans don’t do well with slow, gradual, incremental transitions. Change is so hard for them that they are best served by making big changes all at once. 

The dysfunctional aspect of this Soul Group is stuckness. Polareans can become deeply entrenched in their current situation, their way of thinking, their habits, and even their plans! They can also stubbornly insist on pursuing a path that is clearly not going to serve them. Their ego can at times get stuck on a particular self-image, even if that self-image proves incongruent and unproductive time and again.  On the other hand, this can also give them the appearance of not wanting to step into leadership! 

Polareans need to be aware of their own leadership style, and know when to collaborate and when to take the helm. If they are new in business, the collaborative approach may lead to them being taken advantage of a bit, as a Polarean will want to make a decision WITH someone -including someone who wants to get paid or hired. Polareans do not always ecognize other people’s agendas in business. 

Polareans will not be all that comfortable as “solopreneurs.” They will be naturally drawn to finding partners.  They excel in roles where people are brought together - running mastermind groups, creating events and group coaching programs, and so forth. Polareans inspire trust and make others feel safe and supported. This is one of their greatest strengths. They will do incredibly well lending support to others - as event organizers, meeting planners, managing a sales team, etc.
As marketers and sales people, Polareans can do incredibly well because they create an atmosphere of team and collaboration right from the start. This can be incredibly magnetic when they are offering a service - they will make a prospective client feel both supported and empowered. Polareans have to realize that this is their particular marketing and sales style, so that they can give themselves permission to leverage these particular gifts. Polareans make their decisions slowly and very deliberately, weighing all options. They are also not all that likely to revise decisions that they’ve already made. This gives them great consistency and the ability to stay the course. On the other hand, they are slower to react when their decisions do not yield the desired results.

Polareans excel in many ways in the entrepreneurial realm - especially when it comes to bringing people together! Polareans are the “glue” that holds together teams. As leaders, they lead from the middle and allow other people to shine. They value collaborative decision-making (which can be good or bad, depending on who is collaborating!!) and really make their team members feel empowered.

On the other hand, this can also give them the appearance of not wanting to step into leadership! Polareans need to be aware of their own leadership style, and know when to collaborate and when to take the helm. If they are new in business, the collaborative approach may lead to them to being taken 

advantage of a bit, as a Polarean will want to make a decision WITH someone - including someone who wants to get paid or hired. Polareans do not always recognize other people’s agendas in business. Polareans will not be all that comfortable as "solopreneurs.”   They will be naturally drawn to finding partners. 

They excel in roles where people are brought together - running mastermind groups, creating events and group coaching programs, and so forth. Polareans inspire trust and make others feel safe and supported. This is one of their greatest strengths. They will do incredibly well lending support to others - as event organizers, meeting planners, managing a sales team, etc. As marketers and sales people, Polareans can do incredibly well because they create an atmosphere of team and collaboration right from the start. This can be incredibly magnetic when they are offering a service - they will make a prospective client feel both supported and empowered. Polareans have to realize that this is their particular marketing and sales style, so that they can give themselves permission to leverage these particular gifts. Polareans make their decisions slowly and very deliberately, weighing all options. They are also not all that likely to revise decisions that they’ve already made. This gives them great consistency and the ability to stay the course. On the other hand, they are slower to react when their decisions do not yield the desired results. Polareans value consistency, and need a fair amount of routine in how they operate their business. When they create partnerships, they need to do so with people who understand this need for routine, consistency, and deliberation and value it.


Pleiadeans are natural change agents. They are very active as visionaries, teachers and they are powerful communicators. They tend to be highly verbal people! Their motto is “just do it!” Pleiadeans are unafraid of change. In fact, they like to jump in with both feet, and FAST.  Pleiadeans have great vision and are “big picture” people. Often, their vision is so grand that it is highly impractical. Interim steps are tedious and cumbersome to a Pleiadean. They want to get to their ultimate goal in a single step, meaning they often never get started.

Pleiadeans love to communicate. Because they inspire others with their big vision, they excel at creating and leading a community. They are great

motivational speakers and writers. Pleiadeans are charismatic and charming, and frequently love being the center of attention. Pleiadeans are great visionaries and communicators, but detailed implementation is best delegated. They like to skip steps whenever possible and often sabotage their own creative process by going for the “quick fix” whenever possible.

The dysfunctional aspect of this Soul Group is manipulation.  In their desire to  go fast and skip the boring small steps, they use people as a resource - or as a shortcut - to get where they want to go. They have no problems elaborating the truth, or spinning a good story to get what they want from others. They have a way of justifying the means they use to get to their goals. Pleiadean Souls orient themselves negatively with great frequency.

They also have worked out a way to leave Earth for other star systems by executing a “karmic dump” and essentially convincing other Pleiadean Souls to take over their karma for completion here on our planet. If you find negative unjustified karma for a Pleiadean Soul, it is worth checking to see if the karma is actually their own, or if they agreed to take it on from another Pleiadean Soul.

The Pleiadeans are, of course, the great visionaries of the entrepreneurial and business world! They are inspiring team leaders and are very charismatic.
However, when Pleiadeans are starting out, their big vision can be very hindering to them ... because they will be sorely disappointed at how much time and effort it takes for that vision to become a reality. Pleiadeans will be so enamored with their big vision that they will try to accomplish it immediately - they want to go from nothing to a milliondollar empire in three easy steps. Or just ONE easy step, preferably!

