21 Day Energy Re-patterning
Created by Empowered Soul/Soul Realignment

This energy re-patterning process assists you in grounding the energy of Abundance at the physical level of your vibration state. Having said that ... this process is designed to help you move into new and abundant ACTION. Abundance is not created by sitting and meditating ... new action is part of the deal! Both the visual and audio components are energetically encoded to shift your vibration. For best results, please use headphones.

What is Abundance?

Definition of Abundance: An ample quantity of the good things of life; prosperity. The state or condition of having a copious quantity of something; Plentiful.  Opposite of Abundance?  Lack, Scarcity. Opposite of Freedom?  Restriction, Dependence.

Are you feeling Lack, Scarcity, Obligation?  If you make a choice from a place of lack, you will align yourself to more lack and scarcity. Obligation leads to more Obligation and responsibility.  

We obtain abundance through our thoughts and actions.  It is through the day to day choices that we make. When you align yourself to your true Soul Inspired Desire's, you will begin making choices that reflect your desire and become the Creator of your Life.  Once you consistently begin to make NEW choices, you  become an energetic magnet to create an abundant life. When we make new choice that feel like abundance, go new places, do new things, we change our vibrational state.  By changing our vibrational state, we align ourselves to new ideas, new people and opportunities. 

By just taking New and Consistent Action in alignment with what feels like abundance, joy, freedom, or what ever that state is you are trying to create, you create alignment.  

Abundance has to be something you are willing to receive. When we are feeling guilty for having more than someone else, we are not in a place to receive. 

Money, Health and Wealth are all something we carry beliefs about.  Watch for upcoming classes to learn what your beliefs and energetic misalignments are that block you from creating an abundant life.

The Video Above:  is an energetic re-patterning of your energy around Abundance.  Feel into the energy of the life you want to create.  Then Imagine yourself in that life, living that life, then watch the video below for 21 days in a row.