Soul Realignment is an Akashic Records Clearing Modality that also offers Soul Level Healing and an Energetic boost in Manifesting Abilities.  It offers insight into the root causes of negative patterns of thought, emotion, and behavior through accessing your Akashic Record.  

Through accessing your Akashic Records, I can  help you explore the patterns that may be affecting you at Soul-level.  This modality gives explanations for many present-life experiences and choices.  Then, by making new choices, taking new actions and then getting new results, you will begin to create a life you truly want.  

In this session I access your Akashic records before we meet  and spend around two or three hours in your records.  This alone time helps me to find more blocks and restrictions as I am in a meditative state when connecting to the Akasha.  It also allows me time to take a break and go back in if needed.  The more I can discover in your Akashic Records, the more we can clear your energy fields and Divine Soul Blueprint  to allow more of your light to become reconnected with you and boost your vital force energy. 

A Soul Realignment Clearing removes negative energies from your energy fields and will automatically clear and realign your chakra system.  This is a full energetic clearing as well as a comprehensive clearing of vows, contracts and other agreements from your Akashic Record. 

However, we can only clear what your soul is ready to clear.  

The Soul Realignment clearing session is a god starting option as this gives you a boost of vital force energy that creates about a three week increase in your manifesting abilities.

​Through Soul Realignment®, we can experience a profound transformation in our life experiences. With each new choice we make, we begin attracting new experiences. We create more of what we want in life.


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