Pleiadeans may fall down a few times (or always!) as they try to leap into their grand vision. Eventually, they will learn to surround themselves with people who implement for them, while they assume the leadership role and uphold the vision. If they do not learn what it takes to implement their vision, Pleiadeans may forever be trying to start new, even grander projects, none of which come to fruition. Pleiadeans need to learn to stick to their vision, to ground themselves into physical reality, and to play within the confines of the third dimensional realm. When they do this, they can become extremely successful very quickly. Pleiadeans have a great gift of communication, and so are natural marketers and sales people. If they remember to make their business communications a two-way street, they can be extremely persuasive. If they lose themselves in their own persuasive abilities, they can border on becoming manipulative. They may tend to make everything sound very easy and over-promise somewhat in their marketing. This is their grand vision, coming into play. If a Pleiadean becomes too ungrounded, they will start talking “at” people rather than “to” people within their marketing and will quickly become ineffective.

Overall, Pleiadeans have to be careful not to become lost in their own vision. When Pleiadeans grow their business, they will want to go “bigger” (and possible be the “next big thing). Sometimes this can get them a bit lost or overwhelmed. Pleiadeans need to have bright, airy working environments with a view! They are excellent delegators, and need to surround themselves with team members who love to be inspired and are happy to ground the big Pleiadean vision into a reality. Because Pleiadeans are natural leaders and are so charismatic, they often find themselves in the spotlight ... which they enjoy a lot! People may tend to put them on a pedestal. In fact, Pleiadeans do really well when they create a community around their own vision. It’s important for Pleiadeans to remain grounded while in the spotlight (because they like to drink their own Kool-Aid). If this causes them to create a grand vision of themselves, they may end up losing touch with their audience and be seen as brilliant but slightly crazy or eccentric. Pleiadeans may also be less than honest in their business dealings in an effort to manage other people’s perceptions ... or simply because it’s a quick path to profit!  Highly conscious Pleiadean entrepreneurs need to be disciplined and impeccable with their word, since dishonesty, inauthenticity, or incongruency will be perceived by their prospective customers.


Procyan Souls are a bit of a mystery. They are very drawn to allowing solar energy to nurture their bodies. The practice of breatharianism comes from this Soul group. Procyans are drawn to sunshine! They love to be outside and need a great deal of light to flourish. They often have very slight, thin bodies and unusual eyes. Procyans ended up on Earth accidentally and feel quite aimless on our planet. Their own planet adopted a more isolationist policy and Souls that were traveling were simply shut out from returning.

They often don’t have a clear connection to a sense of purpose and feel a bit lost here. They do best supporting others who have a clear sense of direction and purpose. The dysfunctional aspect of this Soul group is a lack of direction in life. They may try to make others responsible for giving their life meaning and purpose, leading to codependency within relationships.

Because they feel somewhat aimless on our planet at times, Procyans do best when they associate themselves with an existing business that has a very clear vision and focus that they can believe in. In some ways, Procyan entrepreneurs excel when they are “borrowing” a purpose that someone else has already defined.
This can look like being an independent distributor for products, network marketing organizations, or owning a franchise. It can also look like representing a specific “modality,” whether that is in the healing arts, the fitness industry, or aspects of the business world. They must be careful, however, to claim full responsibility for their own business results. Even though they may be running their own business within an existing structure, they must focus on creating their own success. At times, they may be more focused on making the products or organizations they are working through successful, rather than making their own results their primary goal and focus.

Procyans also do very well as independent contractors, supporting other entrepreneurs whose work they believe in. It is important, however, that they have multiple clients. Procyans can end up working as a contractor for just a single client, which is actually 

more like being an employee! It also serves them if there is some interaction with others “built in” to their business model. They are not at their best when they are working alone from home, sitting behind a computer all day without any engagement as part of their day to day business.


Sirians are very invested in improving things! If they had a slogan, it would be “Let’s find a better way!” Their creativity is inspired by existing structures and systems. They do not invent the wheel - they make the wheel rounder, faster, and more efficient with their creativity. Sirians are inspired by improving what already exists, or combining and assembling what already exists in a new way. They tend not to create “from scratch” or come up with something completely new.

Sirians tend to be fairly organized. They often love systems, methodologies, processes. They like to plan, write lists, have detailed calendars, mind map systems, and spreadsheets. Some even like their checkbooks! Sirians enjoy structure and hierarchy and are actually very comfortable in hierarchical organizations such as corporations. They are quite risk-averse and like to be a part of established structures.

They can be highly goal-oriented individuals that plan out all their steps to success with a high level of organization and motivation. However, they can also get stuck in planning, analysis, and perfecting methodology to the exclusion of actually implementing it. Their love of improvement extends to self-improvement, and they are often found in the world of personal transformation. However, they can get frustrated if they are not in a position where their helpful advice is wanted or appreciated.

They can also frustrate themselves by a desire to be original and innovative. Unfortunately, this is not how Sirian creativity works - they need to improve on what already exists. They can be highly creative and original in this way, but only when they embrace the risk inherent to putting new ideas out into the world.

The dysfunctional aspect of this Soul Group is a lack of originality. Instead of employing their creativity to improve what exists, they do their very best to adopt existing structures and systems. They will embrace religions, corporate values, and social norms aggressively, trying to be “the best” at the structure or system they’ve adopted. They may also adopt other people’s teachings or products, etc. as their own, sometimes plagiarizing intellectual property.


Arctureans are often highly conscious individuals that uphold spiritual wisdom. They have a great deal of insight to share. They are, however, fairly quiet individuals. They do not aspire to be well-known or famous. Arctureans tend to remain in the background. They are often the influencers behind the influencers, the people who know everyone but that no-one has ever heard of. They are often drawn to the study of metaphysics and spirituality, where their insight and wisdom is most appreciated.

Arctureans are somewhat baffled by existing social structures and systems that don’t seem to “make sense” to them. Whether it’s organized religion or

institutions such as marriage, or the educational system, they may feel ill at ease or at odds with engaging in these types of structures.

