Akashic Reading and Clearing Sessions 

If you are here wanting more information on Akashic Records Clearing, then your Soul is ready for this work.  There are no coincidences.  You are on this website for a reason.  This reason may not be clear to you today, but it will become clear in the next few weeks.

Currently sessions are through Zoom. All of the following are part of the Akashic Reading and Clearing sessions.  I work with your Higher Self, Your Spirit Guides, and Archangels to find and clear what is energetically blocking your inflow of vital force energy.  

Soul Essence Akashic Records Healing

Akashic Clearing, Healing and Re-writing

In this session, it is your choice what you wish to look for or work on. 

Great questions for this reading are based on "What do you want to know?" and "What do you want to let go of or heal?" There is usually something to understand, which usually leads to what is ready to be released.  

This is a great session for those that have done Soul Realignment. There are many levels of clearing, and once a Soul Realignment is done, there will enough energy running through the Soul Blueprint to find other blocks.  This session will include Soul Group  of Origination and Primary Soul Energy Center(s).

  • Remove agreements your Soul was not ready to release in the first Soul Realignment Session. 

  • Find and remove Hungry Ghosts, Eradicate Viral Entities,

  • Recode the Soul Blueprint at the 3rd, 4th and 5th Dimensions

  • Find Blocks created from a Parallel Life

  • Unblock or Repattern Archetypal Energy

  • Remove Unconscious Negative Patterns

  • Remove and Heal Imprints: Personal Imprints, Genetic Imprints, and Karmic Imprints

  • Remove and Heal Beliefs:  Personal Beliefs, Genetic Beliefs and Karmic Beliefs

  • Illusions and Programs running at the level of a Chakra

  • Remove Cords and Hooks to other people

  • Remove Energies from the Bloodlines: Genetic Karma and Ancestral Vows

  • Rewrite a past life that is Negatively impacting this life. 

Life Situation Reading and Clearing Session

A Life situation reading  offers insight into the root causes of life situations especially if it seems like a pattern is emerging.

This session looks for the root cause of life situations and then clears what can be cleared.  In this session I look for the many different energies from current life to past life that are creating or aligning you to this situation.  This can be vows, contracts or other agreements.  We look for genetic karma in this reading that may be affecting you as well as karmic patterns handed down through the bloodlines.  There may also be past life karmic situations you have imprinted on your etheric body.  There are many possible combinations of energies that can be affecting your day to day life.  Energetic connections such as cords and goods and even a chakra imbalance, etc.

Book your session today for insight into the root cause of  a situation.

Relationship Reading Session

Akashic Record Relationship Reading and Clearing Session

This reading can help you discover more about you and your relationship with another person in your life.

Vows, contracts and other agreements can cause conflict in relationships.  This may be with family members, friends, coworkers, ex-lovers etc. 

There can be a karmic life lesson between two souls and this can also lead to conflict in a relationship.  

This is all energy that can be cleared.  You don't need to keep repeating the same negative patters with the same people life time after life time.  

Spirit Guide Reading and Coaching Sessions

Guidance & Inspiration From Your Team of Spirit Guides

Learn more about your team of spirit guides, who they are, how they are here to help you, and what messages they have for you.

Divine Soul Blueprint and Profile Reading

Who you are at the core of your being, the Essence of your Soul from the moment it was origninated at Divine Source

This is an Akashic Reading of your Divine Soul Blueprint.  This reading includes information from your Soul Group of Origination.  You will discover the Energy of your Soul and your Divine Soul Gift(s) and how this impacts your ability to create the life you want.  You will also discover your Soul Vibration and how to raise this vibration.

Manifesting Blueprint Reading 

Your Souls Unique Design to Manifesting

Unlock abundance by learning more about how your soul has it's very own way it likes to  manifest.  This session discovers how your soul's essence has evolved and individuated itself from the moment of the soul's origination.  This is a map or blueprint of how your soul likes to create and express itself. How your soul creates a new result.