Rewriting Your Akashic Records to Heal the Past

An Akashic Reading is a telling of the Souls Story from this Now moment. A reading discovers your soul gifts, traits, specialties, vibration. Come in to a session with a specific question, or a set of life problems. This could be financial, car always breaking down, problems in your relationship(s) with another person or family members.  You may have agreements to block your psychic gifts.  If life always seems like it is uphill, then an Akashic records reading is for you.

This reading can be used to tell you what agreements are in your Akashic Records that maybe causing events to occur and then we can clear these agreements. This session can be used to clear the vows and contacts that most people have in their Akashic Record such as Vows of Poverty, Suffering, Silence, Sacrifice and Martyrdom.

We can clear the bloodline of genetic karma and ancestral vows and genetic imprints.  There are also imprints, personal imprints and karmic imprints to be cleared.  We can look for and clear curses on you or your family bloodlines. This is a simple way to see what a reading and clearing can be like.  

This is also a good session to choose if you want to explore and rewrite your Akashic Records. 

A more advanced reading can find the Archetypal templates you have chosen for your Soul's incarnation and if these Archetypes are blocked to the flow of the energy they were intended for, or if an Archetype is needing to be repatterned. 

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