The dysfunctional aspect of this Soul Group is secret rebellion against “normal” social structures, rather than openly seeking to challenge and reform them. Arctureans may start having “secret lives”  (example: Being a Shaman, a healer, a psychic, or medium).  They don't allow themselves to express aspects of who they are that don’t quite fit into society’s perception of “normal,” rather than taking a stand for living the Truth of who they are.  


Spicans are a fairly rare Soul Group. Their home planet itself did not have many Souls on it. Spicans love lots of space - to them, the Earth is a very crowded place. They like to spend time alone, and in nature where they have comparative energetic peace and quiet. Spicans may struggle with the practicalities of our planet. For this reason, they may seem spacey and ungrounded at times.  Spicans are very expansive, non-judgmental people that take a stance of neutrality towards the choices of others. They are often dreamers and visionaries, and have a live-and-let-live outlook on life. They are loving and warm-hearted, but because of their neutrality may come across as detached, dispassionate, aloof and uncaring. They hold a very energetic clear space for others. They are energetically very quiet and neutral, which means we see ourselves very clearly in their vibrational space. This can be disconcerting if we do not WANT to see ourselves clearly!

Spicans can find their own emotional body quite overwhelming. They can get stuck in their own feelings, trying to endlessly process emotion rather than releasing them through productive action. Because the emotional and physical aspects of life seem so dense to them, it may feel to them like it takes a lot of effort to get anything done.

The dysfunctional aspect of this Soul Group is escapism. Spicans often feel like the practicalities of life are very cumbersome and can come to resent being in a physical experience.

Spicans may find themselves drawn to the spiritual development world because they wish to escape physical life. They may buy into some of the more magical and unrealistic aspects of the new-age world, getting ever more resentful when they find that making a vision board and meditating does not actually lead to “effortless” manifestation. Spicans may also abdicate responsibility for the mundane practicalities of life, such as making money, telling themselves they can do without and embracing a very austere lifestyle.

Nihal Indigo, Millenial and Crystal

 Nihals began incarnating here in significant numbers in the late 80’s and 90’s and were referred to as “indigo” and “crystal” children, although many Nihal Souls also came to our planet much earlier. They are very conscious and self-aware and many of them are naturally intuitive. They can be quite naive about the physical world and must consciously be taught the “rules” that govern our society ... even though these rules may not make much sense to Souls that are relatively new to human society. They question the status quo and the existence of the societal “rules” we teach them as children. They experiment with these rules, testing and stretching them

so they can experience the “true” consequences. They are the quintessential “millenials.” Because of their willingness to question the status quo, they are highly innovative, creative and quick thinkers. They may be drawn to any kind of virtual medium of connection such as social media.

The dysfunctional aspect of this Soul Group is entitlement. It’s one thing to question and reform the rules of society. It’s quite another to ignore human reality and still expect to create great results! Nihals can question reality to the point where they ignore it, creating their own “virtual world” in which they alone operate. Sometimes they quite literally create their own world online … which may or may not create great real-life results for them!

Vega (Lyran System )

The Vega Soul Group is relatively uncommon. These Souls thrive on the spotlight and on attention in a charming and delightful way. They are by no means traditional “attention seekers.” But not all from Vega resonate to wanting to be in the spotlight or the public eye. However, if they do step out - in front of an audience, or a video camera, or a microphone, or into a position of prominence - they find that their Being is truly amplified in a way that serves them, but also truly touches their audience in a way that offers actual value.  David Bowe is said to be from Vega. 

Vegans are natural-born entertainers, even though they may not self-identify as such, or do so in the traditional entertainment industry. They have vivacious and lovable personalities and we have a natural liking for these Souls. They make us feel inspired and evoke a sense of warmth within us when we give them our attention.

Vegans have a high level of natural confidence, which is why they are able to handle a lot of attention directed their way. However, Vegans themselves don’t usually realize that they have a high level of confidence - they simply have nothing to compare it to!

You may have to remind your Vegan clients that confidence isn’t about never doubting or questioning ourselves. In fact, confidence is evidenced through our willingness to try new things (which Vegans are usually up for!) and our ability to question ourselves.

If a Vegan Soul doesn’t put themselves into a spotlight position in which they can receive attention from many, they may find themselves attracted to people who will give them an inappropriate amount of attention.

They may attract highly needy, codependent partners. Vegans can handle a lot of intense attention from others, and may tolerate unhealthy boundaries within their relationships. They may find themselves supporting others inappropriately and may frequently be taken advantage of.

Vegans must be encouraged to put themselves “out there” so that they can shine! Please support your Vegan clients in understanding that this is not about “ego.” Attention from others amplifies their natural gifts in a way that serves their audience, as well.

Vegans will want to be the center of attention and will therefore often be drawn to the entertainment industry - or at least be on stage as a speaker! They are actually going to be far more drawn to being in the spotlight than in building a business, so most of them will not think of themselves as entrepreneurs. They are entertainers!

Vegans are excellent marketers, because they know how to draw attention. In fact, the entrepreneurial fields Vegans may excel in are marketing, branding, and advertising. Vegans need lots of approval from their clients, audiences, and teams. Work has to be fun, and so Vegans need to create a fun work environment for themselves! Vegans also love to be surrounded by lots of people. If they run a company, this can lead to a business becoming a somewhat overstaffed playground!
If Vegans can find a way to channel their fun, playful, attention-seeking creativity, they can be very inspiring to work with and create a lot of success for themselves.

