Lava provides a grounding energy to connect you deeply with the Earth. It is your kinship with the mountains, the desserts, the trees, and their roots.  Wear Lava when you are feeling out-of-sorts. With Lava stones, you can breathe deep and let go of the irrelevant thoughts. 

Can you relate to or do you aspire to one or more of these qualities? If so, this bracelet set is for you: 

  • You are a nature lover
  • You are attracted to earthy colors
  • You love hiking, nature and the great outdoors
  • Rough and rustic stones appeal to you
  • You could use some grounding in your life

8mm bead and spacers

Estimated Delivery Time: Approx 18 days on this particular one

Grounded - Earth - Calming Men's Natural Lava & Moonstone Bracelet

SKU: 0bce0f55
Main Color
Metal Color

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