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 Unlock the knowledge of who you are through your Akashic Record


Who you are at the core of your being, the Essence of your Soul.  " The Soul is your fundamental nature. Your Soul is what animates you and inspires you. Your Soul is what you came here to express through your human experience." A Hess

Have you ever wondered about the soul group you incarnate with over and over again?  Are you a Star Seed and wonder "Where in the universe did my Soul came from?  What are my Star Seed qualities and traits I came to Earth to Express?    

This is an Akashic Reading of your Divine Soul Blueprint.  Before the session I gather information from you to go into your Akashic Record to discover answers about who you are at soul level.

The price includes a one on one conversation that includes information about your Soul Group of Origination.  

You will discover the Energy of your Soul and your Divine Soul Gift(s) and how this impacts your ability to create the life you want.  You will also discover your Soul Vibration and how to raise this vibration.  

Once you book your session, you’ll receive an email from me requesting the information I need to prepare for our session together.  Please be assured that all information will be kept strictly confidential.

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Soul Group of Origination and Soul Gifts

Soul Group of Origination-When the Soul comes into being, it comes forth with other souls and this becomes your Soul Family. Your Soul Family is a group of Soul's you incarnate with from life time to life time. Since a Soul is created with the same energy that creates Stars, the Soul Family is named after the Star System their Soul's were created in.  Star Seed Soul's come from outside the Milky Way while Earth Seed Soul's were created here in this Solar System.

Soul Gift(s) - Soul's are energy.  It doesn't matter what your belief is about the Soul.  There is an energy that is animating your body and this reading will tell you what that energy is and how when you are congruent with this energy, it is the key to manifesting results in your life.


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