Alpha Centauri

Alpha Centaurion Souls are usually very mentally oriented. They are technical, analytical, great problem solvers, and often possess a very disciplined work ethic. They are highly practical with a strong emphasis on functionality. Alpha Centauries are very strong, steadfast people that roll up their sleeves and do what needs to be done. They are very protective and are excellent providers for their families.

Alpha Centaurians can be so practical in their thinking that the emotional perspective is lost on them. Emotions are something they understand conceptually more than feel. This can actually be a strength - some Alpha Centaurions become experts at helping others sort out their feelings and emotional bodies because they do not engage in the drama and intensity of the emotional body as others do. However, some Alpha Centaurans tend to ignore the emotional body completely, both in themselves and in others. Some literally have to learn behavior that demonstrates love and caring, because it does not come naturally to them. Alpha Centaurians show love through practical acts of service. They will do for others what they perceive “needs” to be done. This means their efforts are not always valued. The dysfunctional aspect of this Soul Group is disconnection. Some Alpha Centaurians can become loners who do not relate to others well.  Sometimes this disconnection has a “practical” twist. For example, an Alpha Centaurian may become a workoholic, telling himself he is just providing for his family when in reality, he cannot connect to them.

Alpha Centaurans are reluctant entrepreneurs. If they have a family to support, they will choose the path that they perceive as most financially “safe” and they will work incredibly hard to “get ahead” in their careers, since providing well for their loved ones is how they show love.
Alpha Centaurans are excellent problem solvers and take action with ease. If they have an efficient solution to a practical problem, they may do well to sell that solution as intellectual property. They are great inventors, especially in the technical sector. Alpha Centaurans are not at all emotional by nature. They approach everything from a more rational, logical perspective. Marketing is definitely NOT their strength. They can, however, we effective sales people IF they know their product is, indeed, a valuable solution to an existing problem or fills a tangible need. They will be very straight-talking and direct, which creates trust easily. Alpha Centaurans will, however, have a hard time selling “the invisible” such as consulting services, or other things they deem “unnecessary.” For Alpha Centaurans, it’s all about practicality. If they can stay in this realm, they do well in business. As team leaders, Alpha Centaurans have a lot to learn. They expect their employees to do their tasks, so that they get paid. They expect their instructions to be followed, and they don’t understand emotionally-based decision-making, especially in business. They may also have to learn to remember to be encouraging, to inquire about their employee’s personal lives ... all of the things that show “caring.” Alpha Centaurans
LEARN to do these things, but it doesn’t come naturally to them.


The Hadarian home world was a place of unconditional love, which is the energy that Hadarian Souls bring to our planet today. They have so much love to give.  Unfortunately, they often struggle because unconditional love is not the basis for our relationships here on Earth. They can end up carrying quite a lot of victimization energy because relationships are conditional here on our planet.  Hadarians are incredibly loving Souls that have a lot of difficulty with relationships at the physical level. They throw themselves into loving relationships with an intensity that can be flattering, but also a bit scary to others. Hadarians often

feel misplaced here on our planet and are always looking for “home.” Often they move around a lot, without understanding that what they are really looking for is the unconditionality of their home planet.  Hadarians are, understandably, relationship-centered people that need a lot of interaction with others, including a high level of physical intimacy, an active social life and engaged family life.

The dysfunctional aspect of this Soul Group is co-dependency and enmeshment. Hadarians can lose track of the boundary between themselves and others. Because they seek unconditional love, they may self-sabotage and become highly disempowered, and expect others to “save” them when they are in financial struggle or a health crisis. In their quest to be loved “no matter what,” they may become quite manipulative, literally pulling out all the stops to “get” the love they want. Their impatience may also result in poor impulse control - they may end up chasing the next thing that “feels good” emotionally and physically as a substitute for unconditional love.

Hadarians are incredibly passionate people, which can serve them to great advantage in the entrepreneurial realm ... IF they learn how to focus their passion. Passion is what moves us into action. Passion also inspires others to buy from us! A Hadarian that is
standing powerfully in their passion can be very financially successful.
Hadarians can, however, often lack the focus that would make their passion a powerful force in business. The same somewhat “lost” energy that has them moving around a lot on our planet, looking for home, can also put them into the mode of eternally seeking
what they “really” want to do. Hadarians may stop and start their business ventures frequently, which does not allow any results to manifest.
For a Hadarian, their business must be an authentic expression of SELF-love. They must learn to be somewhat selfish in what they do, rather than seeking for a fulfilling connection to their client and customers - because this will take them out of their power. Hadarians must make their work self-fulfilling and deeply satisfying, first and foremost.
They must also learn to stay with a business endeavor long enough to create results. Because of their desire for unconditional love, Hadarians will have a fear of rejection in business that will cause them never to really get started, or to market themselves only
half-heartedly. If they do not receive an immediately, positive response, they quickly lose heart, and stop taking action. Hadarians must learn to make their work about the work itself and about themselves, with a response from others being a happy byproduct.
They must also learn to be realistic about what it takes to build a constant,
steady stream of positive feedback from their market. Otherwise, they will consistently sabotage their own efforts by stopping and starting.

If they are not centered in themselves, even a certain level of success can quickly lose its appeal. Instead of appreciating and nurturing their current clients and prospects, Hadarians will want to move on to something else, something “more” satisfying.
Hadarians do need to give themselves permission for variety in their work (they are a little bit like the Mintakans that way) BUT with a consistent theme and consistent action. Hadarians are more likely to jump ship, throw the baby out with the bathwater, and do something radically different - which does nothing to inspire trust and confidence in their
prospects. As marketers and sales people, their passion makes Hadarians very persuasive and inspiring. They are especially charismatic in person, and as speakers. Being “live” on stage gives them the immediate positive feedback they crave and so is an excellent
marketing and sales method for them. It also allows them to connect more immediately to their audience, in a heart-based way. The speedy sales cycle that comes from selling
from the stage is also beneficial, because it doesn’t give prospects a chance to notice the Hadarian tendency to be inconsistent!

Starseeds Blueprinters, Mission Realmers and Parallels


The Blueprinters are the group of Souls that, collectively, engineered the human experience as a place for Divine self-expression. The Blueprinters are the group that would show up from time to time on our planet, and assist in rapid evolution of consciousness through genetic engineering and / or education. Many of the leaps forward in our “civilization” is due to “visitors” showing up on our planet from time to time.

Because the Blueprinters essentially engineered the human experience, they are karmically tied to their creation and incarnate in order to further evolve consciousness. The Blueprinters were eager to see what would happen through the combination of spiritual and mental consciousness with the rather primal, animalistic nature of the physical body. The emotional body emerged at the intersection of the mental and physical bodies, which Blueprinters to this day struggle to understand. Blueprinters conducted their experiments in many parts of the galaxy and do not identify as being “from” a particular star system.

Blueprint Originators

Blueprint Originator are the Souls that are in charge of overseeing the engineering process of the human experience, and they have a profound understanding of how humanity works ... and how to make the most of it.

They have absolutely no need for our assistance - they understand the human experience far better than anyone on this planet! They are highly empowered, wealthy, high-functioning, and often use their wealth and work to promote consciousness on our planet.

There are extremely few of them on our planet at any one time, and they tend to be in positions of prominence, leadership and / or fame by the time they reach their forties and fifties. They will birth themselves into affluent families and ensure that they receive a great education (not necessarily a formal one!) and can concern themselves with matters beyond day to day survival. The dysfunctional aspect of this Soul Group is disillusionment with the humanity experiment. It is taking a long time for humanity to embrace consciousness, and Originators may find themselves rather bored with human shenanigans, leading to spiritual arrogance.

Blueprint Designers

Blueprint Designers were responsible for taking the vision of the Originators and making it beautiful. They are highly creative Souls that thrive on artistic self- expression. They are very rare in our practice, because they are busy creating their art!  They may have a very distinct point of view or perspective within their art that makes them successful, although they may not be able to express themselves well in other ways. Ideally, their art energetically contributes to raising consciousness on our planet.  The dysfunctional aspect of this Soul Group is getting lost in their art. They may struggle with the mundane aspects of life, such as needing to earn money and can become the typical distracted, artistic type that has no patience for normal social conventions. They may create art that only they understand and nobody else appreciates. This may cause them to withdraw even further into their art.

Blueprint Designers are the creative geniuses of the entrepreneurial world. They are photographers, musicians,

fashion designers and creative directors, set and museum exhibit designers, special effects designers and creators of fantasy role playing games. If it’s about creating a new world of fantasy that breaks the rules of our known current reality - that’s where you’ll find the Blueprint Designers. The challenge for Blueprint Designers will need to ground their creative fantasies and creative works  into something that is accessible to other people. When they do so, they don’t really need to work much in the realm of marketing and selling - their creative work speaks for itself.
Blueprint Designers need a team that grounds the practical aspects of running a business - assistants and accountants and project managers that allow our Blueprint Designers to indulge in the fantastical realm, while business is still being run.

Blueprint Technicians

Blueprint Technicians can be seen as the “engineers” of the Blueprinter Soul Group. They were tasked with the practical implementation of the Originator’s vision. Because they were directly responsible for engineering spiritual consciousness to integrate with the physical body, they are the most karmically tied to humanity of all the Blueprinters. They are very rational, highly mentally oriented and studious. The emotional body remains somewhat of a mystery to them, an unexpected side effect of merging the mental with the physical. By the way, many of them do not relate to this description of themselves at all. They often consider themselves emotionally self-aware, but they really have no point of comparison!

They are very oriented towards functionality - how do things work? They make excellent engineers, doctors, scientists and software developers or business people and can be highly innovative in their fields.

They are forever seeking greater knowledge and may also be drawn to research and the study of human potential.  They can be incredible “engineers” of mindset, both in themselves and others if they are willing to question their own thinking. They are often highly intelligent and make excellent teachers because they have developed a thorough understanding of their subject matter expertise! They can veer towards arrogance regarding their intellectual abilities and knowledge.

The dysfunctional aspect of this Soul Group is rationalization. Blueprint Technicians often want to see themselves as logical, rational people, not realizing that our minds have infinite capacity to rationalize errors in our own thinking. If they are unwilling to examine their own thinking critically, they will insist on being “right” and see their own belief system as the only valid one. They are often highly self-identified at the level of mind, without developing emotional self- awareness, leading to a lot of projection that is highly rationalized.

Blueprint Technicians do extremely well in the entrepreneurial realm, because they are structured, logical individuals who implement well. They may at times lack creative flair, but they are excellent problem solvers ... so when they feel confident that they have a solution to an existing problem, they will be able to offer this solution powerfully and
effectively to others through a business.
Blueprint Technicians will easily inspire others through their intelligence and through original thought and new ideas. Their intellectualism will inspire confidence in others. Blueprint Technicians can, however, get hung up on the mental plane. If they are too intellectual in their marketing, they will come across as having a superior attitude, or they will have people who are intellectually interested but won’t invest. Blueprint Technicians have to work on finding passion in their work and businesses, because passion inspires action in others! As sales people, they will use reason and logic to clearly show a prospect why they are
making a sound buying decision. This approach works extremely well for Blueprint Technicians! Blueprint Technician fifth-energy center clients will be especially gifted sales people, because they will make their prospects feel like they are making a "good” 

decision by buying. Like the Sirians, Blueprint Technicians might get lost in the planning phases of a business, keeping an entire project at the mental level, wanting to have everything 

perfectly planned before implementing. They may also use their intellect to create a very intricate vision that is intimidating to implement ... and so they never get started! Blueprint Technicians must work in a linear, organized fashion to create what they want. They need to have “good” reasons for their actions, and will run a business from a very logical perspective. They will need project plans, task lists, and implementation 

blueprints (and will spend a lot of time creating them!) and may actually thrive on doing this as a business!
When Blueprint Technicians grow their business, they need to look for the “next” logical step. In other words, they must look at what they can do to serve their clients “next.” Unfortunately, people don’t always make rational decisions - in fact, most decisions we make are emotional and backed by reason! Therefore, Blueprint Technicians may often get frustrated with “irrational” team members and will often do better in technical and other male-dominated business environments. Blueprint Technicians will be very drawn to the world of technology and particularly the
Internet, since the Internet is a third-dimensional representation of the fifth dimension. They will enjoy Internet Marketing, and may do well developing new technologies.

Blueprint Deliverers

If the Technicians were the engineers, the Blueprint Deliverers were the “factory workers.” These are the Souls that actually got “in the trenches” and promoted consciousness from within the human experience. They were the first Blueprinter Souls to actually incarnate into a human physicality.

Deliverers tend to promote greater consciousness from within the less conscious aspects of our society. They are very socially active - they are educators, social workers, run non-profits, charitable organizations, and work in the healthcare field. They are often “hands-on” with their efforts to change the world! They are very inclusive - they want to make sure everyone has access to the same resources. They often find a great deal of success in social enterprise. Of course, we all are equally the powerful Creators of our own experience, but Deliverers are highly invested in making sure that this is understood in all aspects of our society. In other words, they still get “in the trenches.” Equality

is very important to BP Deliverers, and they have done much to promote human rights and equality throughout our history.

Deliverers must be careful that they don’t exhaust themselves trying to help people who really don’t want to help themselves. While we can certainly promote the message of equality and empowerment, Deliverers must learn that many people don’t want the responsibility that comes with power and are CHOOSING unconsciousness. Deliverers often find themselves “leading horses to water.”

The dysfunctional aspect of this Soul Group is disempowerment. They may focus so much on the inequality that seems to exist on our planet that they forget that we are, in fact, all Divine Beings who are creating our experience through choice … and always have been! They may see others as helpless and “in need” and actually contribute to the disempowerment of the people they are trying to serve.

Blueprint Deliverers have the desire to help those less fortunate than themselves, and to do so on a fairly large scale. They will be drawn to some kind of service profession. Their issues will include not charging enough (or not charging at all!) for their services,
because they want to make themselves available to absolutely everyone. This is, of course, an issue in the business world! Blueprint Deliverers will become frustrated in their desire to help others, because their desire to serve and help is much greater than their desire to make money. It will frustrate them when people don’t buy and thus don’t help themselves ... and the temptation will, at this point, be to give their work away, out of sheer frustration! Blueprint Deliverers must learn to find the satisfaction of helping others through their marketing activities themselves, while drawing very clear boundaries of what they will ONLY do for paying clients. This is the most satisfying way for a Blueprint Deliverer to run a business. They will also have to have a broad range of price points available within their products and services, so that they don’t feel as if they’re leaving anyone out! Blueprint Deliverers will want to do things like work on a sliding scale (a bad idea, energetically speaking - it basically says “my value is negotiable”) or prove the value of their work by giving it away for free (which also negates its value). Blueprint Deliverers will grow their business by expanding their reach - it’s all about helping more and more people. They will also want to organize initiatives amongst their client base to help even more people THROUGH them, which will be deeply satisfying. In other words, they may ask their clients to sponsor others who can’t afford services, or have part of their client’s “payment” be some sort of service to the community, and so
forth. These types of creative ways to help and assist others will be deeply satisfying to Blueprint Deliverers.
Because they are still Blueprinters, Deliverers can have a tendency to overthink things AND to stay within the system and structure that is known and upheld by society. In other words, they do not naturally tend to innovate or think outside the box. After all, their Soul gift is to “deliver” rather than “change.”

Blueprint Changers

If the Technicians were the engineers, and the Deliverers the factory workers that actually got their hands dirty, then the Blueprint Changers were the “fixers” that clean up the more unpalatable, darker issues that arise from integration with a physical body!

They will frequently incarnate into situations of violence, or find themselves dealing with victimization, sexual abuse, slavery, human trafficking, etc. so they can bring consciousness to these issues on our planet. They can find great success by embracing a cause - often something they themselves have overcome. They can create a huge impact by inspiring others who are still dealing with the same obstacle.  The dysfunctional aspect of this Soul Group is victimization. Unfortunately, they may lead very difficult lives as they become caught up in the very situations they wish to change. Rather than “being the change” they want to see in the world, they may continue to see themselves and others as a victim. They can become caught up in hardship, negativity, and aggression, rather than bringing new consciousness to these situations.

There are not too many Blueprint Changers in the entrepreneurial world. They incarnate into difficult situations, so the kind of self-determination that is the basis of entrepreneurship may not immediately be available to them.
If they do become entrepreneurs, they will have a passionate desire to uplift others out of hardship. Sometimes, this passionate desire will lead to a very big vision that is almost impossible to implement. They may not see small steps as significant enough,
and therefore will hinder their own progress. Blueprint Changers will be tremendously innovative and inventive in how they serve others - they will come up with great ways that truly inspire CHANGE. If they give 

themselves permission to take that level of innovation to the WAY they do business they will do really well. If, however, they innovate only at the level of their products and services and try to market and sell through more traditional business systems, the disconnect between the two will have them banging their heads against the wall. The Blueprint Changers tend to focus on problems - which tends to create more problems, and makes their path very arduous. They will jump one hurdle, only for the next to appear. If they can learn to focus on the solutions they provide rather on the difficulties that need to be overcome, they can easily make progress through innovation.

Mission Realmer Andromeda

Mission Realmers are one of the rare Soul Groups that come to us from outside of our galaxy, from the Andromeda Galaxy. Mission Realmers came here specifically with the “mission” of resolving negativity on our planet. Unfortunately, because they had no clear concept of the density of the third-dimensional existence, they bit off more than they could chew. They had little sense of the effort involved in creating a human experience. They are very gentle, loving, somewhat passive Souls that are amazing listeners, are often highly intelligent and give great insight. They are incredibly gifted

at supporting others from a place of acceptance and non-judgment. They are naturally giving people who don’t fall prey to egoic attachment.

However, this non-attachment also means at times that they don’t feel strongly about their own goals, or they may give up their dreams to help and focus on those they love. Mission Realmers tend to move through life slowly and actually need to practice healthy egoic desire that pulls them towards the life they want for themselves. They can get distracted from obtaining their own goals and creating a life they desire, because they are so loving and giving. 

Their non-attachment can extend to their physical bodies, which they may have trouble relating to. They simply don’t always think of their physical body as part of their identity!  Mission Realmers must engage with their physical body in their own unique way to truly feel like they “own” it, from diet to exercise to how they express themselves sexually. Similarly, they must allow themselves to make progress towards their own goals in their own unique way, rather than forcing themselves to adopt someone else’s system or methodology.

In an attempt to resolve negativity, Mission Realmers quite frequently incarnate with negative Souls as family members. They will often try to introduce new consciousness in this way, not realizing that negativity works very well for a lot of Souls! Mission Realmers must learn that the best way to resolve negativity is to create a beautiful, self-expressed life for themselves. They need to be surrounded by people who actually appreciate and respect them.

The dysfunctional aspect of this Soul Group is depletion. Mission Realmers often allow themselves to be energetically depleted by their negative family members. (Negative means discordant energetic exchanges of energy that are not congruent with the Divine Soul Blueprint. Discordant energetic exchanges can cause energy deficits which create chronic health issues) Because they feel like they are on a “mission” to resolve negativity, they can have a hard time letting go of these relationships or establishing healthy boundaries. Energetic depletion can play out as emotional or chronic health issues, which exacerbates the detached relationship these Souls have with their physical bodies. 

Mission Realmers are passive people. Because they have a drifting, “being” vs. “doing” quality about them that is not particularly goal-oriented, they will have a hard time truly getting a “business” off the ground. They will talk about it and think about it far more
than take action. The Mission Realmers have a wonderful gift for listening and holding a sacred space for others, so they are well-served to create a coaching or counseling practice. Creating a complicated “business model” isn’t going to work for them. They need to move gently and slowly, focusing on one baby step at a time. But they do need to MOVE, which can
be challenging to them in and of itself.
It’s important for a Mission Realmer not to engage in “business” but simply to focus on their work, one client at a time. This will make building an income less overwhelming to them.

As marketers, the focus for Mission Realmers will be on the wonderful relationships they build quite naturally. Mission Realmers know how to truly “be” with people, and so they
have no trouble finding people to love and support them. If they are willing to take the small action of making an offer to work with someone, they actually won’t have difficulty finding clients. The trick for a Mission Realmer is to take the step and actually ask someone to hire them! Mission Realmers also are not traditional sales people. Rather, they need to engage in conversation with prospective clients - online or, better yet, in person - and allow the
person they are talking to to essentially “sell themselves” into their work.
Mission Realmers will feel a bit funny about monetizing their abilities - it forces them to ground their “beingness” more into the physical world than they are accustomed to. They are often far more comfortable doing a job than getting paid for their Divine gifts.
The good news for Mission Realmers is that their clients will stick with them for a long time, which means they don’t have to go looking for new business very often!


There isn’t much of a Universal description for Souls from Parallels - they literally come from a parallel reality where the “rules” of life are different. Universal Law is interpreted differently where Parallels come from! Parallels are here to experience themselves in a new way, to explore and enjoy themselves. They may feel slightly out of place, like someone who is a tourist in a foreign country. Parallels are on vacation from their own reality. Because they feel they are only here temporarily, parallels may be somewhat disengaged from life. They may not feel particularly passionate about their goals or be ambitious or driven, and may allow others to make decisions for them. They may also embrace social conventions and structures and do everything they can to appear “normal.” Since choice and consequence function a certain way in this dimension, they may practice conformity as a way to fit in. Parallels need to be reminded that they are here to enjoy a somewhat “strange” experience, and that feeling so very different is “normal” for them. It is best to focus their attention on their Energy Centers within a session, since we don’t have much other information available about them. The dysfunctional aspect of this Soul Group is going through the motions. They may go through life on autopilot, rather than enjoying this incarnation by shaping it consciously.

Negatively Oriented Soul's

Negative Souls cannot have their Akashic Records Read as they present false information.  They like the negative orientation and do not want that changed.


The Draconian Soul Group is a negative Soul group. Their Soul’s vibrational matrix is actually structured differently from that of positive Souls, in that it is designed to receive vital force energy from others. Rather than working with primarily one or two energetic qualities of vital force energy the way positive Souls do, they can thrive on ANY energy sent their way via the attention and focus of others, whether that is positive or negative energy. They frequently employ manipulation, control and disempowerment in order to direct vital force energy towards themselves in the form of fear. They perpetuate concepts of sacrifice, hierarchy, and the illusion that we have “no choice” but to act against our own Divine nature.

Keep in mind that they are not “bad people.” In fact, they are perfectly lovely, charming people! However, they must receive vital force energy from the people in their environment, rather than from Divine Source. Souls will usually engage with a Draconian individual or group for perceived gain - only to find themselves stuck in a situation they can’t seem to get out of! Helplessness, victimization, and disempowerment are powerful energies that a Draconian Soul can thrive on. Please remember that without helplessness, victimization and disempowerment there can also be no independence, safety, or power! Draconian Souls provide a necessary polarity to positive Souls on our planet.

On extremely rare occasions, positive Draconian Souls do show up. These Souls have received enough of a specific energetic quality of vital force energy from others that they begin to identify with one of the Energy Centers and eventually tap into vital force energy from Divine Source.  This happens when they choose it. They don’t need “help” to become positive. In fact, this would be highly judgmental. Remember, these Souls chose their negative orientation at origination. It is a vibrational match for how they were created. Without negative Souls, there can be no positive Souls. We don’t vilify a lion for hunting and eating its prey. Do not judge negative Souls for expressing their own Divine nature.

When we give Draconian Souls our time and attention, we are essentially serving them as a source of vital force energy. As family members, Draconian Souls can be very controlling and manipulative, doing whatever they can to gain attention. This can be very tough on their spouses and adult children, because if they cannot gain positive attention, they will engage in negative attention seeking behavior.

If you are in a relationship with a Draconian Soul, the key to ending manipulation and drama  is to literally “attention-starve” the situation. This is about engaging in self-discipline more than anything else. Remember, nobody can “take” our energy. We are the ones giving it away.  Attention-starving a situation means we do not give that person or situation any energy - not at the level of action or even at the level of thought! When we do this, at first the negative Soul will escalate their attention-seeking behavior. They will lay on a big guilt trip, or manifest some sort of emergency that seems to demand our time and attention. If we do not engage at this point and continue

to direct our attention to our own experience, that negative Soul will very quickly lose interest. They will disappear from our lives very quickly.

Obviously, we have a lot of human conditioning to overcome that tells us we “should” be in relationship with family members, simply because they are family … no matter how toxic.

Shifting Perspective: One of the main ways negative Souls retain their influence and continue to receive energy from family members is through guilt and shame. There is never a good reason to maintain toxic relationships, even if those relationships are with our family members.  Manipulation is how these Souls derive energy from others … and that this will not stop!  One of the biggest ways negative Souls receive attention and time and energy from positive Souls is when we attempt to heal, fix, and help them. 


The “Changeling” Soul group is not actually a Soul group of Origination.

Changelings shift their orientation from positive to negative and back again and thus have very unstable energy patterns. They are inherently negative Souls in that they must receive vital force energy from others. Their Divine Soul Blueprint lacks the stability to consistently receive specific qualities of vital force energy from Divine Source. The vibrational instability of their energy pattern does not function well as our world becomes increasingly polarized through the greater availability of choice. 

The “Changeling” Soul group is not actually a Soul group of Origination. Changelings start out with either a positive or negative Divine Soul Blueprint, but usually begin their journey as positive Souls. However, over many lifetimes, they choose a negative orientation, only to sometimes dabble with a positive orientation, only to go back to a negative orientation, all in quick succession.  Like a pendulum swinging back and forth. Eventually they become inept at functioning as a positive or negative Soul.  These Soul's are always in a vital force energy deficit.  Over many lifetimes, their Blueprint loses stability and they can no longer incarnate into a body. 

Remember, this happens through choice.  There is no reason to feel bad for them. The deterioration of their Blueprint is self-created and therefore perfect. They can at any time return to a positive orientation, just like all Souls, but they have instead learned to thrive on high levels of drama and dysfunction.  While Draconian Souls use manipulation in a masterfully subtle way through shame and guilt, Changelings create far more drama! Changelings will often associate with Lightworkers, and are frequently found in the healing arts and the personal and spiritual development field. They will go through phases where they work very hard on themselves during their upward positive vibrational phase. 

Unfortunately, this positive phase is always followed by a negative phase. Changelings will self-sabotage, create drama, and everyone who got to know them during the positive phase will now try to help them ... thus giving them lots of vital force energy!  Eventually, the Changeling will hit rock bottom, and start working on themselves again. This up-down cycle can take anywhere from six months to five years, which allows the Changeling plenty of time to associate with new “helpers” for their downward cycle.  

Changelings are very hard on their families. They often suffer from depression, addictions, and other self-sabotaging behaviors.  This is how they receive enough vital force energy from others. Because their Blueprint is so deteriorated, they need a lot of focused energy from one person or a small group of people. Changelings cannot have an Akashic Record Reading as they will always show up with blocks to Truth. Their energy pattern is always shifting so it’s impossible to access their Records accurately. Families  will occasionally want a session for Changeling family members, because they engage in so much self-sabotage. The best thing we can do is to actually discourage self-improvement and development work on their Changeling family member! This minimizes the up/down cycle which can be a roller coaster ride for everyone involved. More than anything, Changelings need stability. Encouraging them to pursue the lives of their dreams is Not a good idea. They need to be encouraged to just maintain a manageable status quo, to engage in healthy routines and habits and shoot for “normal.” However, they would need to do this for themselves!!

The problem with “helping” or “encouraging” these Souls is that we immediately become their source of vital force energy.  In many ways, trying to “help” these Souls is not only judgment, it also continues the pattern of them receiving vital force energy from others, rather than connecting to the available energy from Divine Source. It may sound terrible to leave these Souls to their own devices, especially when they are family members creating self-sabotage. However,  when this person can no longer receive vital force energy from other's, they are actually more likely to tap back into Divine Source! 


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